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pocket jogger capris

pocket jogger capris

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Pockets, pockets, and more pockets. Better yet: pockets that work hard, that are in the most useful places on the body, and that don't leave you looking or feeling like a cargo courier. All this in the most popular capri length and in our premium Nyelle™ Compression fabric. Plus O's signature pintuck detailing. The sum so much greater than its pocket or parts.

- Nyelle™ Compression (nylon/spandex)
- mesh on side panels and behind knee
- 4 pockets: 3 on waistband, 1 on side of leg
- interior infinity drawcord
- 18" inseam (size 4)

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Average Rating:
27 reviews

true to size

true to size

I can't recommend these

I got these in the mail, tried them on, and was super excited because they have so many pockets and they pass the squat test. But - they show SO MUCH sweat. I did a crossfit workout in them and it looked like I had peed myself after. If I had any shame at all, I'd be embarrassed about it. So, if you're out running or don't mind the sweat, then get these. But if you'd rather not have giant sweat stains I'd pass on these.

  • the fit
  • shows so much sweat in this color
true to size
  • NYC
  • 44
  • 5'6"

Almost great

I really wanted to love these - and love the pockets and fit and all the rest! But, on a long run, since they have a mid-seam, I got chafed in the va-jay-jay. Not where I want to get chaffing! I have never had this happen before, but let me assure you - it was extremely uncomfortable! I wonder if they could be made with a gusseted crotch, which would fix the problem (and thus avoid the camel-toe look, too!)

  • Fit, pockets
  • Mid-seam that caused chaffing!
true to size
  • Boston
  • 24
  • 5'3"

Best 3/4 leggings

I really do love these leggings, so many pockets and the top part doesn't fold or fall down at all. The only part that keeps it from 5 is that it does ride up on my calfs and gets tucked behind my knees occasionally. But overall, so comfortable, so great to wear when I am pushing it with the weather being cold, they keep my upper legs warm and fit AMAZING up top! I am 125 and wear a size 4, I always struggle because I've got big hips and they were a little tight putting on, but not too tight they are uncomfortable in any way. I would stick with your regular sizing and trust the chart.

  • High rise fit and pockets
  • Rises on the bottom
true to size
  • PNW
  • 46
  • 5'11"
  • more than 2 year(s)

Game Changer

I love these tights so much. I'm tall and often have issues with tights pulling down as I run. I don't have to tie the drawstring on these to keep them in place, even with my phone in the side pocket and more goodies in the other pockets. I really love the stretch and weight of the fabric, there's something really comfortable and supportive about it.
I usually have my phone in the side pocket, key in the back zip pocket, and dog bag in one waist pocket if needed. If my hands get hot, I stuff gloves in the waist pockets, I can also stuff my lightweight jacket down enough to fit a waist pocket. Lip balm and energy bites fit well in waist pockets, too.
I have them in both curfew and burgen and am having a hard time telling myself I don't also need the green.

  • Pockets, colors, fabric
true to size
  • NC
  • 47
  • 5'8"

Needs a few adjustments

Love the pocket jogger line - but was surprised that these capris have only one side pocket because the shorts have one on each leg. I like the softness of the fabric but it does collect sweat and does not dry as fast as other fabrics. They are very stretchy / size down if between sizes. Size 4 fits me at 132# / 5'8".

  • side pocket
  • no left leg pocket / material does not dry fast
true to size
  • Alabama
  • 24
  • 6'

I wanted to love these, but...

I tried out a pair of these, and while I LOVED the pockets all over for carrying things on runs, I found the mesh material at the back of the knees to be too itchy to keep them.

  • Compressive fit, and the POCKETS
  • Mesh on back of the knees can be itchy.
true to size
  • Oregon
  • 48
  • 5'4"

very functional

Love all the pockets! Was still recovering from a cold on a recent run and was able to carry tissues and cough drops (along with my usual phone and keys) and still have pockets to store garbage until I could find a trash can - fabulous! The only thing I'm not thrilled with is the high rise as that extra fabric is restrictive to me. I've noticed a lot of companies are making running tights with higher rises so it seems like it's back in style, but it just doesn't work with my body type.

