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long roga shorts

long roga shorts

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Product Details

With its extra zip pocket in the front (in addition to the zip rear), the Long Roga Shorts have extra wearability beyond the run. You'll see Long Roga on the roads and trails, but also weight-rooming, cross-fitting, hiking, and women's marching. Like its Roga sisters, she's a stretch woven wonder short - for almost any activity.

- Roga Stretch Woven (74% poly / 26% spandex)
- yoga style waistband
- interior drawcord
- technical liner with integrated pocket
- two zip pockets, one inner key pocket
- machine washable
- 6" inseam (all sizes)

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Average Rating:
59 reviews

true to size

true to size
  • the sweaty south
  • 41
  • 5'4"

love em!!

This is the 1st pair of shorts I've EVER been able to wear for running. They don't ride or bunch. a phone pocket in the waist band would be nice. Hoping for more solid colors.

  • they don't ride, more modest length
  • available solid colors
true to size
  • Arlington, MA
  • 42
  • 5'4"
  • more than 3 year(s)
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fave trail running shorts

I have 2 paris of Long Rogas from 2017 and LOVE them. I wear them for trail running and races and for hiking in New England.
I never have to even think about them riding up or feeling too short while running of sitting on rocks/logs for a mid hike snack or for wearing to the market or coffee shop after a run.

I'm 5'4", 108lbs with long femurs and wear a size 2.
The fabric is light but durable for multi-use. These do not feel "long" on me. Fits just above the mid thigh.

I've never used the side pocket because of the "on the thigh placement" (perhaps the 2018 versions has diff pockets tho)
BUT, I would really love if the Toolbelt Rogas came in a long version!

  • Fit, fabric
  • could use one good low back pocket
true to size

Seriously comfy

Long Rogas in Curfew Diamond-These are made of a fantastic fabric, they are so soft and perfectly stretchy! Fantastic pockets! I can literally stick my entire hand in the front zipper pocket. A back zippered pocket perfectly sized for gels, etc. and an inside front key pocket!

  • I don't like my legs feeling restricted when I run but I didn't have that problem with these shorts. These have a pretty good rise on them and didn't roll down on me while wearing them.
little bit tight
  • Texas
  • 57
  • 5’2”

Doesn’t get any better!

Love love love these shorts. I have several pair, and I now wear these for exclusively on runs and to the gym. These are perfect, so there’s no need to wear anything else. They fit well, not tight, long enough, and have so many zippered pockets! I wear a size 4. I’m 100lbs and 5’2”. *I like my clothes a little big. Please don’t ever stop making these!

  • See above review
  • Everything is perfect!
true to size
  • ID
  • 42
  • 140

Feeling crotchety over the rise

I was excited to finally own a pair of long rogas as every runner I know loves them. I am 5'9" 140 lbs, black reflective size 8 was true to size for me even a bit loose. HOWEVER, the rise on the inner brief especially was too short and crotchy. Oiselle, PLEASE consider that these could easily have a longer rise and still sit below the waist which is what I prefer. Tall people problems continue for me...

  • Inseam, cut, fabric
  • Rise is too short
Thank you for your feedback! New for the spring of 2018, all of our Roga styles have a slightly higher rise, and slightly increased leg opening. We think you will love the updates to this style!
little bit tight
  • Vass, NC
  • 43
  • 66"
  • more than 2 year(s)

Slight Size Difference vs 2017

I have 4 other pairs of Long Rogas that I bought in 2016/2017. I love the old style, but the fabric could be a bit heavy for long runs in the South in the summer (ugh, humidity). Just ordered the spring 2018 version in the black diamond pattern. The fabric is lighter and feels like it'll absorb less water than the older version, which is awesome, but the sizing is slightly different and I am having to send them back to go one size up. I wear 12 in all my Rogas, but am going to have to exchange these for a 14. The new 12's technically fit in that I can wear them, but they are shorter and the waist doesn't fit as well as my old ones. Bummer because I wanted to start wearing them now and because Oiselle seems to be one of the few companies out there that doesn't have an automated returns process. I still think the fabric upgrade is great, though!

