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long pocket jogger shorts

long pocket jogger shorts

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Product Details

What's got more game than Pocket Jogger Shorts? That must be the Long Pocket Jogger Shorts. These babies have all the same bells and whistles as the Pocket Jogger Shorts (yes, five pockets! Yes, our beloved Nyelle™ fabric) but in a longer length. It's all about maximum mobility and comfort and giving women what really, truly makes them happy: style and convenience without discomfort and bulk.

- For a similar compression short with a 4.75" inseam, check out the Pocket Jogger Shorts.

- Nyelle Compression (nylon/spandex)
- interior drawcord
- rear zip waist pocket
- rear side mesh pockets
- 2 leg pockets that fit phone
- 8.25" inseam (all sizes)

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Average Rating:
21 reviews

true to size

little bit loose
  • FL
  • 38
  • 5'9"

Marathon Tested

I bought these prior to a marathon in hopes that the pockets galore would allow me to leave my belts at home. That, they did! The pockets are pretty great and were the main selling point for me. What I'm not sure about yet is the waist drawstring - it was really fussy for me and ended up double knotted even though I thought I was being careful to tie it in a slip knot. It also didn't hold them up quite enough - which leads me to another problem - they were sliding down my butt about halfway through the race. I might try sizing down but I really don't want them tighter. All in all, I'm glad to have them and will continue using them for longer runs. Time will tell if I can tolerate them in super hot and humid conditions since the marathon was during unseasonably cool temps! I love the length. I love the overall fit. No riding up problems or chafing.

  • Pockets galore!! And the length is great.
  • Butt won't stay up and drawstring is fussy/not very functional.
true to size
  • Seattle
  • 29
  • 5'4"
  • more than 1 year(s)

Great for distance

I own two pairs of these - bought the second after running a 50k in the first pair with zero issues. They didn't ride up, chafe, or anything. I decided to try these longer pairs after trying the short pocket jogger but experiencing some ride up from those. For context, I have somewhat short legs and very muscular thighs and was looking for shorts that wouldn't ride up or chafe. These did the trick for me!

  • Stay put
true to size
  • Kailua, HI
  • 29
  • 5'7"
  • more than 1 year(s)

Great for long runs

I ordered these shorts while training for a marathon in a humid climate. I was skeptical and afraid the long length would look dorky. While that might be true, they didn't bother me and I didn't chafe anymore. I also never felt too hot in them. They are soft and great quality. After several months of wearing for weekly long runs there is some wear in the inner thigh area, however, minimal. I've not used them for anything other than running, but, worth it for when you don't want to wear leggings and don't want that dreaded thigh chafe. The pockets are great too! For sizing reference: I am 5'7", 145 lbs and for me the 8 fit perfectly. Some reviews mentioned them rising up, I believe they did rise a little, however they were long enough that this made no difference to me.

  • Long length
true to size
  • Canada
  • 37
  • 6'

Shorts ride up

I loved the idea of these shorts! I am 6' tall and have a really hard time finding running shorts that don't fit like underwear. The shorts fit really well, are super comfortable...but ride up your legs like crazy while running and that leads to chafe and is super frustrating.

  • Fit
  • Ride up
true to size
  • Oregon
  • 49
  • 5'4"
  • more than 1 year(s)

yay pockets!

I also have the Pocket Jogger Capris and these are basically the same, just shorter (and obviously without any mesh). The only drawback is the fabric is a bit thick for hot, humid days, but I accept this trade-off for the awesome pockets. The Douglas Fir color looks terrific with the Passport Racerback Tank in Moody Floral - great combo!

  • pockets!!
  • fabric a bit thick for summer
true to size
  • Seattle
  • 30
  • 5'6
  • more than 1 year(s)

So Many Pockets!

And not just any pockets, these pockets are functional. Things stay put! I can put my Samsung S7 in the thigh pocket and I forget that it's on me when I'm running. These shorts are super comfortable and stylish. I will be ordering at least one more pair!