  • pockets
  • high rise
true to size
  • Seattle
  • 25
  • 5' 6"
  • more than 1 year(s)


I wore these for the first time on my run last night and I'm a true believer. I felt like I wasn't wearing pants! The material is PERFECT. I can tell that I will be able to run long and not get chaffed (a big problem with my sensitive skin). I will now be buying in all the colors. The pocket on the leg is perfect for my phone too!

  • Everything!
  • Nothing
true to size
  • NC
  • 27
  • 5'8

Loved these, but showed all the butt sweat

I really loved the dark teal color of these and that they held my phone with no issue. They stayed in place much better than other brands that I've tried. Unfortunately, they do not pass the long run test. I got back from my run this weekend and it looked like I peed myself - not cute! I really wasn't sweating *that* much as we've finally had some cooler weather. Definitely bummed - these will have to be relegated to short, cool-weather runs.

  • Fit, color, stays in place, pocket
  • Shows sweat easily
true to size
  • Buffalo, NY
  • 33
  • 5'6
  • more than 2 year(s)

Fantastic + pockets

These are terrific - I don't need to adjust them at all, even during a recent 11mi run. I have pockets for all the things, and I love the mesh behind the knee. Who knew such a small detail would make such a difference, but on a hot day, you don't feel the bunch of sweaty fabric behind the knee as you run. I have the curfew, but I want to expand to all the colors!

  • fit and function
  • nothing, it's great!
true to size
  • Philly burbs
  • 37
  • 5'3

amazing capris

I've been looking for capris that I dont need to tug at for months, and I am super happy to report that these fit the bill. I also love the curfew color as I'm trying to breakout from all black all the time.

  • fit
  • nothing
little bit loose
  • Elk Grove, CA
  • 27
  • 5'3"

Wishing for more compression

The feel of the Capri is extremely comfortable. My only complaint is that after following the sizing chart, I ordered a size 4 and although they technically fit, I wish they had more compression to them. I’m 5’3” and 120 lbs., and they do feel loose EVERYWHERE: waist, thighs, knee. They hit me at just above mid-calf.

So far, I have only taken them out for a 10-mile run at an 8:00 mph average pace, but they did not bunch up anywhere and they did stay put. I did not have to readjust them at all throughout the run. I’m curious to see how they hold up on quicker runs and worried that they will only loosen more over time. Running in 40-50 degree weather, these felt very comfortable the whole time.

I so appreciate the side pocket; my phone fits perfectly and does not bother me at all while I run. The back-zipper pocket fits my gel, ID, credit card and my car key without bothering me. I like the higher rise on the waist, as well.

  • LOVE the bright blue color, big zipper pocket, and side leg pocket
  • I wish it had more compression! Order a size down.
true to size
  • 27
  • 5'6"
  • more than 2 year(s)

Favorite Capris

I love these. I bought a pair several months ago and ended up buying another pair recently. The pockets hold so much, they stay in place, and are extremely comfortable. The high rise is excellent - I don't have to pull at them at all when I'm running.

  • high rise, length, pockets, comfort
true to size

Almost Love

I have an older pair of pocket jogger capris that I LOVE. So I bought 2 more pairs in the new colors--burgen and curfew. My old pair is a 6, which fit fine but maybe felt a tad big during a long run (I'm 5'6" 125#), so I went with size 4 in the new colors (I also wear a 4 in all other Oiselle bottoms). The 4 fits true to size for me. The big difference is the older pair seems to be a much better quality than the new pairs, and that's a disappointment.

Cons: The new version fabric seems thinner, not very compressive, and the stitching is seriously shoddy. Makes me wonder if Oiselle will struggle to maintain high quality while they grow (I've noticed similar quality reductions in other items as well, eek!).