  • lighter fabric that doesn't feel like it will hold as much water
  • sizing is off vs previous versions
little bit tight
  • Portland
  • 45
  • 5'7"

Best running short I have ever owned

I know have 4 pairs of these shorts and have received many compliments when I wear them. I think they run small but now know what size to order and when a color I don't own goes on sale, I buy it. I wore these for the marathon portion of Ironman Canada and the lining did not chafe at all. Please keep making these shorts!

  • I like the drawstring waist, pocket, contrast fabric on the waistband, cut of the legs. A pocket in the waistband would be great!
  • The waistband stitching is unravelling on one of the pairs of shorts I own.
little bit tight
  • Illinois
  • 41
  • 5'10"

Runner and crossfitter

I'm pretty sure these are the best shorts ever made! As someone who is now over 40 and 5'10", I don't always feel comfortable in your typical short running shorts, especially if I'm running errands, etc, after a run. I am 150 lbs and typically wear a size 6, but they were a little more snug than I like, so I got an 8 and they fit just fine. I also love these shorts because I can wear them to crossfit and unlike all the other shorts I own, they DON'T ride up and the inner brief doesn't move, no matter what activity I'm doing. I own three pair and may buy more!

  • Everything
  • Nothing!
true to size
  • Northern CA
  • 33
  • 5'4"

Long Rogas, even great for short people

I was skeptical of the long rogas, because as a relatively short, stocky, muscular lady, long shorts make me feel like poorly dressed munchkin. Further, more fabric seemed like a recipe for chafing. But- i took a chance and boy am i glad! The length is great! I am 5'4", 140lbs, i wear a 6 in shorts. No riding up and no chafing.

Bonus, i run a lot from work and during lunch break. I love my thighs but I do feel awkward seeing my coworkers in the hallway with my short shorts. The long rogas are great for this too- I feel much better about them seeing less of my legs!

  • fit, size, feel, length
  • A larger rear pocket would be money
little bit loose
  • Canada
  • 46
  • 6'0"


These are the only shorts I buy now. It's hard to find long running shorts. I would buy them in every colour if I could.

  • Comfort and coverage
  • Nothing
true to size
  • Texas
  • 27
  • 5'6

Love the long rogas!!

Love these long rogas! After searching forever for running shorts that were long enough to fit my long legs I found these and love them to death! I've had them for years now and they are still going strong after being used every day! Keep making these please!!!

  • They are long enough for my legs and don't ride up to my armpits!!
  • Nothing at all!! Love them!
true to size
  • Oceanside, Ca
  • 32
  • 5'7"

Awesome shorts

I tired out a pair of these shorts and came back for 2 more. The long roga is a great short. I use them for trail running and strength training. They have just the right amazing of stretch to be extremely comfortable, a nice thigh pocket that holds a phone, and the extra length his just what I was wanting. I'm 5'7" and 180 pounds and I ordered the size 12. They do ride up in the first few minutes of running, but once I start to sweat a little they stay down. I would highly recommend theses shorts!

  • Extra length, a little stretch, and Snap is a great color!
  • Ride up at first. All 3 pockets are on the same side...would have preferred 2 on one side and 1 on the other.
true to size
  • Idaho
  • 25
  • 5'9"

Perfect running shorts

I ordered these hoping I could finally find decent running shorts and I did! I've been running in short tights because none of the looser fitting shorts would stop riding up long enough for me to get a run in! These don't ride up! At all! I am amazed! At 5'9", 160, I have a really hard time with shorts but these are the best! I bought a second pair immediately after receiving the first. They are longer than a lot of running shorts, but not weirdly long, if that makes sense.
I bought a size ten (a little on the looser side) the first time and an eight (a little on the tighter side) the second time and I like them both, I must be a little between sizes. There are awesome pockets on these as well!
Great job, Oiselle!

  • Fit, length, color, pockets, material
  • Nothing!
true to size
  • Fort Collins, CO
  • 28

Best Running Shorts EVER!

