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mac roga shorts

mac roga shorts

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Product Details

For the short shorts lover who appreciates a looser fit than booty shorts, this is a style that gives you the best of both worlds. Named after Oiselle early believer Sarah "Mac" Robinson, this short is spicy but sensible. Our Roga waistband is always flat and flattering, and the small zip pocket easily fits a few sundry items.

- Roga Stretch Woven (polyester/spandex)
- yoga style waistband
- interior infinity drawcord
- technical liner
- rear zip pocket
- four way stretch for full motion
- flatlocked inseams
- machine washable
- 1.75" inseam (all sizes)

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Average Rating:
57 reviews

true to size

true to size
  • San Diego, CA
  • 28
  • 5' 8"

Great Updates!

I prefer to run in shorter shorts, so I was always bummed that the old Mac Rogas didn't fit me. A size 4 was too tight in the thighs, and a size 6 was too loose in the waist. But the new version is perfect! A size 4 fits me in the waist, without being too tight, and the legs allow me to move freely, without being billowy. They're my new favorite shorts. Thank you, Oiselle!

  • The length and fit.
  • I wish there were more color options.
true to size
  • UK
  • 42
  • 5ft 6

A mixed bag

I loved loved the old model. It has taken me 16 years to find a pair of shorts which were not flappy or too long and the liner didn’t ride up, and the old model were so perfect.

My challenges with the new model are that the wider legs are baggy (and I have pretty solid legs) so they look too loose and chafe, and the loop at the back rubs against the bottom of my back and leaves a sore (had to cut it off). The material is still just as awesome, but the cut of the first model was so much more comfortable and racey! Please can we have them back.

  • Length and fabric
  • New cut isn’t quite right
true to size
  • Charlottesville, VA
  • 29
  • 5'2
  • more than 4 month(s)

Awesome Fit

The Oiselle Mac Roga Shorts were a true game changer for my long runs. I have a petite athletic build, specifically, 5'2 between 120-126 lbs. Up until this point I have worn a range of ill-fitted running shorts that always had a style that either looked ridiculous with my build, chaffed, or worst - both. The Mac Rogas were super stylish, the shorter inseam prevented any chaffing, and the shorter fit made me feel like my legs were free to run for miles. I purchased them both size 2 and 4 in the Saturday color, and while both did fit, I preferred the snugger feel of the 2. When I run, I want everything tight to my body so as to not have sweat collect in excess fabric. The Saturday color in person is actually a bit closer to pink-orange than the neon orange in the photos. These definitely make for a bold statement while you run, both for their short nature and loud color, but if that's what you want: these are perfect!

  • The color, the great fit for petite builds, and the material
  • I wish there more colors, e.g. bright purple, electric blue, etc.!
little bit loose
  • Odessa, FL
  • 48
  • 5'6"


I am so in love with these shorts! I tried the regular length Roga shorts (which I also love) and then was thinking of going to a booty short, but wasn't quite that brave yet. So I got one pair of these. And then another, and now I am buying my 3rd pair. I run in them, do crossfit in them, lift weights in them...I just love them. I am a 4 in J Crew shorts and I wear a 6 in these and I find them perfectly comfortable. So I guess you would say they run a little small. Order a size up if in doubt (I am 5'6" and 130 pounds of mostly all muscle and a flat tummy but good sized thigh muscles if that helps!). Loose enough in the waist but not hanging...no pinching....never need to adjust AT ALL. I workout 6-7 days a week and these are my go to every day except for biking for obvious reasons! I now wear my longer roga shorts for athleisure wear only...walking around town when I don't feel like putting on "real clothes." I would love to see these in several more colors!!! I could sleep in these they are so comfortable! Keep coming out with more colors please!!!!!!

  • comfort
  • nothing - well maybe I would like them in 20 different colors lol!!
true to size
  • California
  • 27
  • 5'10"


I have never been so head-over-heels in love with a piece of gear - these shorts are PERFECTION. Short enough to feel strong and badass when I run, without any fear of booty exposure. I am 5'10" ~135 and the size 6 fits perfectly. I have them in red and orange - just waiting for black to go on sale and I'm gonna pounce!

  • Length, fit, feeling
  • Nothing!
true to size
  • NY
  • 36
  • 5'4
  • more than 4 month(s)

Flattering fit

I recently sized down in shorts so after reading reviews of the Mac Roga short I decided to try them in a print & in classic black. I found them to be very flattering. The waistband stayed put and I didn't once have to adjust them when I was running. I do find that I do have do do some adjustments when doing some BW exercises like burpees, squats, etc, but they in no way inhibit or distract from my workout.