Pros: LOVE the Burgen and curfew colors and sweat marks are barely noticeable. The pockets are awesome and the length is perfect for spring/fall running. Sometimes I roll the high waist down because I'm not a bit fan of high-waisted anything and it's comfortable that way too (limits pocket use though).

So, I like the new pairs enough to keep them but think they're not worth full price due to the quality reduction and lack of compression. Keeping fingers crossed the stitching doesn't unravel too much.

  • Great colors, pockets, length.
  • No compression, bad stitching, stays stretched
true to size
  • 46
  • 5'5"

LOVE these...but it took some getting used to.

The pocket jogger design is brilliant. The phone pocket really works (iphone 6 plus), as does the zip pocket in back and small side pockets for gels. At first try-on, the high waistband felt funny, but then i loaded the pockets and ran a technical trail 25k in them with no fussing or chafing and they didn't "travel south"when sweaty, late in the game. I heeded the warnings of other reviewers and sized up to a 6 from my regular 4. It seems that at my 5'5", 128 lbs, i'm smack between sizes for Oiselle. The 6 fits fine, but almost no compression and a little baggie across the hips in the front. Other plusses - the capri length hits perfectly at mid-calf and doesn't bunch up towards the knee. The drawstring stays put and is not noticeable. Love these capris and their very thoughtful design.

  • Super useful pockets and I'm now a high-waistband convert!
  • Not Oiselle's fault, but I'm just right between a size 4 and a size 6 and wish these had a bit more compression.
true to size
  • vancouver
  • 44
  • 5'2"

perfect long distance pants!

My partner went to the flagship for me on a trip to Seattle and the staff were awesome and told him to bring me home these capris (among other treats). Woohoo, thanks ladies! I don't run with stuff, but i love the pockets (completely unobtrusive when empty), but mostly I love that I put them on for the first time, went out for a 32K LSD in the rain and did not tug, hitch, or readjust them one time and not a hint of fabric chafe when I got home!
'Nuff said, these are great.

  • super comfy from the get go!
little bit loose
  • Ft Lauderdale
  • 57
  • 5'3"

Love them!

So comfortable and room for my phone! I'll be buying more!

true to size
  • Washington
  • 34
  • 5'2"

The Perfect Pair!

Ran in the Pocket Joggers for the first time this weekend and in love! These are my favorite Oiselle capris ever. There is the perfect amount of compression - I feel like everything is held in together without suffocating. I also like the waistband, pleat detailing, and of course the pockets. The zipper pouch in the bag can fit my S7. I am 5'2" and the capris hit my mid-calf, which I prefer.

  • Overall fit, material, design and pockets!
true to size
  • San Jose
  • 43
  • 5'9"

Less compression than most

I already had some KC knickers, which are super tight on me in a good way (they make me feel faster than I am). I ordered these one size up from those, because honestly I wanted some "fat day pants" for when I didn't want any compression at all/ knew I'd be lazy on a slow long jog. I like these, and they're definitely fat day pants on me. The waist is very high, which I like, but don't expect any compression up there, or really anywhere else. On me, the knee areas are a little baggy (skinny legs, not Oiselle's fault), but that wound up not being an issue. The high waist helps keeps these in place, I don't have to yank on them ever. The pockets are AWESOME, and can hold more than you think from the photos. Time will tell if the pockets stretch out, but so far they're sturdy enough. I'm pretty tall and kind of soft in the middle with those skinny legs, but I run 35-50 miles a week and have ten marathons under my belt. I've had lots of knickers/ tights/ capris, and these are a great addition to the collection.