These shorts are amazing, I run a fair amount, but have always run in running tights because my thighs are just large enough where all shorts ride up, except for these!
I'm so in love! I've been searching for a pair just like these.

  • Don't ride up when running!
  • Nothing!
  • New Hampshire
  • 36

Problem with sizing

Overall, these are great shorts. The waistband is very comfortable and the side zipper pocket is large enough to fit my smart phone -- a hard feature to find. However, I think the sizing is off. When I buy my true size, the waist is too big, especially if I put my phone in my pocket, as that tends to pull the shorts even lower. If I size down, though, I find that the shorts are too snug in the thighs and they ride up. I like them enough to keep wearing them, though, and the shorts have a good drawstring so I buy my usual size and cinch them as tight as I can.

true to size
  • South Carolina
  • 25
  • 5'1"

Pretty Great

I have so far gone on a few trail runs with these shorts and they fit the bill for what I was in the market for. As a woman with cyclist thighs, chaffing and shorts riding up are always an issue with the exception when wearing these shorts. They have a nice "long" inseam, they come midway down my thighs, and the liner is so nice that I don't even notice it's there. The front zipper pocket is perfect for my iPhone 6 to be secure- trail running without a pack means needing emergency contact so a phone pocket is a must. The hidden pocket is what brings the stars down or else I would give it a 5/5. Since the hidden pocket is right behind the front pocket, it is mostly useless for a key when I have my phone in the front pocket since the phone presses on my key. Trying to get a key in/out while an item is in the front pocket is almost impossible without flashing the world. There's a rear zippered pocket which is large enough for a Gu and a key so that's where I keep my key. I agree with the other ladies that 3 pockets on one side is a bit lopsided. If the hidden pocket were moved to the left hip I think it would help make it be more functional or move the front zippered pocket to the left and leave the other 2 on the right and everything would work more easily. They fit true to size. I am a solid size 4 in most brands and the 4 fits me perfectly in the hips and waist. The shorts dry quickly and the liner wicks moisture well so you don't feel like you're wearing a diaper when you finish a run and walk into the grocery store on the way home :) If you're looking for a pair of shorts that have functionally large pockets, won't ride up, dry quickly, and are for a woman's physique- these are the shorts you've been searching for.

  • Functional Pockets, Doesn't Ride Up, Quick Dry, Feminine
  • Hidden Pocket is useless when item in front zippered pocket
true to size
  • SF Bay Area
  • 31
  • 5'4"
  • more than 1 year(s)

Good for Hikes and Short Runs

I am 5'4", 130lbs, muscular/curvy hourglass. I bought these after falling in love with the standard Rogas. On me, these actually ride up a bit and need quite a bit of adjusting while I run. The inner brief is almost too large and although they are VERY flattering on me, they are not something I would wear for a run longer than a 5k. They inhibit a bit of leg movement and the length actually seems to cause them to ride up on me. The waist is also a little too high on me. For hiking and walking however, they are perfect. They are my go-to shorts for hikes. I highly recommend them if you are looking for some great shorts for your XT days, but for longer runs, stick with shorter Rogas- they can't be beat.

  • Great fabric, flattering cut, nice color
  • Ride up, needs adjusting of inner brief, waist fits me poorly.
true to size
  • 29
  • 5'8"

these shorts are the answer

I have struggled for years to find a short that I can run in. Every other pair has ridden up leaving me to slowly waddle home in pain. These shorts are amazing; they don't ride up at all, are quick drying, are comfortable and flattering, what more could you ask for? Thank you Oiselle for producing such amazing products that suit female runners of all shapes and sizes!

  • everything
  • nothing
true to size

Amazing fit but beware super neon orange!

These are my favorite shorts and I will never go back! I'm average height but appreciate the extra coverage of the long rogas. They are fitted without being tight and don't ride up even when you bend over to stretch after a run! They just look good no matter what and stay dry and don't chafe at the waist and just hang beautifully. Only fault, if you want to call it that: I recently bought my third pair in the orange. It is WAY brighter than it looks online. Like, super-neon-glow-in-the-dark orange! Which I know some gals will like, but it's not me. I'm going to exchange them for the purple, which is great because Oiselle makes returns and exchanges easy.

