What to Pack for a Ragnar Relay

Some of our experts got together to discuss what they pack for the Ragnar Relay, here is what they determined were the must haves:


For the Van:

2 relay handbooks

2 sets of keys with their assigned stash places

Chargers for phone/music

Anti bacterial gel

Garbage bag



Washable car markers

(Don’t leave the lights on in the van!)


Shut Eye:

Sleeping bag or blanket


Eye mask

Earplugs or headphones


What to Wear:

3 changes of running clothes (complete change! Undies, bras, and socks included!) in large ziplock bags labelled Leg #1, Leg #2, Leg #3. 

2 pairs of running shoes, one pair of flip flops or Birks (check out our shwings to decorate your shoes!)

Hat or visor, gloves and sunglasses

Garmin and charger

Reflective Vest: Lightning Layer, You Glow Grrl Bra

Head Lamp

Van Clothes: yeti, Kara Goucher pants, Quill vest, spandos, lux flow tights, mile one pullover, pocket jogger capris, lux track pant.

Spike bag of clean outfit post-relay.

Sunscreen, chapstick, deodorant, tooth brush/paste, baby wipes, small towel.


To learn even more about packing for a relay race check out our blog post

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