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flyout jacket

flyout jacket

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Regular Price: $138

Special Price $78

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The Flyout™ Collection is designed for running, but sharp enough for rumbling. This season, we updated the body fabric of this favorite style with a lighter, stretchier knit that's color matched, inside and out. We also lengthened the body and re-shaped the hem for an even better, easier fit. The body knit, combined with the weather-resistant shell and lightweight insulation from Polartec™ creates a jacket that's greater than the sum of its parts. Top it off with an elegantly stitched bird, two front zip pockets, a comfortable stand up collar, and easy-on thumb holes...all the bells, all the whistles.

- lightweight nylon
- Polartec Insulation on body
- Oiselle bird stitched across front body
- front hand pockets
- 24.5" body length (size small)
- athlete is 5'6" and wearing size small

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Average Rating:
7 reviews

true to size

true to size

Strange arm fabric!

Bear with me on this, as I know it's an unusual review. I am a long-time Oiselle customer, and most of my running gear is Oiselle. I'd give an enthusiastic 5-star rating to most of the pieces.

I was excited to receive this jacket, despite several reviews regarding the tight arms. I am typically a small/4-6 in Oiselle gear, and I found this jacket to be mostly true to size (fits me similar to the way it's shown on the model) and a nice fit. What I wasn't prepared for was the effect that the combination of the arm fabric and slight tightness had on a very cold (12-degree) morning during a 10-mile run. Both of my arms, from my shoulders all the way to the tips of my fingers became incredibly, painfully cold and started to tingle (I was about as far from my house as I could be on this route when it started to concern me). I tried a different jacket the next day in the same weather and did not have this problem. I then tried the Flyout jacket again the following day on a shorter run, with a slightly warmer temperature, and it happened again! I've completed plenty of runs in cold weather and have even been under dressed on a few occasions, but nothing like this has ever happened to me. And, even when my torso/upper arms are a bit cold, my hands stay nice and toasty in the Oiselle Super Puff mittens (which I give five stars!). Of course, there's the possibility that it was some sort of strange physical reaction to the cold, but I've been running for nearly 20 years and have never experienced anything like it, even in subzero temps and significant windchill. The sleeves weren't so tight that I could not wear another layer underneath, and I did, but it was short sleeved. In 12-degree temps with no windchill, I don't expect to need another long-sleeved layer underneath a jacket meant for winter running. Maybe this is an isolated issue, but if not, it may be worth considering a change in arm fabric and design.

true to size
  • Guilford CT
  • 52
  • 5 8

Not the standout I'd expected

This jacket is high quality. The insulation in the core area is warm. However, I was really looking for a go-to winter running jacket. The sleeves are not warm (e.g. fleece lined like similar winter jackets) and they are way too tight (as others have noted) to wear a baselayer underneath. It would be nice if the collar was fleece or otherwise lined as well. The fit is flattering but the jacket is very short. Winter jackets should give some butt and hip coverage, I say. Like some other reviewers, I'll wear this in the spring or fall over tees and tanks, or solo in more mild weather.

  • Core insulation and high quality
  • Not functional for winter running
true to size
  • St. Paul
  • 29
  • 5’5

Get outside in the cold

I love this jacket! I got my typical Oiselle size and it fits great. I live in Minnesota and we had a horrible winter that was keeping me inside and a friend who is a much more hardcore runner than me recommended it enthusiastically, and I luckily got it on sale! I typically get really hot while running so I probably wouldnt wear a long sleeve underneath (if it was that cold I would get on the treadmill). The arms aren’t too tight on their own, but I wouldn’t wear more than a tank under it. Now that it has warmed up, I wear it for chillier days to walk the dog, but can’t wait to bust it back out.

  • Weight, material, fit, keeps me warm
  • It’s a little short
true to size
  • Vermont
  • 45
  • 5'6"
  • more than 3 year(s)

So so

I have to say, I love the look of this jacket. It is very stylish and does fit well. However the sleeve material is quite thick and they are long. If it is very cold that is not a problem (but I would likely have another layer on). But this is a light-mid weight jacket that you will likely get warm in and want to push up the sleeves. That is very difficult to do with this material. It was great for nordic/BC skiing but I often avoided it for running.

  • the look and fit
  • Thick sleeve material
little bit tight
  • PA
  • 29
  • 5'8"

Hoping to get used to the tight sleeves/seams

I ordered up a size knowing that I'd be wearing a short sleeve or long sleeve layer underneath, and I'm glad that I did. The shoulders and torso are a great fit and love the swoop fit at the hips. What surprised me was how tight the sleeves are...especially in the forearm! Yes, the sleeves are stretchy but the thickness of the material constantly reminds you that it's there and trying to reach a smaller size. I've noticed that on some of Oiselle's long sleeve garments, there's a seam across the mid-forearm. This seam sticks up enough to dig into my arm and it also looks a little odd because the seam sticks straight up. If I get warm and would want to hike up the sleeves a little, this seam would dig in even more.
Why was this seam placed there, and not closer to the wrist where the arm is narrower and the skin a little less sensitive to abrasion? Or a flat-seam instead of raised? I'm actually curious and want to understand. Please change this design moving forward, Oiselle!

  • fit through torso
  • tightness of arms and forearm seams
true to size
  • Colorado
  • 32
  • 5'2"

Game Changer

Ran with this for the first time this morning during a 26* run. Long sleeve shirt underneath, and I was more than comfortable. I will use this daily for the next 5 months. It's super stretchy through the sleeves to accommodate layers without being baggy. Also, as someone with ample hips, I often worry about the fit of these kinds of things, as staying down and having it zipped can be a challenge. Not so with this jacket. I really can't recommend it enough.

  • lightweight, fit, color
  • more than 2 year(s)

A swing and a miss

This jacket was sadly a letdown. I already own the flyout vest, which I love and fits great, so I went with my usual letter size - medium.

The jacket fits absolutely bizarrely. The collar is HUGE! Like comically huge. It puffs out around my neck and not only looks ridiculous, but is annoying. The sleeves are also way too long and bunch up at the bottom and the body is also much larger. I'm just confused because the sizing is so far off from the vest.

The body/sleeve sizing is something I can deal with, but the collar looks so stupid and is actually uncomfortable. If I could return this, I would.

  • flyout insulation, body material, pockets, scalloped hem
  • inconsistent sizing, huge collar, bulky sleeves, weird stitching near thumbholes

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