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roga shorts

roga shorts

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The classic. The original. The one and only... Roga Shorts are, in many ways, the origin of Oiselle. The original dream was to have a running short that wasn't poofy and billowy, but also wasn't a spandex short with all that reveal in the back end. We wanted a semi-fitted, brightly colored, stretch woven dream short! One that lay flat on the waist, with easy leg mobility, and pockets to stash and go.

- Roga Stretch Woven fabric (polyester/spandex)
- yoga style waistband
- interior drawcord
- technical liner
- rear zip pocket
- four way stretch for full motion
- machine washable
- 4" inseam (all sizes)

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Average Rating:
78 reviews

true to size

true to size
  • Honolulu
  • 26
  • 63”

Perfect shorts!

For true to size! No riding up even on my 15 miler. I will absolutely buy another pair of Roga shorts!

  • Fit
  • More color options
true to size
  • more than 4 month(s)

perfect length

If you have thicker thighs and prefer a longer inseam these shorts are pretty perfect. I like the long roga shorts and have two pairs for days I don't want to show a lot of leg, but given I am 5'4 the regular roga shorts are truly the perfect length. I ran a rainy, hilly 10k in these and didn't have any chafing or required adjusting with these so they are winners in my book.

  • length
  • pocket
runs large
  • CT
  • 52
  • Tall

Can't get size right

These shorts are everything most reviewers say: don't ride up, comfortable, flattering, functional. LOVE the coral color. But, I got a size 8 (am usually a 6-8 in jeans but always size up for shorts for my athletic figure) and they're really big. Big in the waist, big in the legs, and (weirdest part) big in the inner brief. On the other hand, they're pretty short, both as far as leg material and super low on the belly (inches below my belly button) . I may try a 6 but fear the small/short parts would only be smaller and shorter.

  • No ride up, comfortable material, well made
  • hard to get size right
true to size
  • SoCal
  • 37
  • 5'6"

Perfect running shorts

These are the most comfortable shorts I own. I am 5'6" 145lbs and the size 8 fits perfectly. A year ago (and 10 pounds heavier) I purchased the Toolbelt Rogas in a size 6 and the liner always rode up. I thought I'd try again with a larger size and they were perfect at 155lbs and still are now. I can now wear both sizes, but the 8s are much better. Lightweight and super comfortable. I believe they run true to size, but if you're on the fence between 2 sizes, I'd definitely recommend going larger. Buy these shorts! You won't regret it.

  • Wide, comfortable waistband. Lightweight fabric.
  • Not enough color variety available.
true to size
  • Seattle
  • 25
  • 170

The search is over!

I have big legs. It's hard for me to find shorts that fit AND that i feel comfortable in.
I love these rogas, I have 3 pairs. The leg opening is big enough for me, they're comfortable, they stay in place around the waist.
They've proven themselves for all my favorite types of training (indoor/out door runs, circuits & sprints).

  • Pockets, leg opening, length, material, colors
  • elastic is pretty weak
true to size
  • Vermont
  • 45
  • 5'6"


These shorts have literally brought shorts back into my life. I have never liked shorts, opting for capris or a skirt. Something about these caught my eye and I am so glad they did! Super lightweight and dry almost instantly. The waistband is phenomenal and no pooching in the front! Seriously! I have tried on so many running shorts and these are literally the only pair I have found that doesn't make that weird pooch in the front. Way to go Oiselle! My only gripe is that somewhere along the way I lost my first pair (old style size M in a midnight'ish blue). I loved that color, please bring it back! On sizing, I am 5'6", ~130-135 depending and went with the old style M and now 6. Probably could go with a 4.

  • Fit, fabric, look
  • nada
  • San Francisco
  • 25
  • 5'8"

runs big compared to past rogas

I love love love the roga shorts and have been running exclusively in these for the past few years. However, the 2018 version runs larger than my previous (2016) shorts. Seems like the waist is larger and more material in the front of the shorts so they bunch up in my usual size 6 (5'8" 130lbs). Will try to exchange for a size down. Hope those are ok cause I don't know what I'll do without the rogas! The old fit just worked better for me

  • fabric, waistband
  • fit is off in 2018 version
little bit tight
  • San Jose, CA
  • 37
  • 5'10"

Love the new fit

It's been years since I've been able to wear the Roga shorts, and I'm loving the updated fit for spring 18. The fabric is soft as always, the colors are great, and the shorts fit so much better in the legs and butt (a bit looser than previous seasons.) So happy!