  • fit
  • pocket
runs large
  • AZ
  • 39
  • 5'5
  • more than 5 month(s)

My Favorite Shorts

I have 4 pairs of Roga/Mac Roga (size 4). I think the newer mac roga runs large. My older Mac Roga size 4 fits the same as my new Mac Roga size 2. I love the change to the continuous drawstring. The fabric is so light that I don't even feel the shorts running in 90+ degrees.

  • Light Fabric
  • Nothing
true to size
  • boulder, co
  • 26
  • 5'5

How can I wear any other short?

Obsessed. These fit perfectly in the waist and thigh (size 4) -- I'm 5'5, 118, and bigger thighs than waist. I literally don't want to wear anything else now!! Only wish they had a pocket in the waist band.

  • fit, color
  • no pocket in waistband
little bit loose
  • Minnesota
  • 39
  • 5'7"

The Good and the Bad...

As a longtime mac roga fan, I'm somewhat disappointed in the redesign. First for the positives: waistband update - YAY for the infinity drawstring!! The fabric is also perfect.
The negative: I'm unhappy with the wider leg openings. It looks like I'm wearing a skirt and I feel like my hoohah is on display for all the world to see. I won't be racing in these shorts!

  • Infinity drawstring, fabric
  • Size of leg openings
little bit loose
  • Oregon
  • 44
  • 5'5
  • more than 2 year(s)

bring the old cut back

I am typically between a 2 and 4 in Oiselle bottoms. I have been a long time lover of Mac Rogas and have always ordered a 4 and found them to be JUST RIGHT!! However, the new cut is just awkward. I love the infinity drawstring, but miss the detailing/stitching on the waistband. I also find the leg openings too wide and find myself continually grabbing an older pair vs. my newer pair. I have considered sizing down to a 2, but worry the waist would then be tight/uncomfortable and based on a previous review it sounds like the leg openings are still too wide. Please bring the old cut/style back.

  • length, color options
  • new fit
true to size
  • 33
  • 5'3''

Mac Rogas 4Ever

I love the feel and fit of Mac Rogas. I'm always excited for new releases - and specifically love the Spring '18 prints. I'm a small person, but have large legs and it's always been hard for me to find shorts that don't chafe. In the past, I've always had to wear long/spandex shorts. I love how I can run 20+ miles in these and not feel a thing. The zip-pockets are awesome too. All around, great short. I default to these every day.

  • FIT!
  • Nothing
runs large
  • Seattle
  • 34
  • 5'4"

I miss the old cut

Not a fan of the new wider leg, and feels bigger overall. I used to size up to a 4 in macs and liked the fit (although the waist was big, but the drawstring solved that). Now the 4s are too big and the leg on the 2s are too wide and show too much of my booty zone. Please bring back the old mac style!

  • Colors, new tag
  • Cut/fit
little bit loose
  • Ohio
  • 43
  • 5'10

Functional and Fantastic

I Love these shirts for running long distance They are short but that's what I wanted. I'm 5'10, 135 lbs I usually wear a 6 but these run big so 4 works for me. I bought the orange color first. The only complaint I had was the drawstring was way too long. I don't like having to tie it then stick the drawstring inside my shorts after 10 miles of running not comfortable. I recently purchased the paint brush black and blue on sale and was so Happy to see the drawstring was continuous (meaning no tieing). Thank you Oiselle for making such a great running short. My favorite. These are the only shorts I run in now!

  • No chaffing, stretches, breathable material and continuous inner drawstring
  • More colors and patterns needed
true to size
  • San Diego
  • 39
  • 5

Almost Perfect!

I'm glad I read the reviews before I picked a size - I was going to go with 4 but then decided 2 would be best and it's perfect. I'm 5'0"/108lb, narrow hips but carry most of my weight in my legs (mostly knees to butt! Ha!). They fit a little bigger than a Lululemon 2.

The fit is fantastic! Wore them for 8 miles and they felt great. No chaffing. The one gripe I have is the inner key pocket is kind of useless. I put my car key in there and the pocket liner basically popped out from below the shorts - like when you have cut off shorts and the white pocket liner shows below? My car key was flapping on my leg outside the shorts for most of the run. Looked funny and was annoying. I'm guessing the same liner is used for Roga and Mac Roga, but when the inseam is 1.5", it's not going to perform the same way as a short with 4" inseam. If the pocket we're about half as deep, I think it would stop the flapping.

