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bae bra

bae bra
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What Bae looks like... as a bra. Our love for this newcomer is real... in addition to a full coverage front, Bae got back - with an inset, mesh design that combines a breathable panel plus racerback flexibility. Add our signature, brushed elastic straps, that make fit adjustments easy, and Bae is ready to fly.

- Nyelle™ Compression (nylon/spandex)
- Nyelle™ Mighty Mesh back inset
- Plya™ Power Mesh lining (micropoly/spandex)
- removable cups
- compression with lining
- adjustable straps
- compression level: 2

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13 reviews

true to size

true to size
  • Chicago, IL
  • 29
  • 5'6"

Super cute, comfy, but not for runs

I love the color and the style of this bra! It wears comfortably almost all day, which is so unique for a sports bra. However, I'm a 34D and this is nowhere near supportive enough for runs... so much bounce! Size 8 fit perfectly, so can't size down to get more support/compression. I wear this bra on weekend errands and for yoga and spin, but can't imagine doing even a short run in this bra.

  • Comfort, style
  • Not supportive enough
true to size
  • Austin TX
  • 28
  • 5’8”
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Cute but not the best performer

Love two things about the look of this bra: the back is amazing and sexy, and the front, while a little high rise, has plenty of room for pinning a race bib!

Support is good too. This should not be undervalued of course—I’m a size 6 (34B/C) and this works well even for long runs.

I have two beefs with this bra that keep us from being “Bae” status:
1. The material, when sweaty, feels really cotton-y. I like that it’s soft but it gets dipping wet and doesn’t feel like it dries fast.

2. The chafing... this happens to me in every bra but it’s worse in this one. On one long run, I applied anti chafe lube, and it still cut up my armpits. It’s been officially demoted from long run bra.

  • Good style, show off those shoulders
  • Fabric seems to cause chafing
true to size
  • Indiana
  • 45
  • 5'3"
  • more than 1 year(s)

Cute and supportive

This bra is so comfy and supportive. It is also cute, which is unusual for a bra that works well! The fabric is soft and it is great to have adjustable straps. I'm size 34d/dd and size 4 is perfect. I hope Oiselle will keep making the Bae!

  • Adjustable straps, supportive, cute
  • Nothing
  • Washington, DC
  • 38
  • 5’10”

Keep this bra on stock!

Oh Bae bra where have you been all of my running life? You’re super comfy, don’t dig into my shoulders, and do all the things that a sports bra is supposed to do. And, you’re bra enough for someone with swimmers shoulders!

  • Doesn’t dig into my shoulders
  • Nothing
true to size

Versitle and Comfy

Ran a half marathon in the bra and was comfortable and supported the whole time! Also use it for HIIT classes and other cross training. It does not disappoint!

little bit loose

Favorite Running Bra

This is my favorite running bra ever! It fits really well - true to Oiselle sizes, a little large compared to other brands - and I love the adjustable straps and removable cup pads. Wish there were more colors!

  • Fit, breathability
  • Nothing
true to size
  • Boulder, CO
  • 29
  • 5'7
  • more than 1 year(s)

Best Oiselle Sports Bra

I've tried many of Oiselle's sports bras and was fearing I would never find a great match. However, I am in love with this one! I ordered a size 2 and 4, and the 2 fit me best. I'm typically a size 4 in tops and a small 32D. Short and long runs no issues - no chaffing, the band didn't move around after absorbing sweat, etc. The adjustable straps are an added bonus. I will definitely be stocking up on the Bae Bra!

  • Truly everything - adjustable straps, band size, compression level
  • Hoping for more colors!
true to size
  • Florida
  • 25
  • 5'2

The pro's and con's

The cut of the bra is extremely flattering and I LOVE the breathable panel in the back. I'm also a huge fan of the quality of the fabric, and soft mesh lining on the interior of the bae bra.
Now to the cons: I worry that the adjustable part of the straps (which feel like normal bra straps) may chafe on longer runs. For now I find it OK for shorter runs (6-10 miles). The compression level doesn't control bounce completely, but is decent enough that I feel comfortable. I'm a 36DD and this bra will certainly be my go-to for shorter runs, spin and yoga...but possibly not long distance (which makes me sad because it's SO cute!).

  • Quality, breath-ability, cut, snug, flattering
  • Not much bounce control.
true to size
  • Las Vegas
  • 48
  • 5’1”


I’m obsessed with this bra! So incredibly comfortable and looks fantastic on. I bought it as a last minute purchase for an 85 mile adventure in Scotland without testing it and it was flawless no chaffing, stayed in place! Love it! I’m a 34 dd and the 6 was perfect.

  • Color and fabric
  • Absolutely nothing!
true to size
  • Wisconsin
  • more than 1 year(s)

Cute & comfy coverage

So comfortable, and makes me feel comfortable running without a shirt on. Great support and such a cute design, I get compliments all the time! Seems like a very high-quality material - I'm excited to take care of it and use it for years and years.

  • Everything, especially adjustable straps and back
  • Nothing!
true to size
  • Spin class instructor/trail runner

Great bra so comfortable

Only had this bra a day and I love it, comfortable fabric, adjustable straps are awesome, the higher neckline gives great coverage. Love it love it love it!

  • Fit and quality of fabric
  • Wish it came in more colors
true to size
  • Bellevue, WA
  • 33
  • 5'7"

almost perfect

This bra is my new favorite. As a new mama, I deal with fluctuations in my chest throughout the day. I love that I can adjust the straps on this bra and also love the coverage all the way across to avoid any squished feeling especially on the side.

  • adjustable straps and coverage
  • nada
true to size
  • Edgewood, WA
  • 41
  • 5'6"

My new favorite running bra!

Running bras can be a challenging fit for many, but this one has risen to the occasion. I am a full 34 C and this bra preforms great and looks so good. I love that it a bit higher in the front, but not too high and that the mesh fabric in the back preforms and looks even better. The adjustable straps are what sold me in the end though, making it fit just right is the best.

  • The adjustable straps

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