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flyout shorts

flyout shorts

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What would a trail bird want? As in someone who doesn't just move their legs forward and backward, but also laterally, vertically, side-stepping, skipping and leaping! These shorts were designed for total freedom. With an integrated semi-split with our signature flyout hem. And an overall relaxed fit for maximum mobility.

Also available in the 6" inseam Long Flyout Shorts.

- Flyout Stretch Woven (nylon/spandex)
- interior infinity drawcord 
- two side zip hand pockets
- 3.5" inseam (all sizes)

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Average Rating:
25 reviews

true to size

true to size
  • NYC
  • 30
  • 5'3

Great shorts!

I cannot get enough of these shorts. I ordered a size up from normal, just because I can't stand shorts riding up, and they work great. I've seen some complaints about the extra room in the crotch, but I don't think it looks bad or affects running. The slit allows my legs to move freely, which I love.

I will say, I mostly wear them around day to day. The material is so versatile they look great for walking around town and the pockets actually let you fit your phone.

That being said, the pockets do not comfortably fit anything for running. I tested running with my keys and it wasn't too annoying, but they did slip down to the front of my legs and hit me. If I run with these I wear a pocket bra to put my keys into them.

  • Forest green color, fit, slit on the side, large pockets for day to day
  • Pockets don't work well for running
true to size
  • more than 1 year(s)

Pockets for Days

Shorts are very comfy on--might even top the Summer Roga. The pockets in these shorts are AMAZING...but not for storing lots on the run. (It is some seriously impressive secure storage for women's shorts with the zipper.) A little ribbon or tab at the top of the pocket to keep your key from dropping to the bottom. The bottom corner of the pocket peeks out on the stride because they're so massive (perhaps a wee bit smaller or differently shaped in the next version?). As some reviewers noted, a back pocket for a phone or inside the waistband pocket for a key would be a good future addition.

  • Huge pockets, zipper closure on pockets, fabric feel, fit
  • Need a key tab in the front pockets or waist pocket
little bit loose
  • Sarasota, FL
  • 39
  • 5'8"

Disappointing -- and see-through!

I'm new to Oiselle and ordered the Smoke Flyouts when they were on sale on Instagram, and was so excited. They felt nice and lightweight on, and I had high hopes for the pockets. However, they were a disaster. Having anything in the pockets caused the pockets to hang low while my shorts rode up -- and I've got some athletic thighs, so riding up is basically always going to happen. As I began to sweat through them (I live in Florida and it's 90 degrees with 96% humidity when I head out for a 6 am run right now), the excess material began to feel long and heavy, but that wasn't the worst part. At mile 6 of a hot and soggy 8 miler, my running partner informed me that my sweat-soaked shorts had become transparent. The lining, thankfully, protected my modesty well enough to avoid any chance of arrest, but ... yeah. If you sweat a lot, I would probably avoid the smoke color.

  • Lightweight when dry
  • Turned transparent when they got sweat-soaked.
true to size
  • Pennsylvania
  • 19

Best shorts ever!

I own both other iterations of this short (the ones with one and then two pockets on the back) and now the newest ones as well. I love these shorts so much, especially because they bead water in the rain and don't chafe. Light and effortless to run in, they are my go-to pair of shorts in my closet. I primarily play ultimate frisbee in them and love the stretch and agility I have in them. The split on the side is elegant and practical.

The only change in these shorts over the past iterations is the move of the pockets to the side seams. The pockets are zippered and huge (it fit my iPhone X) which is good, but the placement feels awkward and I don't like to run in them with anything in the pockets. I miss having the pockets on the butt.

For reference, I'm 5'7" 160 lb and wear the 6.
Oh, these shorts in the new douglas fir color is beautiful too.

  • The stretch, design, pattern
  • New pocket placement, miss the zippered pockets on the butt
true to size


I eyed these shorts for months and was super disappointed in the fit when I finally got them. There is so much extra material in the front it looks like these were designed for a man. The crotch of the shorts hang down an inch past the liner making it look droopy and bunchy at the same time. I got my regular roga size 6 but maybe I should have sized down. I Iove my rogas but they still ride up in between my legs so I was hoping I would have better luck with a split short. On the plus side I really like the material and the size of the rear pocket! If only Oiselle offered free exchanges...

  • Material, pocket, split sides
  • Elastic waist, too much material in the front.
true to size
  • Snoqualmie
  • 36
  • 5'2"

Great shorts, wish they still had two back pockets

I have two pairs of these, a pair from about 2 years ago that has two pockets, and a pair that I got about 3 months ago - only one rear pocket. Wish they still had two back pockets! Fabric is a bit different between the two (both are black so it was v. obvious the fabric was different). They are very lightweight with a nice breathability. The waist is pretty tight/fitted, but the shorts are very airy. I'm 5'2", 110 lbs and wear a size 2 in these.