Better yet, put two zip pockets on the back. One for keys, one for gels.

  • Fit, length
  • Liner pocket design is flawed
true to size

Perfect short shorts

These are the only shorts I will wear now! I never thought I'd wear shorts quite this short, but now I can't go back to anything longer. They don't constrict my legs whatsoever. One or two more pockets would be great. I'm 5'6", 118 lbs and wear a size 2 - I have one pair in a size 4, and they are a bit big in the waist but have a drawstring which makes them wearable still.

  • Length, material, colors
  • Nothing!
true to size
  • New York State
  • 34

The best shorts I own

I absolutely LOVE my Mac Roga shorts. They ARE short; but that means they don't ride up! The stretch material is fantastic and does not inhibit movement in any way. I want to buy them in every color! For reference I am 5'7", 133lbs, and I ordered a size 6. They fit perfectly.

  • Great fabric, style, sturdy wasitband
true to size
  • Michigan, USA
  • 18
  • 5'2"

My Favorite Shorts

These are the best running shorts I have ever worn. I fell so much in love with the first pair that I got, that I immediately ordered 2 more. I don't think I'll ever buy running shorts that aren't oiselle ever again!! They may seem pricey, but they're worth every penny. Plus, I hear they're durable :)

  • The Roga fabric is amazing. Lightweight, breathable, everything you could ever want from a running short.
  • My only problem with them is that the drawstring in the waistband is incredibly long, however, it really doesn't bother me much and is not a deal breaker by any means.
little bit tight
  • North Carolina
  • 33
  • 5'5


I love these shorts!! I have 2 pairs and looking to get more. I love the length. The sizing isn't true to size though. I'm 5'5 and 118lbs. In general, I can usually wear a 2, but I took a 4 in the mac rogas. Not a problem since they sit comfortably on the waist and through the thigh. Great for distance or a 5k!! I just wish they had a few more pockets. Maybe a toolbelt mac roga is in order to hold my tailwind for marathon training runs :)

  • colors, fit, and length
  • not enough pockets
true to size

Love but.

Love the mac roga, but really need it to have more pockets. I would like to use them for marathon race day, but there just isn't enough room to store gels. If you could make a mac roga tool belt, it would be the perfect short.

  • Length, fit
  • Not enough pockets
true to size
  • NC
  • 40
  • 5'5"

makes all other shorts obsolete

I have 6 pairs of these I've accumulated over the last few years because I'll wear no other shorts and need a pair for every run of the week. The waist is the perfect height, about 1.5-2" below the belly button, and tight enough not to need the drawstring. The length is very flattering and short enough not to be clingy on hot or rainy runs. Compared to spandex, which I always feel like I'm adjusting or show too much information in the crotch area, these are really unfussy and rather modest. I do wish the zip pocket was located on the waist instead of the the curve of the bum. The Snap color is pylon orange and super bright, more solid uniform colors please!

  • length, fabric, built in liner
  • pocket placement
true to size
  • Hilliard, OH
  • 33
  • 5-4
  • more than 2 year(s)

Short short lover

I love short shorts! I have always run in a tight/spandex/stride short mini style short. Mac Roga is the first loose running short I can run in without changing or bunching. I love them! I'm 5-4 115-120 lbs and size 4 is my perfect fit.

  • Inseam, color options, size, and fit
  • Love it all
true to size
  • Pittsburgh
  • 23
  • 64 in
  • more than 2 year(s)

A little big but GREAT

These were my first Oiselle purchase. I'm still used to being a little bigger than I am now since I switched to long distance, so I ordered a 4. After getting them I realized I need a 2 (which is what I order now), but I still make these work and love them! The waistband is big, but the drawstring corrects for that. The inner mesh still hugs in all the right places, so there was no need to return them. They work for long runs, workouts, and just kicking around. I ordered black, but I am sure I will add more colors to my repertoire if these babies are still around in the spring!

  • Mesh lining fits bum perfectly, The material is so nice
  • I bought them a little big
true to size
  • Houston, TX
  • 34
  • 5'1

The stitching unraveled after a few washes

Love these running shorts. They don't really move, and are my go-to. I'm 5'1, 84 lbs, for reference - and I wear the 2/XS. These are a great fit if you are very petite--no complaints of tightness here. Sadly, the stitching on the waistband of one (of three I own) became undone after a few washes. Which was rather shocking given the nearly $50 price.

