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roga jeans

roga jeans

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Product Details

You know we love a good "what if?" And while we're denim fans, we had to ask ourselves: what if we could combine the style and detailing of great denim, but the stretch and comfort of, say, a pair of Rogas? Being the crazy birds we are, we got to work. We tested 'em, fit 'em, tweaked 'em just right - and put these new fangled workout jeans into the line up. Step in and step out! Because Roga fabric has lots of body, they feel substantial. And because it also has lots of stretch, they feel like super pants, able to move, stretch, and even take the swass, so you can keep flying.

- Roga Stretch Woven (polyester / spandex)
- two front hand pockets
- two rear pockets
- front button + zipper closure
- 27" inseam (size small)

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Average Rating:
12 reviews

true to size

true to size

I really wanted to like these!

I really wanted to like these...I was hoping Oiselle would help me avoid the headache of shopping for jeans and pants to wear to work!

Unfortunately the fit just didn't work, and I couldn't justify keeping them at this price point. I'm 5'2 and 122 lbs, with a narrow waist and hips and powerful cyclist quads and calves. The small was loose in the waist, hips, and butt; there was extra fabric that sagged off my butt and bunched awkwardly around the front rise and hips. Meanwhile, the legs fit quite tightly, so I couldn't size down.

I loved the look of the embossed roga fabric. Unfortunately the single layer of fabric felt too thin and flimsy, especially for pants that cost this much. I would've liked a more structured and slightly wider waistband too.

Hoping that Oiselle will rework the fit, sizing, and fabric texture on these so that I can give them another try!

  • concept, fabric texture
  • fit, fabric thickness
  • Newport, Oregon
  • 32
  • 5'8"

Good idea, not in practice.

I wanted to love these pants. I was so excited when they came out! I ultimately ended up returning them. I thought the waist was okay, but there was too much fabric in two areas: the crotch area and the area between my knee and my mid-calf. No amount of pulling them up / using a belt / etc would make it so that the extra fabric in the crotch area didn't look... weird. The pants were slim fitting in my legs, until they reached my knees - then there was sort of a balloon of fabric until my mid-calf. I've never had this problem with pants of any type before. I have pretty standard runner legs. Super bummed.

  • The fit
little bit tight
  • Seattle
  • 29
  • 5'4"

Close... but not /quite/

I was really excited about these pants. I like the high waist since they can be used for cycling without any worries, they look great - I can wear them to work - and the feel/stretch is amazing. However, the fabric isn't durable. I have only had these pants for a couple of months and they already have threads pulling out from simple things like setting my backpack on my lap. Given the price, it's disappointing, especially since I love everything else about the pants. It's just such a bummer that one of the thighs already looks messed up.

And yes, buy a size up on these. The waist has no give which is okay if you plan for that... but be sure to. I usually get a 2 but got a 4 in these.

  • Stretch
  • Fabric isn't durable
little bit tight
  • San Diego
  • 28
  • 5' 4"

Awesome stretch - except the waist!

So excited to get these and the material feels so light and it's stretchy! But the waist, oh man, there is no give. It's a high waist so on a full stomach day these are not the most comfortable. Just confused why there is no stretch in the waist. Luckily the length fits me well.

  • Material
  • Lack of stretch in waist
  • Pennsylvania
  • 28
  • 5'2

Teeny waist

I bought these pants to wear on a multi-month bike tour, and I love the material. They're light, stretchy and packable. And the higher rise makes it easier to sit on the bike without potential crack exposure!

But I'm pretty disappointed with the waistband. It's super tight, especially when I sit down or relax my abs. I'd prefer more stretch in the waist to move around better. If you had a teeny waist, they'd probably fit really well. But I like the material so much that I'm going to let them out a bit with my sewing machine.

For the record, I'm 5'2, 120 lbs.