One thing that happens to me in these shorts (both old and new...)...on long, hot runs, my sweat collects into the crotch/back area and then just sort of...sprinkles off as I run. No one else mentioned this so maybe I just sweat A LOT. That being said, I've never had that happen in a single other pair of any brand of shorts I own, so it was very noticeable. It's not bad (it's kind of cooling - hahaha) but it's a strange sensation. :)

  • Very airy and lightweight
  • Only one pocket in the new version
little bit loose
  • 24
  • 5'6"
  • more than 2 year(s)

Big Fan

I have been a long time fan of my Oiselle Roga shorts, and hesitated to try something new with the Flyout shorts. I'm glad I took the risk as I *might* just like these even more than the Rogas! They are extremely light weight and great for super sweaty summer runs. I love that I can fit my phone in the back pocket, although don't recommend running with a phone as it bounces too much since the shorts are loose fitting. They provide only just enough coverage that I feel comfortable wearing them to lift (Crossfit) as well as running.
I am 5'6"and 135 pounds and have found the size 4 to be a perfect fit, but don't have a lot of extra room. I wear size 6 in my Rogas which fit a bit loose.

  • Extremely light weight without bunching
true to size
  • Berwick
  • 51
  • 5'2"


Very breathable and comfortable. So airy and light I feel like I have nothing on! I love the large rear pocket. The waist band is snug but comfortable and the fabric moves with you. I have worn these trail running in 90 degree temps and 80% humidity and somehow they stay dry. For reference, I am 5'2" and 105-110lbs and the size 2 fit perfect.

  • Breathability
  • Would love another zipped rear pocket.
true to size
  • 40
  • 5’4”

Love these-mostly

I ordered the same size as I wear in the roga’s And love how light weight they are! The ONLY issue I had with them is the waist band elastic flipped over on itself and it refuses to lay flat. I don’t have flat abs so I am used to issues like this, but if the elastic weren’t quite so wide maybe it wouldn’t flip so easily. Otherwise they are amazing!

  • Lightweight
  • The elastic waist
true to size
  • Denver
  • 31
  • 5'6"


Favorite new shorts. Actually, favorite shorts ever. Did a very hot hill repeat workout in them and didn't think about them once. Bought my usual size four and they fit perfect.

Is it acceptable to wear these every day? Asking for a friend...

  • Soft, light, forget you're wearing them
true to size

Best. Shorts. Ever.

I have been on the hunt for running shorts that don't suffocate my legs and are comfortable around my waist (and aren't ridiculously short which I have found to be the problem with other brands) - and these are the best shorts I have found! I LOVE them! For reference - I am 5'4 about 120 lbs. I prefer my shorts to fit comfortably rather than tight.. couldn't ask for a better pair of running shorts! Thank you Oiselle!

  • Comfort, Sizing, Length
  • Nothing!
true to size
  • Kansas City
  • 31
  • 5'5"

Take all my money

Jesus Oiselle I can't afford to fall in love with any more of your shorts. I thought Rogas were my shorts for life. Then the distance short became my summer best friend. Then the pocket jogger gives me all the long run feels. But now I'm LIVING in this flyout short (in the purple..trust me...gorgeous). I received the package on a Sunday and spent the night lounging in them. I wore them on a run on Monday, then to a core class. I had to wash them on Tuesday to wear for my track workout on Wednesday.

That said, I know I'll use my Rogas/Pocket Joggers for longer runs just to avoid wearing a flip belt.

I got a size 4 but probably could have gone with a size 2 (5'5", 127, athletic thighs)

  • Color, fit, material
  • Only one pocket, but more would weigh it down
little bit tight
  • Montana
  • 38
  • 5’4

Fly outs fly up

I originally ordered these in my normal Oiselle Roga size (6), and sent them back because they felt too tight and constricting. Just recently, I picked them up in an 8, and hit the treadmill in anticipation! Almost immediately, they started to creep up my legs and begin chafing. I thought, perhaps it was a one time thing- sadly, the second time it happened again, until they rode up so badly I felt like jumping off the treadmill mid run. I’m so bummed because I love the color (violet), fit (just enough room), but certainly not the chafing or creeping. Hoping I can use them for summer hikes and outdoor activities that don’t involve long runs...

  • Color, fit, leg holes are perfectly roomy
  • Creeping up, chafing, fabric bunching during run
true to size
  • Seattle
  • 18
  • 5'7"


I thought the Distance shorts were the best shorts O made... and then I bought these and they're even more incredible. For reference, I'm 5'7"; and 150lb and wear a 4 but a 6 would have worked too. No chafing, super lightweight, large leg holes (perfect for squats, ya know?). Also, you know how when other shorts get wet, they stick to your legs and cause problems? These don't!! Water repelled right off and my workout felt so fast. More gear in this Flyout please!!

  • Everything
  • Nothing
true to size
  • Texas
  • 25
  • 5'6"
  • more than 3 year(s)

My favorite shorts!

I live in these shorts. If I'm not running in them, then I'm running errands in them. I personally like my shorts to fit looser because I do have larger athletic thighs so I size up in these. In jeans and compression bottoms I wear a 6, but for all "loose" shorts I wear an 8. They are very flowy in the legs when you size up. I will say for myself, they are very different than Rogas. The material is lighter and stretchier and less fitted. I wore them all summer long in Texas and they performed perfectly!