  • Size/fit
  • Quality on one not as expected
little bit tight
  • New York, NY
  • 32
  • 5'10"

Made for runners with no hips, butt, thighs

Really, really, really wanted to adore these but they have to go back. For reference, I wear a sz 6 in lulu leggings and 8 in the speed short. I am 5'10 and 155 lbs. The problem for me is that these shorts are huge in the waist and tight/snug on the butt and thighs. They are not flattering at all and certainly I would be unable to run in them. I think they are more suited for women who have very lean figures and/or no hips/curves.

  • Fit is not for women with curves
true to size
  • vancouver
  • 43
  • 5'1"

New favourite thing!

The most instantly comfortable, perfect run shorts I've ever put my 5'1" marathoner pancake butt into!! Their inaugural outing was a 25k LSD, and there was no ride up, no flappy sides, no need to roll down a waistband, I did not adjust or think about them once!
Also love that the pocket is on the side, a centre back pocket chafes for me during long runs and digs in during post-run foam rolling or yoga.

  • perfect, flattering fit for going fast
  • nothing
true to size
  • Houston, Texas
  • 34
  • 5'1"

Perfect Running Short for the Petite!

These are the best running shorts out there for the petite. I'm not an ultra-runner, but I do run between 3 and 9 miles at a time. These NEVER ride or interfere with my running. I am very petite (5'1" and 84 lbs), so this may not fit well if you're of a significantly bigger frame or tall. I am sure they will work for someone a few inches taller and 10-15 lbs heavier as I am probably the smallest person who can wear the 2/XS. These would probably not work if you're much smaller than me. They fit me nicely and are not at all revealing. I am comfortable in them when i run, work out at the gym, and make a quick run to the grocery store on my way to/from exercising. I own 4 pair. A+

  • Quality, length, fit, style, and comfort
true to size
  • New York
  • 34
  • 5'9"


I never thought I would run in shorts this short. I love the original Rogas but when I tried the Mac version I knew I'd found my perfect running short. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I often forget I have them on - the waist band is super flattering and the fabric is light weight and stretchy. I have these in all the colors!

  • Waist band, length, fit
  • I wish there were brighter color options
little bit loose
  • Portland
  • 54

Guessed wrong on sizing

I have two pairs of these in medium from last year and although they might be the tiniest bit too small (5'4, 125), I thought they were great. I have worn mediums in Oiselle forever, but I was confused as to the new sizing (what kind of medium am I?)

I bought a pair of the new sizes on final sale (no return) and I hesitated between what size - size 6 was a s/m and size 8 was a m/l. Since they are so short, I guessed a size 8, and they are enormous on me. :( So sad. The Pop color is a departure for me, but it was pretty -- but they are really big in the hip/waist - about an inch to an inch and a half larger than my old mediums.

Next time, I'll get a 6.

  • Style is a nice alternative for racing
  • Confusion about the new sizing
little bit tight
  • Minnesota
  • 17
  • 171

Short Shorts Bliss

If you are looking for shortest possible shorts with coverage, these are the way to go! If you're a fan of super short, these aren't the way to go. I have never run in such comfortable running shorts, and now have discovered the concept of "short shorts bliss". There's no going back.
For reference, I am 5'7" and 125 lbs and fit into a size 4, but if I were any bigger they wouldn't work.

  • length, fit, color, comfort
true to size
  • San Diego

One step up from spandex shorts

These are my favourite! Mac Rogas fulfill a role for me that no other short (that I've tried) can: they provide the general look and coverage of a typical spandex short, except without the camel toe or riding up the bum. The waistband is really wide and comfortable, but I took out the drawstring because it was majorly scratchy. I would buy so many more if they were under $40.

  • Great length, colours, and comfort
  • Scratchy drawstring, a bit expensive
runs small

not for tall people

As much as I wanted to love this short, I won't wear them outside of my house. They are significantly shorter than the lulu speed short and also a tight fit. I am 5'9 and after a few minutes of running they might as well be bikini bottoms. Maybe if my legs were skinnier this wouldn't be a problem. I love all of my oiselle capris, but these just are too short and too tight.