  • fit, material, zero compression
  • zero compression
true to size
  • Toronto, Ont, CAN
  • 35
  • 5'6

Sunday Pants

My favourite part of the Sunday recovery long run is that I have the opportunity to stop and smell the roses, or take pictures. The pocket joggers make this so much easier because my phone fits perfectly in the side pocket (post-run coffee money in the other pocket)

  • That I can bring the kitchen sink running with me
  • would love a slightly lower waist band.
little bit loose
  • New York
  • 30
  • 5'5"

Pockets for days

What makes these capris are the pockets which are not only fashionable but useful too. The fabric is soft and smooth but does stretch considerably. They never slipped down during a hard interval session but I prefer them more for lounging than training due to the stretch. They make great airport travel bottoms for when you need to keep taking your cellphone and ID in and out without wanting to keep fumbling through your bags!

  • Pockets
  • How the stretchiness makes them loose their form
true to size
  • Boise, Idaho
  • 24
  • 5'2


These are by far my favorite capri running tights I have ever owned! They are a little bit thicker, so perfect for 30-45 degree temperatures. They are a little longer than normal knickers, which I like. I love the detail of them as well! I almost would rather wear them around town than working out!

  • The fit, fabric thickness and color!
  • N/A
true to size
  • CT
  • 32
  • 5'3"

The best pants in the world

I feel like I have waited my whole life for these. They have literally everything I want. Thigh pocket for phone, mesh pockets at he lower back for easy access to chews, bars, waffles etc... zipper pocket for ID credit card/cash, salt tabs, key, infinity draw string, higher waist. I love the fit and through the hips and thighs even on my muscular short legs. Love love love.

  • Literally everything
  • Would like more colors please!!!
true to size
  • Wisconsin
  • 43
  • 5'5&"

Those are marathon pants!

That's what my significant other said when I showed off all of the pockets on these great capris. They fit great -- super soft and stretchy -- and the thigh pocket was perfect for my iPhone 6. Waist pockets will have plenty of space for long training runs. I might just go sign up for my next marathon now...

I'm 5'5, a compact 130, and ordered a size 4 following the sizing guide. They're perfect. The material is thick -- which feels good, but I wonder at what temperature they might feel too hot. We'll see!

  • Fit, functionality.
  • Nothing! I wish that the same pocket functionality were available in a tight short.
true to size
  • more than 3 year(s)

more colors, please!

I bought these crops for the pockets and love them so much that I'm considering a second pair, and would definitely have ordered another pair already if there were more color choices. The fabric is thick but stretchy with mesh behind the knees. They feel very light/comfortable, even on my last long run while stuffed with tissues and car keys. I'm 5'4"/115 and between sizes...I ordered a 4 but wonder if a 2 would have fit better because they're definitely stretchy. My only issue is that the wide waistband space isn't well utilized in the front - it's not thick or tight enough to work as tummy compression and it doesn't have any pockets like many of my other pants. It's just kind of wasted space that could be used more efficiently. Also, I got the black but they're kind of a blue-black that could be mistaken for navy.

  • fit, fabric, pockets!
  • more colors needed, wide waistband could be better utilized for a pocket in the front
true to size
  • Portland
  • 27
  • 5'7"

Reminds me of the Aero Capri---But Fancier

These are fun capris!!! Seriously lots of pockets and very handy! The waist band isn't too tight, even with the extra fabric for the pockets. SUPER FLATTERING!!! Love these, buying all colors!

Reminds me of the Aero Capri---But Fancier becasue of pockets and mesh details.

  • Pockets!!! Breathable material.
  • Slate shows the rain/sweat becasue it's a lighter color. But I still LOVE the color!
runs small
  • Edgewood, NM
  • 68
  • 5'7"

Runs small

Okay!!! Five stars on Love for the pants!!!
But Size not good for me!
I am size 4 USUALLY but not in these, when I pulled them on ( and they are nice and compressing !) I could hear stitches ripping!!!
That's why I am not sending them back
I am 5'7" 120#
I hate playing the size game, the size shouldn't change from the ones you are set in.
So I will size up because of Love of the pant!!!
I really like the phone pocket, that you Should repeat on other pants!!!!

  • Phone pocket
  • Hate that the size not accurate to my usual!!

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