  • Fit is amazing. Don't change it!
  • Color is different than appeared online
true to size
  • Wyoming
  • 29
  • 5'7"

Take my money

There is nothing I don't like about these shorts, they are perfect in every way, they are awesome for a run of any distance, lifting, and they transition from gym to running to the store without looking like too much of a slimeball. I will look no further for shorts.

  • Everything
  • Nothing.
little bit loose
  • midwestern runner
  • 56
  • 5'7''

old style is better

I ordered 3 pair of my go-to Oiselles, ripped the tags off and found that the cut of the shorts has changed in the leg. The leg opening is much larger, apparently addressing some criticisms of the shorts in the list of reviews. For me, however, it just creates a bell shaped bottom, unattractive and ill-fitting. I preferred the slimmer leg opening at boot camp as it fit closer to the body, eliminating any unwanted show. If you liked the old cut, beware. These are no longer wearable for me.

  • nothing
  • the cut has changed
Thank you for your feedback! You are correct, the leg opening of our Long Roga Shorts went through a slight modification in 2016. The change was prompted by feedback from our customers who requested a bit more room in the leg of this style. Thank you for your feedback on the update - it helps our design team to continue to update existing and develop new styles that work for a variety of athletes.
little bit tight
  • VA
  • 45
  • 5'4"

served me well training for and racing a 50 miler

I wore these when I trained for and ran a trail 50 miler and they didn't let me down through heat, sleet, and rain. You really don't want to think about your shorts during a long run and I didn't have to with these. I agree that these run a tad small. I'm 5'4", 125lbs and like the feel of the size 6 in the long rogas. They are a little roomy but I think the 4 would feel too snug. I had to retire my beloved pair but I will be replacing them.

  • they stay put, prevent chafing
  • waist tie is too chunky
true to size
  • Chicago
  • 31
  • 5'5"

Riding up

I have been on the lookout for shorts that don't ride up when I run - my thighs chafe easily. I love the fit, the pockets, and the length, but they do ride up when I run. I will definitely keep these for weightlifting and pilates days, and keep looking for shorts that work for me.

  • Pockets
  • Riding up while running
little bit tight
  • New York
  • 38
  • 5'1"

Really Disappointed

I had my eye on these shorts for a while and finally bought a pair. I usually size up in running shorts -- I'm a size 4 and bought a size 6, but they were just too snug around the bum. I exchanged them for size 8 and they were really loose, but decided to keep them. One of the features that got me excited about these shorts were all the pockets, but it was hard for me to get my hand in the small opening to reach my key (I had it one of the side zipper pockets). I can't imagine trying to struggle to get a gel out during a marathon! Another feature I really dislike is the bulky string used at the waist. Because they're so loose, I tied the string and it created a bulge at my waist and just looks silly and is quite uncomfortable. It would be great if Oislelle paid a little more attention to small details like this.

  • wide waist band
  • small side pockets and bulky string at waist
true to size
  • Houston
  • 30
  • 5'4"
  • more than 1 year(s)

Inner Brief is Snug

I have a pair of these in size 8 and 3 pairs of regular length Rogas in size 8. I always wear an 8 in pants/shorts from other brands. The thighs are a little snug in the Rogas (all Rogas), but it doesn't really bother me. The inner brief of the long Rogas are snugger than the brief for the regular Rogas. It's slightly too tight around my legs. I don't wear these for long runs, so I can put up with the discomfort, but I wanted to mention it. Overall, I prefer the regular Rogas. I might switch these over to errand-running-apparel or kicking-around-the-house-apparel.

true to size
  • Wyoming
  • 29
  • 5'10
click for full-size image


I am 5 months pregnant and found these shorts. I love them because the are soft and perfect for running around town and teaching my fitness class. I had to buy a size up to accommodate my belly. These are the best "running" shorts I have found in a long time. I also love that they are long. I am 5'10 with a 36 inch inseam. I don't have to worry about them showing too much as I teach.