  • material, color, weight
  • tiny waistband
  • USA

Cool concept but enhancements are needed

I was so excited to order these because I love the Roga shorts. Thin fabric. These are pants, not jeans. Can see underwear lines through the backside fabric. Waistband is the only part that doesn’t stretch and it was too tight. The cut accentuated the roundness of the front of my midsection in a bad way, and I’m not that round. Love the concept of Roga jeans but these weren’t flattering or what I expected. 5' 2" 115 lbs ordered size 4

  • Concept
  • Fabric and fit
  • San Diego, CA
  • 32
  • 5'4"

So close to perfect... but not quite

I was SO excited when these came out. I bought both the small and the medium after watching the Instagram promo videos. Unfortunately the reviews were right- the small fit my legs so well but the high waisted top--while super stylish--was so disproportionally tight that the small didn't work. The medium waist was perfect, but the legs were too big and looked sloppy on me. I sadly had to return both. If there's ever a reboot where the waist is made a bit larger, I'm in.

I'm 5'4" and the length was perfect; I'm 140lb and I usually wear a small in all Oiselle running tights.

  • Material
  • The way they fit- too tight in waist
runs small
  • Boston
  • 33
  • 5'4"

Amazing Idea, Just Doesn't Quite Work

I was immediately drawn to these for bike commuting and loved the idea of being able to wear Roga all day! I'm 125lbs, athletic build, and usually wear 2-4 in Oiselle. After watching the IG stories I couldn't decide so I ordered a S and XS. The XS fits perfectly in the legs but the waistband is far to tight and uncomfortable. The S is much too big in the waistband with a big gap in the back and there's extra material in the legs and seat the bunches unflatteringly especially when you sit. I so so wanted to love these, and the idea is amazing, but sadly the fit just doesn't work.

  • Material
  • Waistband
little bit tight
  • California
  • 26
  • 5'1"
  • more than 1 year(s)

You can do a full split in these if you wanted to

Really Good Stuff: These are seriously amazing pants. I'm a huge fan of the roga fabric and have a few iterations of the Roga and Mac Roga shorts, so these were an instant buy for me. I got the crimson colorway, which is great. The length of the XS is also great for me at 5'2"

Not-so-good stuff: My one complaint is that the waistband has zero give. I'm 125lbs (typical runner legs with the big thighs), and typically a 26 waist in jeans and 2-4 in oiselle bottoms, but prefer the fit of 2, so I went for the XS size. Unfortunately, they're just barely uncomfortably snug. Like "I don't want to sit down in these pants" kind of snug. I wish I had waited for the sizing review IG video before I purchased, otherwise I would have sized up. So I definitely recommend sizing up for these!

  • stretchy AF, breathable, light material, great color
  • waistband has no stretch
true to size
  • Oakland, CA
  • more than 1 year(s)


I ordered two pairs of these pants and think I might need to order two more. I cannot express enough how awesome they are. They're incredibly comfortable yet appear classy. And as a bike commuter, the ability to move and sweat in a "professional" pair of pants is so freeing! 14/10 would recommend. All the colors.

  • fit, versatility, style, wicking material
  • easy to snag - don't do yard work in these pants
  • Oregon
  • 32
  • 5'5"

Wanted to love these, but returning them

I am a physical therapist and move around a lot at work, so I though these would be perfect pants to wear to the clinic, but sadly they just fit weird. First of all, the waist is VERY high. 90's mom jean territory. I bought a size small and the waist band was uncomfortably tight, but the butt and knees were very baggy on me. Not sure if I just don't have enough booty and quads to fill them out, but the stretchy material was not working in my favor, and I don't feel like I could have sized down due to the tight waist. The fabric also felt a little thinner than what I expected it to be. These would be great for summer, but not necessarily for winter.

  • Color, styling
  • Does not fit well
runs large
  • Robesonia
  • 30
  • 5'9"

So close...wish the cut was different

I was so excited about the prospect of roga jeans. The fabric is great and feels like the shorts... light, stretchy, and ready to tackle anything. The fit, however, was disappointing. In Oiselle tights, a size 12 is usually right on the cusp of being too tight, so I ordered an XL and a L (just in case). I have larger hips and thighs and both the XL and L were way to big in the waist. The L was right in the thighs but the extra material around the waist made them unflattering. Oiselle - please create a graphic where the same model puts on the same sizes across the line. That way your customers can see how different styles size.

  • Fabric
  • Fit

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