  • So comfortable!
  • Nothing.
true to size
  • Philadelphia
  • 25
  • 5'7

New Favorite Shorts!

These shorts quickly became my favorite running shorts! I've had these for 5 months now and I still like them as much as I did when I bought them. They don't roll, the fabric is lightweight and wicking and I never have chafed in these. I'm 5'7 and 125 lbs and I bought a size 2.

true to size
  • New Orleans, LA
  • 28

Southern Special

Anyone who lives in the south and deal with the awful heat and humidity of the summers MUST own these shorts. I don't chafe, they still feel light at the end of a long run in 90% humidity, and they're beautiful duh.

  • material
true to size
  • RVA
  • 22
  • 5'1"
  • more than 3 year(s)

These are my new favorites!

I previously bought two pairs of the Distance shorts (one in Oiselle orange and one in Money green/blue that unfortunately isn't around anymore) which I absolutely love. I was hoping that Oiselle would come out with a split-short like one pair I have, and the Flyout shorts do not disappoint! They're super-light and comfortable (I barely notice them when I'm running in them!!!), and I loved them so much that I bought 2 pairs! I also like how I can fit my phone in the back pockets. :)

  • What's not to like?!?
  • Nothing!!!
true to size
  • The South
  • 5'4"

Loose and great fitting...until I started running.

So, first, the good: the fabric of these shorts is super light, was perfect for extra hot and humid weather here in the south. And POCKETS! Those are great. They also have good back-butt coverage, if that's something you look for in shorts.

The bad, or at least the weird: Standing still, these shorts fit great, are loose/relaxed, super comfy. I got my normal size. They're closer in sizing-feel to the distance shorts than the rogas for me. However, when I started running, they really rode up, and did a weird "roll-up my legs, then catch and turn into bloomers" thing. This doesn't happen for me with any other oiselle shorts, and I usually don't really care about a little ride-up, but this was annoying and I was adjusting a lot. I have pretty proportionally sized thighs-butt-quads, and the shorts legs and hips were loose on me, so I couldn't figure out why they rolled this way. I noticed they have a slightly lower/dropped rise than my other oiselle shorts, so maybe that's where it's happening? I wanted to love these, and will see if maybe it was just being extra sweaty from the humidity. I would recommend sizing up if you try them.

  • fabric, pockets
  • rolling up into bloomers big time
little bit tight
  • Palo Alto
  • 27
  • 5'10"

New fave shorts

These are fantastic. Lightweight, fits like a dream, barely noticed them while running. I took them out on the first hot-hot day we have had in Palo Alto this year, and they were fantastic. They are stretchy and breathable and flattering. Think a thinner version of the roga fabric. Fantastic shorts. I'm 5 10 and got the 8, they fit great.

  • material, fit
  • honestly nothing
true to size
  • New York, NY
  • 31
  • 5'8"

So light!!

How many times can I wear these before I have to put them in the wash? Asking for a friend...

But seriously, these are awesome. Excellent pockets, lightweight fabric/lining, perfect length, love the ample leg holes. They will be perfect for longer marathon-length training runs, nary a chafe in sight. I got my Mac Roga size and they're a little big, but not awkwardly so.

  • so light! pockets!
  • nothing!
true to size
  • Bend, Oregon
  • 36
  • 5'7''

New Favorite Shorts!

I was very excited to get these shorts in the mail. I tried them on and immediately fell in love. I don't have super thing quads and I don't love tight shorts. These fit just perfect. Not too tight and not too loose. They stay in place and look great too. I can't wait to hit the trail in these shorts (right now it's too snowy!)

true to size
  • Bavaria
  • 47
  • 5-6


These shorts are made of the lightest fabric-perfect for hot and humid days. However, within a mile the entire front and back of the legs were bunched up and to the back and I spent the next 5 miles tugging at them. Granted, they are light as a feather and it felt like I was running in just a loin cloth, but it was very concerning to me in a public setting (city route vs trail). I can see these being ideal for someone else, just not for me. The fabric might just be too thin because in the wind they just don't hold up, rather they ride right up.

  • Very lightweight
  • Fit, bunchy-ness, bland color
true to size
  • Alexandria, VA
  • 34
  • 5'7
  • more than 3 year(s)

So disappointed

I bought these wanting something a little more flat than the distance, but more moveable than the roga as it relates to my body type (lots of hips, rump and thighs). I wore them on a three mile run and was so frustrated with the way that the shorts rode up the entire time. There was no stay put in the legs at all.

  • fabric
  • rides up during the run
true to size
  • Austin, TX
  • 27
  • 5'4
  • more than 3 year(s)

Absolute favorite Oiselle short

Holy smokes. This is the holy grail.

These shorts are super lightweight, soft, and flow-y. Barely feels like anything's there. This southern Bird appreciates how breathable they are, and I can really stretch my legs in them. I feel perfectly free in them.

One final note, I could fit my iPhone SE in the back pocket. Was not expecting that! Got to snag some great pictures on the trails this weekend because of that bonus.

  • Light fabric, loose fit
  • Nothing!

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