  • I love the come in pants sizes rather than a small medium large
little bit tight
  • East Coast, USA
  • 46
  • 5'2"

Love and not for running

I love these shorts. Let me say that again, I love these shorts. They are comfortable, the waist falls in a good spot for me, I love the pockets, and the length is perfect for my athletic legs. I was hopeful I would be able to wear them running, but alas, they rode up when I took them about for a 30 min test run. I was really bummed but not surprised as I have yet to find any non compression shorts that don't ride up. That being said, I still love these despite this limitation and they will be great for the gym and every day wear.

  • Comfort, length, design
  • They ride up in the thighs when running
little bit tight
  • Canada

Great Soccer Shorts

I bought these for playing soccer - they are the first shorts I've ever had that don't ride up. They are a little slim in the thigh, but the fabric is so smooth it doesn't matter. I'll never go back to any other shorts for playing sports.
I'm 5'11", 160, bought the 10 to keep them a bit loose.

  • fabric, no ride-up
  • built in brief feels bulky
runs small

What I've been looking for (almost)

I typically don't wear looser shorts like this while running- I prefer the coverage of capris or long biker-type fitted shorts, but wanted something cooler for long summer runs in the oppressive midwest humidity.

I was really on the fence after reading the reviews on this site, so I decided to find them at a local store to try them on first, and I'm glad I did. I typically wear size 6 in pants, but when I tried on the size 6 rogas, they were very tight on my (admittedly thicker) thighs. I opted for the 8s, so I would recommend sizing up if you are between two sizes (I am 5'4" 145 lbs).

The length and material feels great, and the quality is top notch. I personally don't like liners in my shorts, and I got some pretty bad chafing from the liner on my first run, so I will probably cut it out.

Otherwise, good investment- I would recommend.

true to size


the long roga are my favorite shorts, they are so comfortable, my go to for 1/2 marathons.

true to size

Life changing!

I have always had love/hate with running shorts. I love how they look on OTHER people and desperately wish I had the gams to pull them off, but have never found a pair that I felt flattered my shape and were comfortable. As such, I have run through the most miserable heat in crops. I finally decided to try the Long Roga, but I really didn't have terribly high hopes. BOY WAS I WRONG! These are game changers for me. They are long enough to cover what they need to and not ride up, short enough to not feel frumpy. The pockets are fabulous as well! The inner key pocket is sewn right into the lining, I was able to put my iPhone 6 into the side zip pocket on my long run today without any issues, and the back pocket comfortably fit my Gu. I am back today to purchase several more pairs, but not before screaming my praise to the universe because the design team deserves huge kudos on these! Keep up the good work ladies!

true to size

awesome shorts

Love the long roga! The wide waistband, the longer length, the brief - all great. For those of us who don't have bodies like Lauren and Kara, or even for those of us who do - these are the best. Replaced all my inferior shorts. wish they came in ten colors and were cheaper, but hey.

true to size

I love the long rogas

I love the long roga shorts for so many reasons. The yoga style waist band is comfortable and stays in place. I really like the amount of pockets in these shorts for all of my running needs. I don’t know why companies make shorts with no pockets. My philosophy is the more pockets the better. They are so stretchy and they move along with every move. They stay comfortable throughout my runs with no chafing. I was training for my first half marathon last year with my husband and when we finished his shorts were soaking wet and my roga shorts were dry. I highly recommend these shorts.

true to size

Love these shorts!

