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softshell gloves

softshell gloves

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Take our beloved Polartec™ PowerStretch gloves and add a hardcore layer of wind and water resistance. These gloves are our toughest, warmest, keep-your-hands-happy accessory available. Runners don't stop for weather, they just need to the right gear to keep them protected.

- 100% poly face
- 100% poly back
- wind and water resistant
- silicone design on palm for improved grip
- touchscreen fingertip for tech compatibility

"These are the best: wind resistant for my flying around the lake on a cold day. And, my Mini claims I drive like Mario Andretti in them." - Atsuko Tamura
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true to size

true to size
  • Oregon
  • 34
  • 5'7

Best Gloves Ever

I purchased these gloves after going through countless running gloves and glove liners that would split at the seams within a month or two. I had never had a pair of running gloves last a whole season. These are fantastic! They're warm and comfy, and they fit great. I've actually used them for skiing, mountaineering, and mixed climbing -- in addition to running. They've been through a lot of tough use and are just now starting to get pretty ratty, but they have no holes and are still functional. I'm sure they will last even longer if they're only used for running. I can't remember when I purchased them, probably a year ago or more. I will definitely be purchasing another pair!

  • Durable, comfortable, just the right amount of warmth
little bit tight
  • Harrisburg, PA
  • 44
  • 5'8"

Seams that will drive you crazy

I wanted to love these. I love almost everything I have ever owned from Oiselle. But the seams on these gloves are driving me absolutely crazy. You shouldn't notice your gloves when they're one but these are a constant irritant. Not only can I not wear these running, I can't stand to have them on my hands period. Total disappointment. But one miss out of a hundred wins still keeps me coming back for more amazing running gear.

  • The grip surface.
  • Everything else. The interior seams are beyond annoying.

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