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distance shorts

distance shorts

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The Distance Shorts feature a narrower elastic at the waistband as well as a more relaxed waistband measurement. Best of all, this style remains the place where you can enjoy our Breeze Woven which is both lightweight and long-lasting—and made even more special with our latest prints.

- Breeze Woven (polyester / spandex)
- flat waistband with interior drawcord
- rear zip pocket
- side zip pocket
- 3.25" inseam (all sizes)

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Average Rating:
13 reviews

true to size

true to size
  • Tucson, AZ
  • 35
  • 5'6"

Wonderful revamp of an old favorite

My first pair of Distance shorts finally gave up the ghost. You remember those ones- with the small turquoise drawstrings?
These are SUCH an improvement- the same stretchy fabric as the flyout short....meets a VERY comfortable waistband (I'm in the minority, but I love the wider waistband).
I first tested them on 5 soggy miles, and I didn't think about them ONCE, in a good way. The fabric just gets out of the way of your legs when it should and still provides a feminine and flattering fit/feel.
I came back to buy two more pairs and alas, my size is out!
I'm 5'6" and 140 lbs. A size 6 is my jam.

  • Light stretchy fabric, great pattern, waistband!
  • Nothing!
true to size
  • Indianapolis
  • 24
  • 5’8
  • more than 2 year(s)

New FAVORITE shorts!

I’ve been eyeing these shorts for awhile, and I finally bought them. They did not dissapoint! Not only is the print awesome (girl power!) but the fit is perfect. The pockets are huge, and the fabric is lightweight and breezy. Oiselle, please make more Distance Shorts!

  • PRINT, fit and fabric
  • Nothing!

Love the pockets, too tight though

I'd rate this a 4.5 if I could. The Distance short is my favorite short of all time. It's all I run in. I like that the new update has the drawstring built in. (I had to ditch my first pair of Distance shorts, which are 4 years old ONLY because the drawstring came out... otherwise they were still good). BUT the new update is TIGHT in the waistband so go up a size. I ordered the size 2. I'm a 103 and 5'2''. It's fine once you get running but walking or just wearing them around the house you can feel how tight they are. I will order these again, but I'll order a 4. I love that these still fit an iPhone. Although in the original distance shorts I kept my phone in the front pocket, but now I find it more comfortable in the back pocket. I get lots of compliments on the fabric design, but I have my fingers crossed for a more plain design to come out. The fabric is also much lighter than the original, which I love. I'll definitely order them again.

  • Fits an iPhone
  • waistband too tight
true to size
  • Minneapolis
  • 25
  • 5'4"

Don't want to take them off

I have so far worn these shorts for sleeping, lounging, and most importantly, running. I love them for all of these activities. The fabric is super soft, thin, and fast-drying. Both the butt pocket and hip pocket are big enough to hold my phone. As others have said, the wide elastic within the waistband does tend to fold over a little bit, but it's easy enough to fix, and I don't find that it folds over during activity...just when putting on or taking off. They are so comfortable, I don't even care about this minor inconvenience. Bought the same size that I wear for Rogas.

  • perfect fabric
true to size
  • DC
  • 5'3"

Waist not for me

I love the Roga, I wanted to love this short. Nope. Normal size, fit in hips and thighs, but waist just too tight, elastic rolled, ended up riding really high as a result. Too bad, I loved the pattern and the fabric.

  • Pattern, fabric
  • fit
true to size
  • Colorado
  • 33
  • 5'3''

Love them!

At first I was bummed to see they had changed the Distance Shorts as they are my go-to for long runs, but I really like the changes made. The fabric is really soft and comfortable, even in the heat. I recently finished a 100-miler in the desert in them; I had them on the entire race with no chafing. They're short enough not to get in the way but were long enough to pin my bib to. More colors, please!

  • fabric, fit
  • nothing!
true to size
  • Chicago
  • 37
  • more than 2 year(s)

Very good shorts, love the pockets.

I have been a fan of the distance shorts for a while. The updated version is good, with one flaw.
The good:
-Great lightweight fabric and print.
-All the pockets! Fits all the stuff!
-They are a nice length.
The not as good:
-The waistband is just too wide. I have found it tends to fold over. I also wish there was a drawstring.

  • Pockets!
  • Waistband too wide
true to size
  • Houston, TX
  • 33
  • 5'6"

Love these shorts

The fabric is the same as the shirts and dress (I have and love those too) super light and airy. The waistband is a little tighter than the Flyout short, but not as tight as the Lori Short. So, I thought they fit great. I like the thicker waistband when compared to the older Distance Short. I've run in them a couple times and really like the feel for hot weather. I got my normal Roga size.

  • fabric, print, color
  • Do this print in more colors. I love all the Story print things!!
true to size
  • Michigan
  • more than 2 year(s)

Lightweight, fun, and practical

These are a joy to run in (or do anything else!) It really feels like you're not wearing pants, the fabric is so lightweight. I'm usually one to like my shorts shorter than this but the fit of these is flattering with good coverage. I've gotten a lot of compliments on the pattern too, it's beautiful.

  • Everything!
  • I can see why the waistband might bother some because it's a little tight, doesn't really bother me
true to size
  • San Francisco
  • 24
  • 5'5"
  • more than 2 year(s)

So fun, so lightweight!

In all honesty, I'm more of a short and tight shorts gal (spandos mini and mini strides are my faves,) but I couldn't resist trying these as well because the print was so fun. The looser fit and super lightweight fabric made these great on a rainy run, as I didn't feel like I was wearing any pants at all and didn't have to deal with the annoying cling that can happen with wet clothes. I imagine it would also be great for hot runs, as this material is incredibly light.

  • The print, the lightweight material
  • Agree with other comments about the waistband...didn't bother me too much, but one more similar to roga would be better imo
true to size

Best Distance Shorts Yet!

I have been a fan of the distance shorts for a while but I am finding this latest version the best yet. The fit is more flattering and the material is lighter, which will be great on hot summer days. The waist is more fitted with the infinity drawstring but I didn’t find it distracting. My only wish is that it came in more colors.

  • Material, fit
  • Nothing
true to size
  • San Jose, CA
  • 5'10"

Great fabric, waist elastic super tight

I really like the new fabric of the distance shorts. Very soft, nice overall draping. Awesome pockets. However, the elastic on the waist is super tight and much too tight/uncomfortable for me to keep the shorts. Not sure if it will loosen or not with wear.

  • fabric
  • waist elastic
true to size
  • NH
  • 28
  • 5'5"

Great Print, Floofy Waistband

I love the print and fabric of these shorts, but the thick waistband rolls over, making the fabric at the waistband ride up and balloon-- not a good look. I think if it was sewed into the fabric at the top as well as at the bottom the waistband would not do that. I'm not sure I'll splurge on any other shorts from Oiselle, despite LOVING what the brand stands for! I would expect better structural quality for the price I paid ($52).

  • Pattern and fabric are just lovely!
  • Waistband rolls down and causes fabric at waist to balloon.

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