I bought a grey pair of these on clearance at a local running store last year in size small (5'8" and about 135 lbs). They are the perfect length to avoid the rubbing of inner thighs. As I've gotten a bit older (33) apparently I have gotten some thigh fat in the wrong place. I used to love short shorts, but have problems with them nowadays. I love the lightweight, stretchy material. I ended up buying the navy color in size medium for my fall marathon last year too. I really wish they came in more colors! (And not pink, I refuse to wear anything pink.)

true to size

My go to shorts

These shorts are wonderful! I am 5"2 and weigh 118 and I love the way these shorts feel and fit. My inner thighs are so sensitive and I can't tell you how many times I have chafed there. I have been confined to spandex and compression like shorts since I started running and these shorts allow me to wear regular shorts! I love that there are two pockets and I usually use those for gels. There are a few things that I dislike about the short. I think the rise should come up a little higher on the hips. The liner is also a little tighter for my liking but there are no panty lines in the back which is nice. I would definitely size up. I am usually a small or size 4 and I am very glad I ordered a medium size 6. These shorts are really comfortable and I am really glad I came across them! So ladies if you are looking for more coverage these are your shorts!

true to size

One more thing-

The new sizing is fantastic. I wear a 14 in street clothes, and I normally would not have ordered size 12 shorts - but these fit even better than the size XL! Thanks!

true to size

Goldilocks shorts.

Not too long. Not too short. Just right. I haven't run in shorts for years due to chafing (the length of most shorts usually hit an inconveniently placed mole on my thigh, and well, bad things happen). The Long Roga exceeded my expectations by far! The rise stayed in place, not drooping like some shorts, and the legs stayed in place. Not too long on my 5'2" frame, and the XL fit my size 14 frame perfectly. I only wish it came in more colors!

runs small

Too Small :(

I really wanted to love these shorts as much as the other reviewers do, but they're too small for me! I ordered the same size I normally do in Oiselle bottoms and they're just way too tight. I'm super bummed that I won't be able to wear these after all! Consider ordering up a size.

true to size

Love these shorts!

I had given up on shorts, for running and just in general. I hate how they ride up and create "unfortunate bunching"! I came upon a review for these shorts and decided to give them a try. I can't say enough good about them! If they were a little less expensive, I would have a drawer full!

true to size

These shorts are ALL THAT!

The long rogas were my first Oiselle short purchase. My first time breaking them in was during a half-marathon I was scheduled to run. These shorts were all that and a bag of chips because they were good to me during the entire run. I love the waistband and the fact it has a drawstring. The material is unlike any other material on a short I've worn. It's soft, stretchy and best of all, no riding up. Plus, the shorts have excellent wicking abilities. I was drenched in sweat, but you could not tell with the shorts. The pockets are an added bonus. I'm going to try different lengths, but ROGAS are my holy grail of running shorts.

For reference, I'm 5'4" and weigh 130lbs.

true to size

Finally found the perfect shorts

I have been looking for running shorts that do not ride up or chafe for a *long* time. I have finally found them! They are the perfect fit for muscular thighs - not too loose and baggy nor sausage-casing tight. The fabric is light for those hot sweaty runs and the liner fabric is breathable. I like the yoga waistband but I take the string out. Please don't change a thing about these shorts (changing the pocket is fine) and please make them in more colours!

runs small


good length in the legs, but it needs a higher rise. BADLY.
I usually chafe on my longer runs in shorts and desperately wanted shorts I could wear that protected by tender inner-thighs. Usually confined to compression-y, spandex-y, capris that slowly strangle the life from my legs, I read the reviews on the long roga and thought, "SWEET. best of both worlds!"
yes and no.
the legs are long enough to protect my thighs, but the waist band sits so low!

When I pull it up to a comfortable level on my hips, I get the front-wedgie/camel toe from hell.
When I fix that, the band is so low it feels like it's falling off of me!
It DOES kinda fall off me. I keep needing to readjust.
If you like low waist bands, great. But it doesn't make me feel very secure at all.

Also, while it's not too crazy for me, at least.
I would reccomend going up a size when you order.
I'm usually a size 10 or 12 depending on what I'm buying (8 if vanity), which was right between the medium and large sizes according to the oiselle size index. I went with a large, and I kinda wish I went with an XL....
Someone else likened these to leg and butt cling wrap and I must concur.