  • Updated fit in legs, fabric
true to size
  • Annapolis
  • 45
  • 5'1
  • more than 10 month(s)

best running shorts

these are by far the best running shorts i have ever worn (and I work in a running store, and have run for 17+ years). They fit beautifully, the waistband is very forgiving and the fabric is light and airy. one of the best things about the shorts though, the liner! they are bloomer style and do not ride up or chafe.
Also, they fixed the scratch drawstring issue from last year's roga's, and made them even better. Definitely treat yourself to a pair of these, the toolbelt Roga is awesome for long, hot, summer runs - tons of pockets to carry everything you need for distance training. Happy Running!!!

  • waistband, fabric, pockets
  • nothing
true to size
  • Bend, OR
  • 28
  • 5’ 5”

The best

The spring 2018 rogas are by far my favorite version of this short. I didn’t think it was possible to make this short better, but the new fit is perfect! They still hug in all the right places, but I feel like my legs and booty have a little more openness and movement.

  • The ever so slightly and perfectly more relaxed fit in legs and butt
  • Nothing
true to size
  • Raleigh, NC
  • 27
  • 5'0"

Light and comfortable

Love the new fabric used for these. It is very light and silky. The waist band has a good stretch and fit to it as well. I liked my old rogas but I like these even more!

  • light material that stretches well
true to size


Love these shorts. 145lb, 5'10" size 6 fits perfectly. I always have a hard time finding pants/ shorts that fit me or spend forever trying to figure out my size. Literally can be anything from an XS to 8 depending on the brand (AE jeans 2/4, Patagonia pants 6, Carhartt pants 4 long, etc etc).

true to size
  • Downingtown
  • 46
  • 5’7”

Went from a 5 Star to a 3 Star with latest design

The Roga were my favorite running shorts until this recent redesign. The new model is too big in the thigh and flares out. It is not attractive on me. Can’t go down a size because while they fit, they are too short. I should note that my teen daughter was happy with the remodel because the leg opening fit her shape thigh better. But if you have more of a straight figure you might want to try a different model.

  • Comfort and fabric
  • Leg opening too big and flared
true to size
  • PHX

The running shorts of all running shorts

Oiselle nailed it-- the Roga shorts are entirely functional and super flattering. Great fitting liner, too. They are worth every penny!

  • Flattering fit, quick dry, pockets
true to size
  • Texas
  • 25
  • 5'6"
  • more than 1 year(s)

A good, reliable short

I originally ordered a size 6, the same size I wear in jeans, and found that I didn't like how they fit on my thighs. I do like to have some movement and looseness in my shorts. I just recently ordered another pair in a size 8 and they do fit better. However, I am a huge fan of the flyout and summer rogas that have a softer material. These will still be part of my rotation! I'm 5'6" -150 but have very muscular thighs and back end. My recommendation is to order or try on two sizes and see which you prefer because I know a lot of people who like how they are fitted on the thigh.

  • Lightweight & colors
  • I think they are great, I just have some other styles I like more.
true to size
  • Oregon
  • 31
  • 5'3"

Incredibly Indestructible

I took my two pairs of ROGAS on a 50 day canoe/camping trip down the entire length of the Mississippi River this summer. And when I say I lived in them, I mean I LIVED in them. Paddling, portaging, swimming, running, sleeping, setting up and packing up camp, rain and sun, sweat and sunscreen, mud and sand. Rinse and repeat. These short are quick drying, allow full mobility, provide incredible comfort, and look flattering. At the onset of this trip I assumed all clothing and gear would be destroyed, but my ROGAS look, feel, smell, and perform just as well now! It speaks volumes about the design and material quality that Oiselle demands from their apparel. Well done. Not a single tear or pull or loose stitch or fade in color. I can't wait to take them on my next adventure! Thanks, Oiselle, for your commitment to offering great running apparel that sparks women to tackle it all!

  • Incredible performance and quality
  • Zilch
true to size
  • SF Bay Area
  • 31
  • 5'4"
  • more than 10 month(s)


This is the first pair of running shorts I have found that was comfortable enough to run long distances in and that didn't ride up. I'm 5'4" and about 125lbs. I tested them for the first time on a 16 mile trail run and they were amazing- super lightweight and didn't chafe at all. These will be a staple of my running apparel now.

