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flyout wool long sleeve

flyout wool long sleeve

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Product Details

The buzz on this fabric is high. It's been a much anticipated release at The Nest, as staffers touch, feel, and wear test. Known as the "Swiss army knife" of technical knits, Flyout Wool is truly one of the most versatile fabrics we've offered. Its secret sauce is its construction AND Merino Wool blend. It wicks moisture just as wonderfully as our regular Flyout. But with 30% Merino Wool, it's also warmer, so you can either stay cool or warm up, depending on your climate. This long sleeve silhouette is a classic crew, with slight shaping, and extra long cuffs that include our Watch Window, so you can instantly view your running watch without tugging and pulling at sleeves and cuffs.

- polyester/wool
- watch window on both sleeves
- thumbholes
- 24.5" front body length (size 4)
- 25.5" rear body length (size 4)

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Average Rating:
12 reviews

true to size

true to size
  • Ohio
  • 35
  • 5'7
  • more than 1 month(s)

pretty, but...

I love the Wazzie Wool long sleeve so much more. Returning this one and getting another one of those. The watch window is way better since they moved it a bit, but I like the fit of the Wazzie Wool a lot better. The Flyout seems a bit small... the tank fits perfect, but this is a bit tighter across the chest and at my waist than a lot of other tops of the same size from Oiselle. Great material though!!

  • material and colors
  • fit in chest and at waist
true to size
  • Lee's Summit, MO
  • 55
  • 5'8"

Flyout Wool Long Sleeve

Just received my turquoise shirt in the mail. I have freakishly long arms and their length is perfect for me. I wore it around the house with my Garmin showing. :) I am 5'8" and ordered a medium. I could've gone with the small, but I do like to layer up, so it is a great fit. 40s in the morning-a great day for a test drive!

  • the color, the watch peek hole, thumb holes
  • Nothing.
true to size
  • Colorado
  • 29
  • 5'2"

No wonder it's sold out

I rarely write reviews mostly because I'm lazy about it & also because not many items blow my socks off. This top is everything and it's no wonder it's totally sold out. I'm a physician and typically wear a long sleeve run shirt day to day with scrubs. I wore this top to see patients, for a sunny 8 mile run that I thought I'd be sweating & hot in, then to see more patients, then a strength session. I fully planned on changing tops after my run but...never did because this thing wicked so well and I stayed comfortable temperature wise all day long (30 F outside today & 75 F in my office). It's flattering and body skimming without being clingy and fits me true to size (I'm a 2 or XS in all things Oiselle). Thanks for this gem, Oiselle and I hope it gets restocked!

  • Everything
  • Nothing
true to size

The perfect cool weather top

I want to wear this top on every single cool weather run. I've been comfortable in this top (alone) from the 20s to the 40s. I run warm and every shirt of mine is pretty sweat soaked by the end of a 60-90 minute run, even in the winter. This top breathes well so that it takes longer for me to start getting soaked. When I do eventually get sweaty spots, I don't feel clammy and cold. An added plus: the fit is very flattering. It is fitted but not clingy through the midsection.

true to size
  • Colorado
  • 49
  • 5'2"


I wore this for a half marathon in Denver this past weekend. Temps were in the low 40's with very strong (very cold!) winds throughout the course. It was perfect! I run hot so I didn't need any other layers, yet I feel like I would have still been comfortable within a wider temperature range. It keeps you warm, but breathes well enough that you don't get too warm (which is the case for me with a lot of cool weather gear). The blue is a beautiful cheery color, but I wish there were more colors to choose from (I would definitely buy more if so!). Love the watch window too. Got a medium because I like a little room. Sleeves are a bit tight, but only a bit (for reference - I'm 5'2",130 lbs)

  • Comfort factor
  • Nothing!
true to size
  • Guilford CT
  • 53
  • 5 8

Almost awesome

I agree with all the positive reviews here. This is a high quality, well-fitting, functional top. I just want to mention, though, that the holes for watches (plural, because there are holes on each sleeve) are just plain strange. I could maybe see one (although, even as a competitive age-group runner, I am no slave to my watch, and hardly use it during training). Or just put your watch on the outside of your sleeve; that's what I do in winter. At the very least, you've got cold air creeping onto your arms in two places; at worst, the holes look like gashes or a mistake because they're so big and noticeable.

  • Warmth, fit, functionality
  • Watch holes or gashes
true to size
  • Guilford CT
  • 52
  • 5 8

Perfect except skinny sleeves

This is a gorgeous, high quality, versatile, awesome top. Like another reviewer mentioned, though, what's up with the super skinny sleeves? My upper (swimmer) arms are actually ok but I can hardly get the shirt over my lower arms (also lean but muscular). I had a very early Flyout long sleeve with the same challenge, and had to give away a Flyout jacket to a friend because of the same issue. OK, it's hard but not impossible to get the shirt on, but there's no rolling up these sleeves. Oiselle, I love you so much but who are your fit models? I thought they were real women.

  • Breathable wool, versatility
  • Constricting sleeves
  • Seattle
  • 35
  • 5/6

Best Shirt Ever!!

It's no surprise that this shirt sold out super quickly. It is perfection! I was never too hot, never too cold. And it wicked sweat. The thumb loops / hand warmers are amazing and the watch holes were much needed.

I grabbed a size 10 -- usually a S/M -- and it is perfect. I wish there were more left b/c i would get another one!

true to size
  • PacNW
  • 34
  • 5'4''
  • more than 1 year(s)

Lovechild of flyout and wazzie

I love wazzie wool for its ability to keep warm, even when wet, and its anti-stink. I love flyout for its ability to keep you cool and well ventilated when sweating buckets, on a hot day, or under a rain shell. Enter flyout wool. It really is the best of both worlds; it's sturdy (doesn't snag easy like flyout), it's soft (no itch like a lot of wool can), and it's the perfect fabric for 55 degrees and drizzle, or as a baselayer for colder. It would probably be great for warmer temps because it breathes, but recent winter weather has prevented me from testing. I like the neckline is at clavicle to protect my skin from sun and elements, and the striping details on the neck hem and wrists are a nice touch. The watch window works as advertised, although it is ~1 cm off center of where I wear my watch. The fit is true to size, although for me the sleeves seem just a hair tighter around the shoulders and biceps compared to the flyout long sleeve in the same size. I found I could wear it for three runs and a gym session before it needed to be washed.

  • fabric, details
  • tight around shoulders
true to size
  • 28
  • 5'10"
  • more than 1 year(s)

This shirt is amazing!

I don't ever want to wear any other shirt again. It fits beautifully (even in length, which is hard to do since I'm tall) and I'm obsessed with the watch window! I will probably try and get away with wearing this to work because it's just so comfy. The fabric is not like anything I've ever felt before – I would never guess it has wool in it!

  • Everything!
  • I only have one
true to size
  • Washington
  • 22
  • 5'6
  • more than 1 year(s)

The Best

Wore this on a 28 degree day in Wisconsin and it was perfect! I am a warmer runner but regardless this piece was the best! For all our midwest Oiselle fans, for sure check this out! And for anyone who just wants a warm, wonderful piece of clothing-this is a need!

  • Warm/Fabric
little bit tight
  • 27
  • 5'6"

Arms too small

This shirt made me google "how to lose weight in your arms" because while the torso fit me perfectly, the arms are too tight. At first I thought this would be okay since the fabric was stretchy, but it gets less flexible the more you sweat. Also, the watch window is at...my mid forearm? Looks like I'll be fumbling with fabric after all.

  • Shirt loos really nice on-body
  • Torso to arm ratio

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