Great feedback. Sounds like the Roga Shorts might be the best pick for you! http://www.oiselle.com/shop/running-bottoms/running-shorts-and-skirts/roga-short
true to size

Love the pockets and the details

I ordered these in size Small, which I believe would be the size 4. I am 5'6" 105lbs. and I can't imagine going any shorter in the length, but they are big everywhere else. I have to use the drawstring otherwise they would fall right off of me. That is fine because I prefer a looser fitting short and these have the liner inside as well. I think the smaller size would have fit me better so I wouldn't have to tighten it but would have been way too short. I love all of the pockets and places to store things. Great details!!

true to size

Favorite New Shorts

I absolutely love these! The fit is great and they are very comfortable. Please add more colors! I got these in "pop"- which are slightly more orange than the pictures show- and would love to have more pairs in other bright colors.
For reference, I am 5'6" 125 lbs.

true to size


These are the only shorts I will wear. They are super flattering and comfortable. I just rocked them at the Pgh Marathon and would totally wear them again. I fit 3 gels in the back pocket, and my lip balm in the front. I wish they would have maybe one more hidden pocket for another gel but that's really it. I got the size 4 and am 5'3", 120 or so. I LOVE these.

true to size


The Mac Rogas are a go to short for me. The Pop color is amazing! I love the fabric and the cut is extremely flattering. They are comfortable for short and long runs. I do agree that the end of the waist band tie is itchy, but I just leave them out.
I usually wear a small in Oiselle and the size 4 is the same as the previous small in the Mac Roga. I am 5'6" 125# and wear a size 6 is Lululemon speed shorts.

true to size

love em!

I just received the punch/midnight colour. I have a size S in the regular rogas and went with a 6 in the macs with the new sizing. They're a little loose in the waist (nothing the drawstring cant fix) but perfect through the thighs. I'm 5'4" 123lbs for reference

true to size

New sizing is perfect!

I have an older pair of these in size medium, and while I love them, they are just a touch too big (although not big enough to go down to a small). The new size 6 is perfect, and I think this will solve a lot of sizing issues for those who were in between small and medium before. For the record, I am 5'5", 125lbs, and wear a size 6 in Lulu shorts.

I will also agree with a previous review that the color "Pop" is not yellow as it looks in the picture. It's a bright orange, which I actually like better than the yellow I thought I was getting. Some of the FlyStyle pictures give a more accurate representation of the color.

true to size

POP is NOT yellow

I thought that the pop color was yellow but it's actually orange...I guess it's like that whole debate with the white/gold/blue/black dress, but I swore I was ordering yellow shorts. Anyways, I think I still like them, but if I don't, I will return and get another color.

true to size
  • more than 4 year(s)

Best Shorts!

These really are the best shorts! The length is perfect (too short to ride up anywhere), but also covers my bum. I love that the are slightly longer in the back just for that reason. I have had zero issues with chafing and never even notice them on my runs. The fabric is amazing. My waist fits in the small category, but I have muscular legs from weightlifting so I stuck with the advice of other reviewers and got mediums. They are a little big in the high-hip area, but the sizing issue is definitely not a deal breaker. So happy with this purchase that I just ordered another pair!

true to size

Perfect...Please Don't Change A Thing

I am a runner and have quite a few pairs of the Mac Rogas in various colors. I live in these shorts and have not found a short that is superior. The fabric has the perfect amount of stretch and give, and even when soaked does not cling. I'm in love with the length. Allows for great movement and I am completely unaware of the shorts while running. The waistband is awesome! I can actually fold it down to make it an even lower rise on longer runs or speed training and it stays put and looks great! I appreciate the change in fabric of the waistband from the last batch of black and navy shorts to the current stock. It's softer and more forgiving, easier to roll down and feels better against my skin. The waistband on the yellow shorts was a bit thicker as well. Fantastic placement and size of the back zipper pocket and it holds everything I need…key, 2 gels.So happy there is no zipper in the middle of the back waistband, especially since i like to fold the shorts down. I use the interior pocket less but it's a nice feature. The cut of the Mac Roga is amazing! Functional and very flattering. Perfectly proportioned for this body that loves to run :) Thank you for thinking so smartly about runners needs and making the perfect running short. Please don't change a thing and I will be a customer for life.

little bit loose

Needs to figure out sizing then perfect!

