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team long sleeve

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New and notable! This style is made of a slightly heavier (very slight) Flyout™ fabric called Bantam Flyout, designed specifically for fall and winter running. It includes our signature HoverFit™ technology, keeping you dry as the fabric floats above your skin. Its ample arm length includes not only thumb holes, but also our newest signature detail: the Big Ass Watch Window (yep), a small slit on the wrists that can be easily opened to view your Garmin or other timing device. No more pulling and tugging to check your stats! Topping it off is a beautiful graphic print of our Sport Crest, giving this simple silhouette a higher calling.

- poly / tencel / spandex
- Oiselle crest silkscreened across front and back
- thumbholes
- big ass watch window on both arms
- 24.5" body length (size 4)

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true to size

true to size
  • Portland, OR
  • 47
  • 5 ft 2 inches

Tough as nails!

I bought this shirt because I love wearing a sunny yellow long-sleeve shirt in the winter with my grey and black tights. The material is light and breathable and perfect for a PNW winter run/early spring run. BUT THEN I was running in my older neighborhood and tripped on a bumpy sidewalk spot. I fell spectacularly and did NOT stick the landing. I landed on my knee then WENT SKIDDING along the pavement on my chest, belly and thighs. My stomach (and nipples!!!) were scraped up and my thighs looked like I had run a cheese grater over them. I was certain my shirt and old-school bum wrap were toast but when I investigated, not a single snag, tear, stain, nothing. I seriously cannot believe it. Anyway, there you have it. Cute shirt, love the color and tough as freakin' nails.

  • Cute and apparently indestructible!!
  • Nothing
runs small
  • SF Bay Area
  • 39
  • 5'3"
  • more than 3 month(s)
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Love this!

I am not normally a fan of running in long sleeve shirts (I can usually get away with arm warmers under a short sleeve if it's chilly). But I love, love this watch window! This is also the only long sleeve top I've found from Oiselle that isn't WAY too long in the sleeves for me. So a win-win all around! FYI, I think it runs a bit small, I sized up from my usual size for tanks & short sleeve Oiselle tops.

  • Big Ass Watch Window!
true to size
  • Minnesota
  • 41
  • more than 1 year(s)
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Marathon Shirt

I received this in the mail a day before my last marathon and broke the rules to wear it for the first time for my race. It did not disappoint. Love the watch window, perfect for running in the windy, chilly, Minnesota in October conditions. Love the black and white.

  • Fitted, watch window rocks, color and design
true to size
  • Seattle
  • 25
  • 66 inches


I love the watch window! Personally I have no problem twisting the sleeve a bit to accommodate where my watch is. I bought in black, but am wanting marigold too! I also really like the fabric, and it fits great! Will definitely wear through the winter, and probably the spring too!

  • watch window, material, fit
true to size
  • Washington DC

Needs work

I havent had any issues with the shirt- good material and true to size. I love the idea of the watch window but it is not well placed. The watch window falls on the side of the wrist rather than the top where a watch face would fall, which requires you to twist the shirt sleeve to fit. It would be perfect if it were placed in the logical place but it's frustrating and uncomfortable to have my shirt sleeve twisted.

true to size
  • Seattle
  • 40
  • 5'5"
click for full-size image

Loveity, love, love

I almost didn't get this because of the other reviews, but I had to try the Big Ass Watch Window. I love this shirt. I wore it straight out of the bag, with no itching. The window is perfect for my Garmin and the yellow is perfect. The material doesn't have a ton of stretch - I think the shirt is true to size, but maybe go up if upper arms are tight in other long sleeves.

  • Watch window, color, fit
  • nothing!
true to size
  • Baltimore
  • 49
  • 5’6”


Love the side logo and color. The fit is perfect. Don’t like the itchy fabric. I’ve worn this around town and on runs; itching in both situations. I feel like it is more itchy as I sweat. Really wanted to love this, but disappointed with the feel of the fabric.

  • design, fit
  • fabric
true to size
  • Salt Lake City
  • 41
  • 5'6"
click for full-size image

Big ass watch window is big ass fail

I like the fit and fabric of this shirt, and the yellow color is nice, too. The watch window, however, is poorly placed. The thumb hole and the watch window are opposite from each other, so if I have my thumb in it's place, the watch window is way over by my pinkie - NOT where my watch is. (See pic.) If I get my thumb and my watch to be in their proper spots the sleeve is really twisted. I'm keeping the shirt as I'm a decent enough seamstress that I can fix the watch window location, but I shouldn't have to alter a $72 shirt.

  • Fabric, color
  • Watch window
true to size
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • 32
  • 5'5"
  • more than 1 year(s)
click for full-size image

A Left-Handers Dream Long Sleeve!!

This long sleeve rocks! It has 2 big a$$ watch windows! I am left-handed and this makes me (and my no-longer cold right hand) happy! The heavier Flyout fabric is perfect for crisp fall runs and the fit is perfect. Nice work Oiselle!!

For reference, I am a 31AA and purchased a size 2.

  • Big A$$ Watch window, phenomenal fit!
  • nothing!
true to size
  • Michigan
  • 30
  • more than 1 year(s)

The Dream Long Sleeve

The Team Long Sleeve is a fantastic top. I am a heavy sweater, even on cool days, and this long sleeve provides enough warmth to start and when the wind picks up, but I haven't gotten overheated in it. The weight of the fabric is perfect for cool fall days, and I'm sure it'll be a good base layer in the winter. I'm looking forward to running in the Team Long Sleeve during the winter to manage my body temperature because I will sweat even when it's 2 degrees.

The Big Ass Watch Window is a dream. It's so handy. All long sleeves should have this feature.

Finally, I LOVE the way the Team Crest is placed on the shirt. It just looks cool.

  • Fabric, fit, Big Ass Watch Window, Design

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