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believe training journal

believe training journal
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The Believe Training Journal is the creation of Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas, professional runners and rad human beings. This journal goes above and beyond mileage counting and guides you on a unique journey of goal setting, mental training, race planning, lesson learning, recovery rocking awesomeness. You'll find a holistic approach to training and competing that encourages growth on and off the road.

- authors: "Lo" Lauren Fleshman and "Ro" Roisin McGettigan-Dumas
- published by VeloPress
- full year journal
- unlimited potential

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keeps me on it!

I love this training journal!
It has loads of info in it to help you with all aspects of your training/goals.
Great photos and inspiration too!
I love the layout - lots of room to record your goals/actual training.
I need one of these for each and every year! Hope they come out with more editions! :)

A journal I actually use!

I have been using this journal for 4-months and love it. The inspiring quotes, the motivational excerpts, and the questions asked at the beginning of each week make you think about where you are in your training and where you want to go. For me, it has been enjoyable being able to see the progress I have made and how the work is paying off to get me to my goals this year. Highly recommend this!

Simply fantastic!

I absolutely love this training journal, as it is not just a book full of pages to write in, but it also contains a lot of helpful advice and interesting content to keep me interested. I would love to see this come out every year!


I just got my journal, do excited. It's full of great info and inspiration.

Only complaint I have is the sticker suck to the back. It doesn't peel off cleanly. Took me a half hour to get all the little pieces off cleanly.

Best running journal EVER!

I got this as an early Christmas present three days ago and I haven't put it down since! I started reading it and filling it out the night I got it. It has all sorts of great tips, workouts, and spaces to add your own thoughts and runs. I'm getting one for my sister right now!

  • more than 4 year(s)

Wow!! Even young runners find great value in it!

This book was the #1 item on my 8 year olds Christmas list. We gave it to her early and she started reading it and writing down her goals immediately! I was very impressed with it myself!! Great advice, workouts, info. Definitely 5-stars!

Original & Fabulous

When this training journal came out, it made me wonder why something like this wasn't made sooner! Lauren and Ro truly did a wonderful job on the training journal. My ONE recommendation would be: leave out the days of the week, it forces you to begin recording on a Monday. :)


I bought 2 journals - one for myself and one for my best running girl. They arrived yesterday and we have been pouring over them - this is an amazing journal. I mean first of all, it's gorgeous. I love the layout, and all the extras are just fantastic. I already laid out a big goal and started logging my runs for this week. I am going to use the crap out of this thing :)

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