  • Comfort, Functionality, Style
  • Can't think of anything!
true to size
  • Philadelphia
  • 33
  • 5'7
  • more than 1 year(s)
click for full-size image


I was hesitant to buy these, as I don't LOVE the pocket jogger tights (material, rise, etc), but these are terrific. The 8" inseam is perfect for my long legs. I wore them for a 25k trail race, followed by a 13 mile LR, and had zero problems. No riding up, no chafing, no movement at all. I'm convinced these are the holy grail of shorts - I'm going to buy more colors!

  • Length, rise, material
  • Nothing!
true to size
  • Clarks Green
  • 31
  • 5'6"
click for full-size image

Finally, shorts that I love

Bought these at my local running store after reading the good reviews here and not knowing what size I would need. For reference, I wear an 8 in Levi's and Express jeans - the 8 in these fit great! I actually can't express how happy I am to find shorts that I like. They're nice and stretchy. Most importantly, they stay put on my thighs. I'm muscular on the bottom (former gymnast) - didn't budge over 7 miles and i didn't have to stop to adjust them or pull them down in the middle. I love that they have the zip pocket on the back for my car key and still have other options if I wanted my phone (I normally don't carry it) and or a gel for long runs! Bravo and thank you Oiselle!

  • Length, doesn't rid up, pocket options, soft material, not see through
  • Nothing
true to size
  • CA

Best shorts!!

I love these so much!! They do not roll down over the belly; they do not ride up on the thighs; They simply don't move. The fabric is perfect because if it was any lighter I could see it riding down or rolling. Because of the thickness of the fabric it provides great compression as well. The five pockets are so functional that you can tell someone really put some thought into these shorts. Do not ever stop carrying these shorts!!

  • Everything
  • Because they are so popular, stock runs out on certain sizes
little bit loose
  • Canada
  • 28
  • 5'10"

Very Disappointing Shorts

After having read previous reviews for these shorts I really thought they would be worth it. I was very confused when, as a very lean person, these shorts ended up riding up terribly. They aren't too small, so I have no idea why, but they were embarrassing to run in and I had to cut short because they crept up so badly. A waste for me :(

  • pockets
  • riding up, bunching, oversized
true to size
  • Trinidad
  • 5'7"

Simply the best

If I die, I'd like to be buried in these please but while I'm alive, I'd like 10 more pairs please.

  • Fit, colour and pockets are AWESOME
true to size
  • Delaware
  • 29
  • 5'2''
  • more than 2 year(s)

The perfect long run shorts

These shorts have all. the. pockets! They do not ride up. Waistband is wide and comfortable. Back zip pocket is centered and large enough for my phone, and so well placed I forget my phone is in there. Lots of other pockets for food and other essentials. They are a bit thicker than I had anticipated, and I don't wear then when it's crazy hot out, but I think these will be perfect for fall and spring.

  • Pockets
  • Thickness of material
little bit loose
  • Ohio
  • 48
  • 5’ 8”

The Perfect Shorts

These are the best shorts I’ve had in 20+ years of running! High waist that doesn’t slide down, legs don’t ride up, no chafing at all & amazing pockets. I’ve worn them for multiple double digit runs & they didn’t budge. I usually wear a 12 & did size down to a 10 to get a little more compression. I’m definitely buying more!

  • Everything!
  • Wouldn’t change a thing.
true to size
  • Ohio
  • 35
  • 5'2
click for full-size image

My New Favorite

Toolbelt rogas used to be my go to for long runs, but I had to cover my thighs in body glide beforehand to prevent chafing. I put these on and was immediately in love. All the pockets, none of the thigh rub due to the longer length. I'm self conscious about my legs and I hate wearing shorts, but I feel totally comfortable in these. The high waist is great. I absolutely love these shorts. I need a pair for every run in the summer. Please make them in all the colors. I will buy every one!