  • no chafing, light, pretty color, soft, airy, good fit.
true to size
  • 45

These shorts are winners

Great shorts. They have a comfortable waistband and no unattractive poofiness. The little bit of stretch is unique from other running shorts. For reference, I am 5'6" and 135 - size 6 fits perfectly.

true to size
  • Louisiana
  • 24
  • 5'5"
  • more than 1 year(s)


These shorts are wonderful. I wear them for everything (running outside and treadmill, weightlifting, yoga, etc.) They fit my legs nicely and the flattering leg opening is nice to not have any baggy-ness. The regular length is perfect for me, as I have larger thighs due to my weightlifting. I find these fit very true to size, even throughout the years.

  • the length and overall fit
  • The underwear lining, elastic around leg holes is a tad bit too tight for me.
true to size
  • 26
  • 5'2"
click for full-size image


Overall, I love the Rogas! These are my go to, run in any distance shorts. They run true to size and.... no chafing! I am 5'2" about 135lbs- size 4.

The only reason why I did not give 5 stars was because after 3 months, my black pair of rogas- the Oiselle symbol on the shorts is falling off. I followed the washing instructions to a T and rotate my shorts (probably wear my black pair once, maybe twice a week. Bummed about it but they are still in good shape.

  • No chafing
  • Oiselle symbol coming off.
little bit loose
  • Minot, ND
  • 32
  • 5'6"

Not for thick thighs

I took these out for a 10 miler last weekend and I chafed so bad! They rode up often and even with bodyglide on, I still chafed like crazy - I still have a rash a week later :( Double bummer since I bought 2 pairs at the same time (one pair not even worn - although tags off) and now I can't wear either for running. I still might try the long rogas at some point... although now I'm not sure what size. I'm 5'6" 160 lbs and the 10 is really loose in the waist... IDK. Too bad. They're super cute and I love the look and the pocket.

  • cute! Great colors. Pocket!!
  • they ride up
true to size
  • Florida
  • 35
  • 5'1"
click for full-size image

Amazing...I want one in every color!

I splurged on the Roga shorts before my first marathon this past November and did it again for my 2nd marathon just a few weeks ago. I seriously want one in every color because these shorts are that amazing! The waist band is so comfortable and flattering to my belly after 2 kiddos. They don't ride up and I don't know how you do it Oiselle but they are the best. 2 marathons and 2 pairs later, I won't wear anything else. My favorite shorts ever! Thank you.

For sizing, based on the size chart and my measurements, I first ordered a size 6 and it swallowed me. Returned them for a 4 and they are perfect. I'm 5'1" and about 120lbs but have big muscular thighs.

  • Cut, Fit, Material, EVERYTHING
  • Nothing
true to size
  • Oak Island, NC
  • 34
  • 5'8"

Not in Love

I was ready to have my world changed by these shorts, but I just don't love them. First, it's taken me weeks and several wash & wears to get beyond the initial sandpaper feel of the fabric.

More importantly, they aren't a great fit FOR ME. I am 5'8" ~155#, with about a 31&" waist. I am experiencing some serious crotch bunching with these shorts and the waistband could only be described as floppy.

I'll stick with my amazing distance shorts (holy grail shorts!)

  • stretchy fabric
  • waistband, crotch bunching, rough fabric
true to size
  • Boulder, CO
  • 38
  • 5'0"


I don't know if I will ever buy another type of running short again. I am 5'0" and weigh 114 lbs. I am generally a 4 in regular clothes. The size 4 roga short fits perfectly. My belly is my problem area but these shorts are extremely flattering and minimize/eliminate any muffin top with the wide, flattering waistband.

  • The wide waistband, the discreet pockets, the feel of the material, length
true to size
  • Pittsburgh
  • 23
  • 64 in

Awesome shorts, fit perfectly

These were a part of my second (of now many) Oiselle orders. I fell in love with my Mac Rogas, and the color options here made me branch out. I am 5'4 and 114 lbs. but the 4's in the Macs felt big in the waist so I ordered these in a 2. I love the fit, and although the waist is still a little loose I just fold it over once. I ordered the shin/black geo bloom print. These work for long runs and workouts. I love them!

  • Fit, color, and style
true to size


I purchased 2 pairs of these shorts as a treat for myself. Both fit upon first trying them on. When I went to try them out on a run, they rode up IMMEDIATELY to the point of feeling like underwear. I lasted half a mile total before returning home to change. Very much so disappointed after having only lost money on this purchase because of the cost of shipping and returns. Sub-par fit and quality = never again.

true to size
  • Nashville Area
  • 39
  • 5'5"
  • more than 2 year(s)

Worth the Money / Won't Want to Take Them Off

This was my first purchase of Oiselle shorts. I wasn't sure what the big deal was until I took them off after only an half hour of trial wear. I actually felt sad at the time. They were/are SO INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE, I wanted to immediately put them back on. The yoga-inspired waistband is brilliant. I love the hidden front pocket (perfect for my key FOB) and the back zipped pocket (perfect for ID or similar). I did not expect to think anything of the material, but I love it too: stretchy, wicks nicely.
I am 5'5" about 123 lbs with 27/28" waist. I ordered a size 4 and it was perfect.