Here is the thing....I ordered my usual size small that I wear in most shorts. the waistband was PERFECT! But the fit on butt and quads made the shorts look like spandex on me :( I am 5'4" and 125 lbs, I guess you could say I have muscular legs from crossfit but I was dissapointed so I exchanged them for a medium. The medium now fit perfect in my butt and legs but the waistband was just too big. I had to cinch the tie the tightest it would go! Which bugged me to keep untying it every time I had to take them off or go to the bathroom. If Oiselle could please please PLEASE get the waistband and the sizing in the legs/butt to correlate these would BECOME THE PERFECT SHORTS!!!! Until then I had to return them all together. I was so bummed because I wanted to love these so much! I was looking for a short that I could use at crossfit and running and these fit the bill perfectly. Maybe next time Oiselle.

I noticed other reviewers had similar thoughts on that aspect too.

runs small

really like them!

Wow these are definitely short! If you are looking for a short-short that is still cute, functional for running, but not a bun-hugger, these are it. They should probably not be used for the "yoga" part of the name, because when I bent over to stretch the liner was definitely showing past the short. I wore these on a chilly night when I got them with a long sleeve shirt up top, and it was a great combo that made me feel speedy. Nice work, Sarah Mac.

runs small

love love love

I'm 5'2, 110 lbs, I'm between a 2 and 4 in lulu speeds. A Small looks best and fits best for me. I can fit into an XS but I get the whiskering effect in the front. I was worried about the liner being annoying because it is a little tight. However, I've ran up to 6 miles in these babies and I don't even feel like I'm wearing anything. I like the length for hot, humid runs. They are a bit revealing so you have to be comfortable showing some leg ;)
One thing that should be changed.... the drawstring ends are SO scratchy. I can't wear them in because it is so itchy but I hate wearing them out because they are bulky.

runs small

New love!

Like many other reviewers, I bought these as an alternative to the Lululemon Speed Short (my previous fave running shorts). After reading reviews, I was worried they might be too short and leg-skimming, but they are in fact PERFECT. The inseam is only 0.25" shorter but as a result, my fiance thought they were a hot improvement to my "baggy" lulus. Tested them on a 5-mile run on a staggeringly humid day -- where the lulus would have stuck slightly to my thighs and inhibited movement, the mac rogas were perfect (esp because I will never run in full-on spandex). Yes they are short but the brief offers full coverage! For reference I am 5'2" and 113 lbs, size 4 in lulu shorts, ordered an XS.

runs small

Ignore the size chart

These shorts are pretty great once you find the right size. Finding the right size, however, is a chore. The sizing of these shorts bears no resemblance to the size chart. My hips measure 37" (small per the size chart) and my waist 28" (medium). Since these shorts have a low rise, I originally ordered a small. The small was so tight around my butt and hips that it made the shorts ride up to the point that they were unwearable. Meanwhile, the waist fit perfectly, in contradiction to what my measurements predicted from the size chart.

Take two, size medium. The fit was ok once I used the drawstring to cinch up the waist.

What's really outstanding about these shorts is the fabric. It doesn't cling to the skin or show sweat excessively, even when drenched (I live in Georgia, so mine get plenty drenched). So while the fit could be improved, and a pocket or two added to the waistband (ideally to fit an iPhone!!), it's a pretty great pair of shorts. These minor tweaks would make the Mac Roga the holy grail of running shorts. :)


So close

In a nutshell, I'll wear these for shorter runs, but not long ones.

I wear the size 4 Lululemon Speed Short and have 2 pairs of the Mac Roga in XS. If my tan lines are to be believed, the Mac Roga is an inch or so shorter than the Speed Short, which is not a problem when you're 5'. Biggest reasons why these are not necessarily my go-to shorts: (1) the leg holes in the liner seem a little too small/snug. Granted, maybe it would be different if I tried the S rather than XS. (2) the draw string ends are melted off/unfinished. This means that if you tuck them in to your shorts, they are pressing against your skin, and scratchy. Or, you can leave them untucked, and they are flying around outside your shorts. Meh. (3) I have a preference for my rear pocket to be in the center, rather than the right as they are on these shorts. It took me several wears to realize there was a pocket in the liner, on the front right side. It's pretty deep in there and I haven't used it yet. I prefer something more accessible, rather than having to dig that deep for fuel.

runs small

Like, but the sizing is frustrating

For reference, I wear a small in Nike shorts and a 4 in Lulu shorts and I find the small in these shorts a bit tight on my quads in an unflattering way. I like the material, but think the pocket should be in the waistband on the lower back. I feel a medium may fit my butt/quads better, but a small is the perfect waistband fit. I also notice and dislike that the edge of the shorts tends to roll up when I run.