  • Length, High Waist, Pockets, Pockets, Pockets
  • Limited color selection, but that's getting real picky!
little bit loose
  • more than 2 year(s)

Perfect Length but Rides Up a Bit

I’m so glad that Oiselle finally made shorts in this length! The pockets are awesome too. However, I ordered my usual size and found the shorts ride up a couple inches over the course of my runs. I think a more compressive fabric would solve that problem or perhaps sizing down. I’m wearing them for cross training where the riding up doesn’t bug me as much.

  • Length, pockets
  • Fabric, rides up
true to size
  • Duluth, MN
  • 41
  • 5'9"

Longer Shorts? Yes, Please!

I've had these shorts for a month or so, but wanted to wait until I took these bad boys out for a long run outside before I wrote a review. It was finally (almost) warm enough this past weekend, so I braved the chilly temps (26F at start) to see if I can wear these for my half in a couple weeks. Overall, I am super happy with these shorts!

I am not terribly tall, but have long extremities, and these shorts hit me about the same spot as the model in the regular pocket joggers - which is pretty much perfect. The material is really nice and I think will be great for in the summer where I live and run. I had my smartphone in one of the side leg pockets and I couldn't tell it was there (no bouncing, no rubbing) except that the side I wore it on was slightly longer at the end of my 10 miles than the other. I'm also not a big fan of the waist tightening system in these shorts (one continuous elastic that you tie into a knot to tighten, which creates a chafing point), but they fit me so well I don't need to use it.

What would I change? I honestly can't say I'd change anything - except don't discontinue them, and maybe come out with different colors?

  • Pockets, length, material
  • Nothing
true to size
  • midwest
  • 5'9"

get you some!

I love these shorts! They are the perfect length for super-leggy (ahem) and don't ride up one single inch. The compression is just enough to hug in all the right places -- bless you, Nyelle fabric -- and not one hint of sheerness. I go between sizes and sized down and they're just right. No slipping, tugging, or pulling anywhere. A must have for chilly spring/fall mornings with a long sleeve top. And all the pockets! Game-changer.

  • pockets, Nyelle fabric, right amount of compression, length
  • nothing
true to size
  • Vass, NC
  • 43
  • 66"
  • more than 2 year(s)


Love the concept, but I wasn't thrilled with the fabric. I have a pair of reflective Oiselle capris that have a very similar pocket on one side and the same type of raised accent stripes; so I thought that the fabric of these would be similar to those. The capris are a nice, compressive spandex.

The pocket joggers are more of a cottony-type of fabric with less compression. They are still nice and thick, but my main motivation for buying these was that it's hard to find shorts that don't hold a ton of water (aka sweat) during long summer runs in the South. These don't seem like they're really going to work from that standpoint, so I'm sending them back.

Looking back at the description and pictures in the listing, I guess I should have figured out that the fabric was different, but honestly, I had to do a web search for Oiselle pocket capris to figure out what the capris were in order to tell the difference (I bought the capris in a running store last fall, so I didn't know what style they were - and I didn't even realize they were reflective until i found them online - I'm not even sure what they are actually called now b/c I could only find them online at Title 9 and they seem to rename things).

Anyway, short story long - I love the concept, but would love to see them in a different fabric.

  • pockets and length
  • fabric
true to size
  • more than 2 year(s)


These are my new favorite running shorts. They don't ride up or chafe, they're luxuriously comfortable, and they look good too.

true to size

The Shorts You Have Been Looking For

These shorts have it all! There are pockets large enough for the largest of phones while still having space for fuel or other items. The back zip pocket keeps keys, an ID, cc AND cash secure (yes the back pocket even has space!). They are long enough to keep any thigh chafe away while not riding up. They have a high waist band (sits just above the navel) which this mom appreciates to avoid the muffin top look. I have spent 3 years looking for shorts with all of the functions of this short!

  • length and pockets
  • nothing!
true to size

A short for all body types

As soon as I put these on I immediately said these are built for the long run. These shorts have more pockets than any other short offered. There’s a zip pocket in the back with a mesh pocket on each side and two pockets on each leg perfect for anything you need to take with you. They have the perfect amount of compression without being too tight. The length hits just above the knee to prevent any threat of chafing. They are the perfect running short for all body types.

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