  • How it feels to wear, how it stores my stuff, how it wicks and stretches
  • Nothing
true to size
  • Houston, TX
  • 31
  • 5'4"
  • more than 2 year(s)

Rogas are #1

Rogas are the BEST - period! I have 4 pairs, but the newest in Clean Blue/Rio Red are pretty thin. You can definitely see the built in brief. I'm also pretty tan so maybe it isn't visible on paler people. I love them so I don't care, but I wanted to mention it.

  • fit, light fabric, range of sizes
true to size
  • Virginia
  • 33
  • 5'7"

My new favorite shorts!

These are the first pair of shorts that I ordered from Oiselle and I was debating between sizes. I'm 5' 7", 125 pounds, and after reading reviews I ordered a size 4 and the fit is perfect. I ordered the midnight blue color and the color is great. The pockets are super handy, the fabric is soft, and I love the length. I usually don't spend a lot of money on things for myself, but these shorts were absolutely worth it!

  • Fit, fabric, color
  • Nothing
true to size

So comfy, flattering and functional

I am unbelievably picky about running shorts, but I love these. Over the years I had found only one brand I liked - a $10 JC Penney short- and everything else, including Lululemon's shorts, irritated me, until I tried these. I forgot I was even wearing them during the run. They are light, soft, no seams, wick away sweat, never ride up. No chaffing even in 90 degrees nearly 100 % humidity. Size 6 fits great for me at 5'9" and 128 pounds.

true to size
  • California
  • 29
  • 5-2

The shorts that hooked me

A pair of size 4 gray Roga shorts were my first Oiselle purchase. Then I fell it love. I'm a bit of a gear junky and enjoy testing different running products, and not to much blows me away anymore. Just trying them on I could tell that every detail was considered in the design, execution, and function of these short. The waist band is comfortable and flattering, the materials innovative, and the fit was sport on. Shorts did not bunch up between the thighs like many others. I wore these in my first 50k trail race, and had no chaffing issues. Also lots of great pockets for stashing keys or snacks.

  • Waistband & materials
true to size

fantastic shorts

These fit so great. They're flattering and don't balloon out. They're a great length. They're comfortable for speed work and for ultra marathons.

  • fit
  • I like everything
little bit loose
  • Washington, DC
  • 34
  • 5'7"
click for full-size image


After one too many times stopping during a long run to unbunch my shorts from my "area" I decided to give Rogas a try. I went with a size 10-- too big. So now those are my "running errands" shorts. I went down to an 8. Perfection. I don't know how Oiselle does it, but they stayed in place with no bunching through two marathons. There was no riding up, no pink teeth marks around my muffin top (yes, marathoners have muffin tops, too) and overall, they just stayed put. I've gotten about 7 other pairs, one for each day of the week now and I have thrown out my other brand-name shorts. I could probably drop to a 6 but the 8 will probably be there for me when I have train-gain. I also recommend air-drying them and not putting them in the dryer so they last longer.

  • Functional with pockets
  • They do outline your crotch area but at least they don't bunch up
true to size
  • Indiana
  • 25
  • 5'4"
  • more than 2 year(s)

My new Go-to shorts

I am in love with these shorts. Not only are they comfy but are flattering, and they have great movement while running. I purchased the violet color, and shine with the geo bloom patterned band. There's a nice-sized hidden pocket inside the shorts perfect for car keys or gu, and also a back pocket with a zipper. When I purchased them I measured myself and ordered a size 2. I found they run true to size.

little bit tight

go-to shorts

These shorts were great - I own two pairs in the previous colours (pop and charcoal). One pair is size 2 and the other size 4 and both fit me fine (I'm 5"6, 120lbs with athletic legs). The size 4 has slightly more swoosh in the leg but that's it. I love them for running in the summer, and the length and band are both really perfect. My only concern was I originally thought the pop colour was yellow, not orange, but it's not available anymore. The little pocket is really handy.

true to size
  • Florida
  • 20
  • 5'4

Love these!