I like them, but I don't wear them for any run over 20 miles.
Too. Much. Fuss.

true to size

Perfect length, but annoying pocket placement

Super comfortable and zero chafing (my first run in these was 20km and I didn't even need to use Body Glide). The fabric is just the right weight for late spring / early summer running. The length is perfect for me... it's so hard to find women's running shorts that aren't super short! Love the pockets... I just wish they were distributed better. If I carry a phone, a credit card, one gel & a single key all at once then I feel very unbalanced while running. Not sure why the designers chose to put all three pockets on the same side. Very impractical. If you put out a "version 2" of these shorts with better pocket distribution, I will be first in line to buy them. :-)

true to size

The best ever.

These shorts solved all of my problems (running + post-run apparel related). They are as wonderful as my longer spandex shorts from a fit and function perspective, but I feel more comfortable on pre/post-run errands with a bit of looseness around the thighs. I'm 155#, 5'10" and haven't met a pair of shorts that didn't ride up... until NOW. Amazing construction with the tapered thigh.



I ran in these last summer (navy) and loved them. I wore them for all long training runs. I ordered a second pair this summer (black) and they are a bit different size-wise. My new pair is a little smaller (both are size medium) and the left leg seems to ride up sometimes - especially in sweatier weather. But neither chafe and the front pocket holds my iphone5 perfectly. I am 5'2, 125 with muscular legs + booty so I appreciate the length so much! I don't find the rise too low at all like others have mentioned. And I agree that it would be nice to offset the pockets so that not everything is on the right side of my body. (Which makes me wonder if that is why only the left leg rides up?

little bit tight

Favorite shorts but...

One - this style needs more colors. Love the fabric and length. I also wish the rise was higher...I can wear them fine, but they'd be even better with a higher rise. The pockets are great. I have two pair and just wash them a lot because they are my faves and I don't like my old shorts as much.

true to size

perfection in running short form!

I seriously love these shorts. They aren't too long--they are just a few inches longer than the regular Rogas. The fit is so flattering--very streamlined without being tight. They do have a lower rise than most running shorts, but it's not too low and in my opinion, adds to the flattering fit of the shorts. The material is light, and does not show sweat (I have them in both grey and black). They are also the only running shorts that I have found that don't ride up--I pretty much forget about them when I'm running. The side zip pocket is awesome and roomy--something you rarely find in women's running shorts. Love, love, love these!

true to size

Love these shorts!

I have three pairs of these shorts and they are my "go to" shorts when it's warm enough in the Midwest to wear them. They have nice coverage and are a perfect fit for me. I just wish they came in more colors. The new burgundy color that the regular Roga's come in for Spring would have been nice in the Long Roga's...or maybe they're still coming? Hoping so!!!

runs small
  • more than 5 year(s)

Perfect length and comfy

Pros: Thanks for making a longer short for those of us who do not have stick thighs. Very comfortable and good wicking ability.
Cons: I agree with other comments, put one of the pockets on opposite side.
Note: For those who say the short rides up, go up a size, it worked for me! Also in cold winters, the fabric does get staticy and I find that makes the legs ride up.


A request.....

I love these shorts! I have super long legs and the length is perfect, not too short and not too long. The material is fantastic and I get compliments every time I wear them. I LOVE the pockets, I just wish all three weren't on the same side. I can fit my phone, ID and fuel easily but I would prefer it if the side pocket weren't on the same side as the inside and back packets. I'd love to be able to distribute my stuff a bit more evenly. It's a small detail that would make a huge difference!

runs small

Long inseam but very low rise

First of all, size up or they will grip your legs and butt like cling wrap.The fabric that these shorts are made from is fantastic, stretchy and wonderful. The outside zippered rear hip pocket is great, the zipper functions quickly and then lays flat, no bunching up. The inside front pocket and outside front right pocket are useless. Any item in these pockets hits you right in the groin, right where your leg bends when running. My biggest disappointment with these shorts is the rise. You would think on a short with a 6 inch inseam that the rise would be correspondingly modest as well. It isn't. The waistband ends a good 5 fingers below my bellybutton. I am not freakishly long-waisted either! These shorts would be perfect of the rise was higher and the front pockets removed. Adding a second zippered pocket on the left side of the back would be great as well. Listening Oiselle?

