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The Mile One is that piece you can throw over to get you out the door. Wear it as a fall sweater all day long, or peel it off once the miles get rolling. Our Wazzie Wool jacquard is back and better than ever. Super soft and stretchy, it has loft, lightness, and hard-working warmth. A tall neck protects you from the elements, and long sleeves are easy to snuggle into.

- 100% merino wool
- elongated sleeves for full hand coverage
- wide + cropped body for easy layering
- 22" body length (size small)

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Sarah C.
Have Never Been Able to Wear Wool Until...

100% warmth with no itch. Seriously! I have never had a wool sweater I could wear without total some amount of scratchiness - even merino, even wool blends, even with undershirts. I was comfortable all day with nothing but my bra under this top. Also, I've never had sleeves this long, which is awesome. I have extra long limbs, and most athletic styles are too short. I'll be back!


Wazzie wool is the winner for cool PNW morning runs. After wearing the half-zip of this line, I wanted another and went with this one (Crimson/White Girl Code). This one fits differently, it is boxy, slightly cropped, and the sleeves are EXTRA long. When I type EXTRA long, there are at least four inches of extra material. For reference, I am 5'4", 117lbs, and wear a small. Maybe I just have abnormally short limbs? Anyway, it kept me warm, did its job, but I will be more cautious when reading the descriptions of the Wazzie Wool tops in the future.

Anna Cloutier
Some odd things but still love it

I love this sweater! I've been wearing it all around the house and I've taken it running once so far...I can't get enough of just wearing cozy clothes all day that I can just take out for a run.

I ordered the white/black in size XS -for reference I'm 5'0" and about 100lbs.

As mentioned in other reviews, this is NOT white, it is a light grey. That wasn't a deal breaker for me and I still bought it after reading reviews but in case someone is really hoping for white, you're not going to get it.

The sleeves are very long as well and I understand that cozy feeling pulling the sleeves over your hands gives but there is a lot of extra sleeve that bunches up at the wrist. I personally don't mind this so much but it can be uncomfortable with my watch on one side sometimes.

The torso is short as well, also confirming other reviews.

Lastly, after 1 wash it did shrink considerably, so be warned. I am nervous to wash it again because this first shrink made it fit perfectly on me but a second will make it unwearable and that will break my heart. I feel like something that is supposed to hold up to running, the elements, and a little rougher wear should be able to handle getting washed with the rest of the running gear. I was surprised that it shrunk at all. Being the shorty I am it now has a perfect length torso, provided it doesn't shrink more, but the amount this shrunk will ruin this very pricey garment for others.


I actually got and received the quarter zip in blue. But, I guess the item was so popular I cannot leave a review to the specific piece I have. I love it so so much! And am so pleased at the color, length, weight and comfort. I am 5' so the style is perfect. I have a small. I thought I'd be running in it a lot, but I also know it will be a lifetime piece for post-run, almost like my run earned me a clean and cozy feel! I wish I could afford more than one. Only complaint is the price point in a way. But, I know it is a keeper~so, I am very happy! Better than expected in person!

"White" is not white

I just received my white/black and small, and I was very confused as soon as I opened the package because the sweater is gray with black birds. It is not white. I am very disappointed. I already have plenty of gray sweaters and I was looking forward to having a white one! I am wearing a cream colored shirt under the sweater in the photo for comparison. Did I get a defective one?

Love this Shirt! Very Warm and Comfy

I needed a shirt that was kind of in between my thermals and thin long-sleeve running shirts. Living in the Midwest, this time of year is really unpredictable weather-wise. This shirt is great. I love how warm and cozy it is, the neck is long enough to cover my face even while running. I also really like the length. It’s long enough to cover my whole torso, but not fitted so as I’m running, air can get in under the shirt and cool my torso down. It’s also so comfy and cute, I could definitely wear it out of the house without it looking like a running shirt.

My only complaint really is the color. I ordered the white/black shirt and the shirt is definitely gray, not white. It’s not a huge problem, just aesthetically I really wanted a white shirt instead

Best Wazzie

I’ve owned wazzie wool pieces since Oiselle began the line and this is the best one! The parts I love about this too are the exact reasons some don’t like it, extra long sleeves and cropped bottom. If you like to have your hands covered or find yourself wearing gloves and then taking them off after you warm up into a run, this top solves the problem. The extra long sleeves give an extra layer or act as gloves. You can then push the sleeve up once you warm up. The cropped top is awesome in my opinion bc it allows air to flow into your shirt and cool you down when you need it without exposing your midsection. I was so excited to see new patterns in this top and ordered 2 today!

Really long arms

The shape and pattern of this top is so cute except for the arm length. there was so much bunching at my wrists that I didnt enjoy wearing this top so I ended up returning it, not sure why so many tops this season have an arm length issue.

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