Just got these shorts and i love them. The waistband is very flattering and i love the material. I got a size 6, was unsure if they would fit, but they fit perfectly!

  • Color
true to size
  • Colorado
  • 32

Best running shorts!

These are THE best running shorts. I have gone through a lot of different brands (nike, asics, mizuno, brooks, lululemon) and when I finally found the Oiselle Roga's, I was hooked. They are not baggy and form to your body. The wide waistband is very flattering. I am fairly thin (thin legs, small butt), but have a little flab on my tummy. Other shorts would be baggy in the legs/butt and tight around the waist and giving me a muffin top! Not these, LOVE them! Wish they came in more colors. For size reference, I'm 5'7, 135lbs. The first pair I bought was a size 4, which were a little loose, but still fit. I bought 2 more pairs in size 2 and like the way those fit better.

true to size
  • Saint Paul MN
  • 23

4 pairs and counting

I love these shorts. I have four pairs (and counting) and they are my go-to for everything. I'm 5'10", 160 lbs and I get size 6/medium. I used to run a lot, and now my main focus is lifting, and these shorts don't ride up, don't fall down, and stretch to fit my booty and monster quads. I don't have to worry about pulling the lining down to fit over my butt every 5 seconds, and with chalked hands, that's a Godsend. Now, more colors, please!

true to size
  • Rogers Minnesota United States
  • 41
  • more than 3 year(s)

Great marathon short

I have these shorts in both black (Med in the old sizing) and I just got the pop (sz 8). I typically wear only black bottoms but the pop color is just too fun to pass up. I wear them with the midnight wazelle halter and the midnight/pop verranzo bra. So fun and they make me feel FAST!! So far I don't think the pop color shows sweat marks around the butt and underneath too bad. No chaffing issues with these either. Just love them! I can't wait to wear the Pop with my Oiselle singlet for my fall marathon! (For sizing reference I am 5'5" and 140 pounds, very 'medium' build)

  • The fabric, the waist band and the look.
true to size

new sizing comments and pregnancy

I've had a size small pair of rogas for about a year and they're great. They've always been a little loose in the waist, but they look good and don't fall down (I'm usually 5'-5" 115lbs). I'm 14 weeks pregnant so I really appreciate the loose waistband now. Some of my other running shorts that don't have flat waistbands have started to get uncomfortable so I decided to order a new pair of Rogas. I wasn't sure if I'd want to go with the 4 or 6 based on the size chart, but I figured for my pride's sake I should just size up and let myself grow into them in the coming months. The 6 is definitely looser than the old small and looks a little baggy now, but not so baggy that they will look oversized or puffy after I get back down to pre-pregnancy weight (I'm only 3 lbs up now, so I don't look that different yet). I'm sure I'll appreciate the extra space as the belly grows since this is just the beginning. I hope this helps others with the new sizing.

runs small

loose waist but awesome

I got the Roga and Mac Roga shorts for summer training and I really love the fabric and the shape of the legs. The inner brief felt tight at first in relation to the loose soft feel of the shorts but has become comfortable.
The waist is a bit loose as I prefer a bit of a hugging feeling and I don't really know what to do with the big bulky tie-string? but they don't seem to ride up or slip down so it seems ok.
I'm 5'4" 110lbs and got the small. The xs would def be too tight on my former 400H sprinter butt!

true to size

Love these shorts

I love the roga shorts for so many reasons. They have such a nice yoga waist band that stays in place. I don't like high rise and these are perfect! I also love how stretchy they are for every move. I don't have thin legs and my shorts stayed down (they did not ride up like so many other shorts). They stay comfortable throughout my runs with no chafing. I was training for my first half marathon last year with my husband and when we finished his shorts were soaking wet and my roga shorts were dry. I highly recommend these shorts.

true to size

fav running short

Love these shorts! The length is perfect, the waistband is comfortable. The fit is slim and very flattering. I am 5'8" 134lbs and the medium fit perfect.
I wore these for a marathon and they did perfect except a little chaffing from the liner but I wouldn't have made it thru training or the race without them (I tried several brands).
The stitching is starting to come apart on the waistband after a few months of regular wear.


Wish they worked for me....