runs small


The great reviews had me believing that these were the magic bullet for larger legs. But these rode up horribly and even rolled at the end. They were so annoying I actually bailed on my run - something that has never happened because of a piece of clothing before. The fabric is very nice and I loved the waistband but the legs were ridiculous.

true to size
  • more than 5 year(s)


I took up running about 6 years ago. I have larger, athletic thighs, so for the past 6 years I've been forced to run in capris and longer length compression shorts to avoid chafing. No more! The long rogas have allowed me wear shorts when running with no chafing! I ran a marathon with them last week: no rubbing, no pain, and my pictures look cute :) also, the pockets are great for gels and an iPod.

runs small

Don't live up to the hype

I was so excited to find a longer pair of shorts that offered reasonable coverage and allegedly didn't ride up. Unfortunately, I find that ONE leg of these shorts rides up horribly. The right leg stays down where it should, but the left leg rides up constantly. Very annoying. Definitely wouldn't recommend these to anyone looking for shorts that don't ride up.

true to size

Excellent Shorts!

After searching on the internet for hours trying to find a pair of shorts, I was led to Oiselle by some websites and blogs. I am so glad I found Oiselle. These shorts have coverage, never chafe, dry quickly, and sit perfectly at the waist even with my runner's belt. I love everything about them.

true to size

I can finally wear shorts that aren't compression!

Okay, I just started marathon training for the year and I have searched long and hard for shorts that 1) don't ride up 2) Don't give completely awful butt sweat marks 3)Look "okay" at a minimum. I am 5' 3.75" I weigh 140. I come from a soccer background and have low body fat percentage and massive legs. My backside is not exactly flat either . Because of these attributes, EVERY pair of shorts (Nike, Adidas, Lulu, box stores, etc) I've had has ridden up that was not compression shorts. I really wanted to love the L companies shorts, but they all rode up on me too :( I searched the internet and found lots of reviews, but I wasn't sure about their bias since they were mostly from Oiselle ambassadors. I went with it since the COMPANY directly claimed they don't ride up. I can say I live in Texas and have never talked to anyone associated with the company and I LOVE these shorts. The only pair EVER to be perfect. Aside from fitting my 3 criteria they also, 4) Don't hold stinky smells 5) The pocket setup is fantastic. I can hold a large phone in the side and a key and license in the back 6)the Wide waistband + drawstring is just plain comfy. I will be getting a 3rd pair soon! My longest run in these shorts was 5 miles, and around mile 4.5 I was literally just thinking about how much I don't regret spending $50+ on this particular pair of shorts.

true to size


I have a 28" waist, 38" hips and ordered size medium in indigo. They fit perfectly - no gapping or squeezing at the waist. No chafing while running and plenty of pocket space. I like the length - I can wear them in public without feeling like I'm too exposed, but they don't feel matronly by a long shot. The first time I wore them a long time friend asked if I'd lost weight (Nope!) and my husband made a point of telling me how good I looked. Form and Function!

true to size

Love long roga shorts!

I have been wearing Oiselle shorts since the company started, it's all I will wear! The long roga is great, thank you.

  • Athens
  • 28
  • 5'3"

Didn't live up to high hopes

I have a small waist and extra large hips, thighs, and butt, so it's difficult to find shorts. I had high hopes for these, but they didn't meet the mark. I used the sizing chart and bought my normal size (10), but the waist is way too big. I'm thankful there's a drawstring, but I have to tighten it to the point where it digs into my belly just so the shorts won't slide down during HIIT. While the waist is too big, the liner is quite snug on my butt; such odd sizing. They also ride up during runs and my thighs chafe, which is such a disappointment. The pockets are nice, but I don't understand why they're only on one side; I feel lop sided carrying gels, phone, and keys all on one hip. Overall, they're fine for lifting weights, yoga, and other low intensity exercises, but not good for HIIT and running, which is why I bought them. Big disappointment for my first Oiselle purchase.

  • Fabric, zippered pockets, length
  • They ride up and slide down, odd sizing, pockets only on one side

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