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runaway bride dress

runaway bride dress
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The Runaway Bride Dress is no longer in stock. Looking for a white dress you can run in? Check out our Mio Mesh Dress and Rabbit Dress in white!

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true to size

true to size
  • Boston
  • 25
  • 5'4"

Hike-away bride

Wore this dress on a hike for my wedding. Looked amazing in photos and on the hike, didn't cause any overheating even with the tutu part of the dress. Only issue was going down the mountain sometimes cause my shoe to get caught on the back hem of the dress. Got my usual dress size and it fit perfectly.

  • Top is very comfortable and stylish
  • Tulle part can be itchy where it meets top.
true to size
  • Canada
  • 35
  • 5.7

Love it, but left some lasting scars

I wore this dress when I got married during the Las Vegas marathon. I absolutely loved it... It fit well, looked great, and was a ton of fun to wear. The only problem (and my girlfriends had the same problem with the bridesmaid dresses) was the chaffing. Where the thule goes into the dress around the waist really should be lined. We all ended the marathon with chaffing around our waists and I still have scars from it. I love this dress and think adding a lining in that section would be a perfect fix.

  • Fun to wear and really cute
  • Chaffing

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