This is a well-made pair of shorts!
What I love: buttery-soft, quality fabric with the perfect amount of give, zipper pocket in back, wide waistband, not too short/not too long.
What I hated: wedgie!
I'm 5'0" 98 lbs and the xs gave me a wedgie. I returned it for a small. Still a wedgie. I didn't think my butt was that big (my hips measure 33.5") but for some reason, the inner brief gives me that wedgie feel. Really bummed, as there is so much to like about this short.

runs small


I really like the fit and style of the Roga short, but every time I wear them, my center lower back, gets badly chafed. Could be I just got a pair with a flaw. The drawstring up front can cause issues too. I guess I like a flat front with no strings.

runs small

Great in the sun and the rain

I've had these for about 5 months, and I had to share how great these are if you have to run/race in the rain. Wore them during a rainy half-marathon and they remained light (no chafing!) throughout the race and dried very quickly. My "go-to" racing shorts for now on!

runs small


I have many pairs of running shorts, but these are my go-to shorts that I grab whenever they're clean. They're comfortable and flattering. They have just the right amount of stretch. The wide waistband sits right where I like it and stays put. I would like every color except that many colors that it comes in wouldn't looks good w/ the tops I have...that's the only complaint I have.

true to size

Half Marathon approved!

I love these shorts! I recently wore them in a very hot half marathon. They kept me cool, did not ride up, and felt comfortable for the whole race. Stylish and functional, these shorts are great! I usually wear an XS in Oiselle shorts/pants, however, I got a small in these and am very happy with the fit. I am 5'3 and 116lbs.

true to size

Love these!

These are by far the most comfortable running shorts I've tried. I am 150 lbs, 5' 10", and have these in medium and large. The mediums are kind of tight on me, the large are more flattering. So I would say order a size up and see how that looks, they're cut to fit a more slim, athletic figure. Even though the mediums are a little tight, they're still the most comfortable things on the planet.

true to size

A close second to the Distance short

I must begin by saying...I love, love, love the Distance shorts, but after reading all the great reviews about the Rogas I had to give them a try. I did order up a size from my other Oiselle shorts and they fit great, the length is nice, and they are very flattering. They also stay in place and don't ride up in the thighs which is normally my biggest concern. The only reason they are my second favorite is the fabric has a stretch to it and feels a little constricting.

true to size

My Super Woman Shorts

I LOVE my Rogas! The fit and feel of these shorts makes it hard for me to wear any other running shorts again. Ever.
Fabric is super soft and stretchy, waistband wide and comfortable, length is great (that golden middle length, where I won't feel either too covered up or too naked). I always feel fantastic wearing the Rogas - they make for great, comfy, happy and confident running (hence "Super Woman Shorts")!
I am 5'5" and 117lbs and wear S (or XS for tighter fit - still very comfortable).

true to size

Favorite Shorts Ever

I've been running for ~20 years and have never found a short I like better than the Rogas. I've bought a bunch of pairs in the last year and coming back today to buy a new color again... They're just the most flattering and best fitting light fabric shorts I've ever worn. I'm 5'6" and 140 lbs and mediums fit perfectly.

true to size

Life changer!

I am a very tiny person (5-4 about 100 healthy pounds) and I have self admitted chicken legs. Shorts usually are very baggy on me and get very annoying. I was told to check out rogas and I fell in love the day I put them on. I did not feel like I was swimming in my shorts, plus I could still roll them without them riding up. I will never buy a different pair of shorts again! I am in love!


Awesome, but beware light colors!

I *love* rogas (have six pairs!) and wear them to my high-intensity interval training classes. They're perfect but beware the dreaded "crotch sweat" that can happen with some of the lighter colors. I looked like I wet myself after a hot HIIT workout outside! My friends and I had a good laugh...and eventually my shorts dried out!


Soooo good, BUT...

Love the way these shorts look! The fit is amazing! They make my butt look awesome! The colors are fun! BUT.... my only complaint is the stitching and leg hole of the panty liner. I run ultras (currently at the 50 mile distance). I can't wear these shorts for distances longer then 13 miles or I will chafe bloody hell between my thighs. The one and only time I wore my rogas for a race (a very technical and hot trail 50k) I was waddling by mile 14. The chafe was so bad - when I took off the shorts I had a burned red outline of the entire shorts (360 degrees) stitching from the sides of my hips/legs to the inside of my thighs. It looked like I had tattooed the shorts on to my skin. Since I bought my first pair I knew right away this was a problem (I own 4 pairs of rogas), but I love them so much that I bought more to use during short speed workouts and low mileage weeks. Please please PLEASE try to use a softer thread or find another sewing method (flatlock seams) so the seams of the roga are smoother. Bodyshape I am pretty lean - however I have a Cuban bootay and strong thighs that touch. The leg holes of the panty liner are way to tight. They were definitely designed with the thin thighed/small butt girl in mind. I did notice that after I wear the shorts a few times the elastic does loosen just a tad, but it's still an issue when I run longer miles. Again, if I go past 13 miles the elastic has dug deep into the tendons between the crotch and thigh - giving me some hard-core welts. Not fun. I really really love the cut and fit of these shorts - please adapt them just a tad. After reading the reviews it seems like I'm not the only girl with these issues. I am 5'4" 120lbs and wear a size small. The small fits me perfect (with the exception of the panty liner leg holes).

runs small

Not a chance...

