What to Wear While Running at Night

Night running can be fun - and sometimes necessary. And as runners, it’s our job to help cars, bikes, and other pedestrians see us. The good news is there are more reflective options than ever before - from battery powered lights and head lamps to vests, and new reflective prints, fabrics, and meshes. Keep any and all in your be-safe-be-seen-toolkit!

  • Head lamps not only help others see you - but help you see where you’re running
  • Safety lights - come in all shapes and sizes, steady state or blinking
  • Vests and tops with reflective fabrics (such as the Lightning Layer)
  • Reflective prints on fabrics (can look tonal, until a light shines on it)
  • Reflective arm bands, ankle bands, etc.
  • Reflective trims, such as mesh, piping, or reflective screen prints
  • Many athletic garments and gear have reflective accents which may help you get seen