true to size
  • more than 4 year(s)

Love these shorts

I am in love with these shorts. The length is perfect. The inner brief covers my butt and stays in place. The material is stretchy and comfortable. I will agree with a previous post that the waistband of the first Mac Rogas is not very stretchy, but Oiselle was paying attention. The waistband of the new color (flame pink) is soft and stretchy. My only complaint is that I seem to be between sizes: small is a bit snug for my comfort but I need to cinch the mediums. Not at all a deal-breaker though. Keep up the great work, Oiselle!

true to size

My holy grail of running shorts

I've tried every running brand of shorts and none of them were the 'YASSSSS' that I had the first time I put a pair of the Mac Rogas on. For reference, that first time I wore them? It was a 40 mile ultra race. Talk about a test run! I now own 3 pairs (with two more pairs on the way soon) and I only reluctantly wear any other shorts if all my Macs are in the wash.

true to size


I now think the Mac Rogas are my new fave. (Over the Roga.) The stretchy fabric, and the extra length in the back, covers my rear, and is flattering.
Thanks Oiselle for making the best, cute, functional clothes, and supporting the runner in all of us, no matter our size. I personally like to support USA companies, and Oiselle is the #1 on my list.


Close, but no cigar

I added these to an order out of curiosity. I love my rogas and long rogas, so figured I'd try these as well. I was worried that my approaching-40-tuckus would hang a little low for these, but no, all was covered... until I did a little down-dog just to see (you never know where your rogas will take you!) at which point the shorts became a teeny bit shorter than the liner. Really not a big deal as I try to remain upright on my runs. At the end of the day, these shorts just cut me off in the wrong place (widest part of my thigh). My response when I looked in the mirror was a shoulder shrug. Not bad, but I'd rather have another pair of the regular rogas. Back they go...


Like them, but wish I could love them

So I like these shorts, but I wish I could love them-- like other reviewers, I was hoping that these would replace my Lululemon speed shorts as my go-to running shorts. I ordered a small (my typical Oiselle size), and while the shorts have a great fit in the waistband and are great for running errands in, I found them to not quite have enough stretch in the actual shorts material, and it feels a little constrictive for running. I also have a pair in the medium size, for which there is enough stretch, but the waistband is a little on the loose side. I'm running in the medium size shorts, and using the small sized ones for day/casual wear.

Again, I really want to love these, and there's a lot to like-- esp for someone who is 5'2!-- but I wish the material was a little stretchier for the small shorts :)

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Almost perfect

Like a previous reviewer, I was seeking a replacement for the Lululemon Speed Short, which fits great, but shows every drop of sweat in the most undesirable way. The Mac Roga has a great fit and even Fresh Green looks fresh even after a sweaty wet run. My only complaint is the fabric is a bit stiff. I would love it if they felt more like the Distance shorts. Otherwise, a great piece! Keep the great colors coming!

true to size

New Fav

I love these shorts! They are short, but I don't feel uncomfortable in they. Everything is covered & they are super comfy! The back pocket fits a card key (or credit card), which is great for travel. I started with the graphite, but now have all 3 colors, & the indigo is by far my favorite! Other reviews I have read say they run a bit small. I'm often caught between a small & medium & went with the M. They fit me perfectly! Thanks O

little bit tight

wanted to love these

I REALLY wanted to love these shorts better than the Lululemon shorts I've been wearing because I'd really rather buy from Oiselle, and I thought they fit great when I first put them on, but they ride up in the most annoying way -- I mean, I like short shorts, but when short shorts ride up, it gets bad. I feel like maybe some of it has to do with the way the waistband stretches out once you get going. Or maybe it's because my hips are kind of curvy (but at 5'8" and 125, my hips aren't THAT big). Anyways, I still occasionally run in these, but I was bummed they didn't become my new favorites.


Cute shorts

The band on the mac rogas is less stretchy than the regular rogas, so if your normal rogas are on the tighter side I recommend going up a size.

These are a really cute, flattering length. They would be ideal racing shorts for people who aren't quite ready for spandex, or if you need a pocket!

true to size

short-shorts for the win.

While i've always been a huge fan of the classic Rogas- I have to say the Mac Roga shorts are my new fave. Just as comfy as the classics but the shorter Mac's make my legs feel free. While they are pretty short they still give me plenty of bum coverage. I recommend these to anyone that wants to show off those strong runner legs :) Thanks for yet another great product, Oiselle!

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