Read the reviews above and thought I would give these shorts a try. Wow. Seriously disappointed! I am 5'8" and 140#, I ordered the Medium. Tried them on yesterday...the built in undies were really tight on my legs (you could see the panty line through the shorts) as were the shorts. In fact, they were tight pretty much everywhere. I wear a Medium in every other workout pant/short/skort so I was a bit surprised with the fit. I tried running in place and straight away the inseam went riding right up. Maybe it's because they didn't fit me right but I certainly won't be buying another pair, it wasn't work the $46.

little bit tight
  • more than 4 year(s)


Love the rogas! When I first put them on, they were a little snug and a little short and I was envisioning a bunch of post-run thigh chafing... Thank goodness my predictions were wrong. THEY ARE PERFECT! I have yet to chafe in the rogas and will definitely be buying more. I don't know how y'all do it Oiselle but they're amazing!

true to size


Love these shorts. The best ever!
What would make them perfect?
Longer drawstring.
And if the back pocket were big enough for my smart phone...well dang..I would not buy any other kind!!

runs small

runs small

I wanted to love these shorts, but the rise is too short and overall they feel too small. I am 5'10", 138lb and ordered the small. In most brands I wear a 4 or 6. I may exchange for the medium or try the long roga shorts instead.

runs small

The best run shorts!

I'm picky with my shorts. I have had only 1 fav until I tried on these Rogas. They are super comfy, does not ride up, no wedgies!! and very cute. I'm planning to get one in every color available!

runs small

LOVE these shorts

These shorts are awesome! I don't think I have bought running shorts, ever. I don't like them don't like the way they fit feel or look. But I decided to give these a try. I love the way they fit feel and look! Also, they don't get wet! On a hot run I jumped into a pond to cool off, the things didn't even drip, making for a very comfortable return run. Highly recommend!

runs small
  • 5'8"

Really like them

These have become my go-to shorts for regular gym wear.

I really like the material and cut. They are flattering and don't give that baggy butt look that most shorts do. Only thing I'm not crazy about is the waistband. I've noticed some pilling, but it's minor.

I'm 5'8" and 125lbs. I originally bought a size small but returned for the medium. The smalls fit in the waist but overall were only slightly looser than a compression short. The mediums are roomy but still look sleek. I'm probably somewhere between the two sizes and decided to size up. $48 seems like a lot but I've probably already gotten my money's worth out of them.

true to size

New favorite shorts!

Officially obsessed with the Roga Short! Purchased them from my local running store and they fit better and are more flattering than any pair of running shorts I've ever owned. Fabric is incredibly moisture wicking and the length gives me just enough protection from the dreaded thigh chafe. They have become a staple for me both running and at my chiropractic practice.

little bit tight

Miracle shorts...

My one and only complaint is that the material is really light and thin - any crease or wrinkle under the fabric looks like VPL (this does make them super fast drying, though). Other than that - these are the only shorts I've found that don't bunch up between my legs or ride up to the point of exposing my butt cheeks. I first tried them on a 2 mile run, then a 4.5 mile run. I didn't adjust my shorts even ONE time on either test run. I kept reaching behind me to see if my butt was still covered (the material is so light that I couldn't tell if they were creeping up or not)...and every time I checked, my shorts were in the same spot. My butt and upper thighs were still covered just enough that I didn't feel inappropriate. As an added bonus, these are the best looking/most flattering running shorts I've ever seen. Plus, they could easily double as board shorts while paddle boarding, kayaking, etc. Therefore, I am now back on the Oiselle site looking for more colors...huge thanks to my local running store for carrying Oiselle and getting me hooked!

runs small

Not the best for my body type

Don't get me wrong, the Rogas definitely are booty flattering and the waistband is comfy as hell. However since I have a pretty bubbly behind they rode up, even flipping up on my front legs. If you're more of a sleek crane rather than the ostrich I am these will be great. I'll stick with the Distance shorts instead.

true to size

Lightweight and functional

The Rogas certainly lived up to the hype. Lightweight and comfortable and a great fit. I do wish there were more zippered pockets. Also, I actually had to size up on these compared to the Distance shorts. It may because of my body shape (I'm hippy and have a bubbly behind) but I ended up getting a medium versus my usual small.

true to size


If you need motivation to do laundry- get these. I will do a load of laundry just so I can wear my rogas for a run. You will never buy another pair of shorts. Ever. They are comfortable, flattering, and they hold everything you need! You cannot go wrong.

true to size

Cute & comfy

These shorts are incredibly comfortable. Fit pretty true to size. Super flattering from behind:) too.. They are a little shorter around the front/tops of my thighs than I prefer.. But that's just a personal pref& an area I'm self conscious about...therefore I may order the longer Roga next time! Otherwise great shorts!

true to size
  • more than 2 year(s)

Pocket placement

Here's my only complaint about buttcheek pockets - I work hard to get my butt to look decent, and when I stuff some keys and ID and who knows what else into rear pockets, well, that goal is not achieved. Right now I am buying more shorts with pockets in the back waistband - I will continue to use my Rogas, but hoping there is a feature update!

true to size


I've had these shorts for one day and already am obsessed with them! I'm already planning to buy a pair in every color that they come in! I'm 5'3" and 105 pounds and the small size fits me perfectly. I have 4 or 5 pairs of shorts from other brands, but I wish I had just saved my money and bought the rogas to begin with. I don't want to wear anything else!

true to size

Roga Shorts..perfect!

Again, another perfect story from Oiselle:)
Really, I can't imagine wearing any other brand. Great waist band, pockets, light weight but really durable!!! Thank you, thank you...

true to size


Wore these for my first half marathon yesterday. Was super comfy and the back pocket was perfect for my sports beans. I love, love the waistband. So comfy, and no mommy pouch spillage ;D I will definiltey be buying more!

true to size

More colors please!

Incredibly flattering without being too short. The fabric doesn't ride up and dries quickly. I only wish there were more colors (not more neutrals). I love the raspberry in the sale section, but it's not available in my size.

A warning, these shorts may be harmful to others. Poor guy in his truck just about twisted his neck off when I ran by in these! Tra-la-la!!

true to size


Love my rogas but would really like to be able to have the pics of the different colored rogas labeled with the color; not sure about some

true to size

The only shorts you'll ever need

I have to admit, at first I was reluctant to join the Roga Revolution. I was reading all these rave reviews throughout blogland and I just wasn't convinced. The material looked thin and I thought it would cling to my skin, ride up, and accentuate every little leg dimple. But after being frustrated for a while with the fit of Nike Tempos (of which I own near 10 pairs of - and they really don't make them like they used to. I have some that are almost 10 years old and they fit much better than the ones they're rolling out with now) I gave in and ordered some Rogas. Now there is no turning back. As soon as I put them on I could just tell by the fit that they were going to be awesome. My first run in them was a long, rainy trail run and I was so amazed by how quick they were drying and that they never stuck to my skin. They're the perfect length (I'm 5'5") - not too short, not too long, and they stay in place. And the back pocket is great too. I can shove a Gu and my keys in there and I've never felt like the shorts were going to fall off. They're just perfect. There isn't a thing I would change about them.

true to size

Best Shorts Ever

Finding the right running short is not an easy endeavor. I have tried so many brands but the first run I did in the Roga changed my life. I have tested this short in every weather condition and it surprises me every time. These shorts can withstand humidity like no other. They will not ride up and remain light even when soaking wet from sweat or Humidity. Being a southern runner this is vital! Functionality is amazing and fantastic but the fit is also amazing. Rogas don't give that "diaper-butt" look like some other brands. They are a flattering for for any booty type. The other great detail is the length they are not super short but provide coverage and don't go to your knee. Ladies this is win win across the board. Check them out!!

true to size


I am very petite (5' and 100 pounds) and I LOVE the fact that the xs rogas fit me perfectly! The cut is slim enough that I am not drowning in material and they leg length is long enough to cover the top of my thighs but are not so long that they interfere with my stride. Thanks so much for making a short that fits a short girls frame!

true to size

I need some more please!!

I recently joined the roga" revolution. I ordered some roga shorts, and they were delivered to my door in a flash! I've run with them 3 times now, and I have to say they are now my favorite shorts! Light, comfortable, no wedgies, no riding up. I just feel faster in them! Now, I have to decide what color to get next? Decisions, decisions.

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