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Power to these pockets! A new and well-reviewed design in our line up, the Power Pocket Shorts have an asymmetrical waistband, and an innovative pocket system. One side has a drop in pocket along the wider part of the waistband, and then a small zip pocket on the other for items you want to keep secure. Best of all, the lightweight but supportive Plya™ Compression keeps the legs in place, preventing both ride-up and chafe. 

- Plya Interlock fabric (polyester / spandex)
- interior drawcord
- side zip pocket
- side hip pocket
- 6" inseam (all sizes)

Customer Reviews

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My marathon training go-tos

These are the only shorts I own that don’t chafe or ride up over the hours so have been perfect for marathon training long runs.

Do wish there were more pockets but I pair with a back-pocket bra for my phone

sydney s.
Pockets leave lots to be desired

These are very comfy and I wish so so badly they'd use this material to make the pocket jogger shorts. However, these shorts are a huge miss. They are called POWER pocket and have just two (!!!!) pockets. One of the pockets that they describe as a 'side zip pocket' is so small that my pepper spray barely fits in it. I fit a single key and then my air pods case in there. The other pocket that is described as a 'drop pocket along the waistband' is a drop pocket of about ... 4". Maybe. It is definitely super high up - on the waistband is not an exaggeration. It's not super convenient at all.

Overall, this material is the BEST and is so much better for hot, humid summer running. The pocket joggers get so sweaty and saggy during hot long runs so these have been my go-to, but the pockets are next to useless, which just sucks!!


I love these shorts!! The inseam is just right for my preference; I'm 5'2" and prefer a mid-thigh short (4.5-6.5" inseam usually-- not so long my legs look squat and not so short that my thighs chafe). The fabric is just right for me too. It is a little slippery and a little thin, which makes it perfect for summer running (and spring.... and fall.... most of the year in the DC area actually!). And because I got it in black, there's not "peed your pants" sweat showing through (cannot guarantee this for the other colors). This short is a close second to my all-time fave short, the lululemon fast and free tight short (6"). The only thing that I don't like as much about this short is that the hip pocket is SO SO high up. These sit high-waisted on me since I'm short, so my phone is sitting in a weird place and pressing into my side while I'm running unless I place it just right. I'd love if these included drop-in pockets on the thighs while keeping the drop-in and a zip pocket on the hip.... 4 powerful pockets would make me 1 happy runner!

Elizabeth W.
The best!

I absolutely love these shorts - definitely the best that I have found thus far. After having endured 20 years of endless chafing from "normal" shorts, I finally made the switch this year. These shorts don't ride up, they are thin enough to prevent chafing, and they are long enough that I feel totally comfortable running around the neighborhood. For reference, I am 5'3 / 120 and both the size 2 and size 4 fit me well, though I went with the size 4 per the suggestion of your excellent U. Village staff. Thank you, Oiselle, for making the perfect pair of shorts.

Kari E.
Poor pocket placement

Love the color and cut but the placement of pockets is so bad that they are unusable. The pockets are shallow and right at the hip so it’s impossible to actually carry your phone or even credit cards without everything jutting out and digging into your hip.

Not everything I had hoped for

I have to agree with "PNW", these aren't everything I had hoped for. Note that there are only two pockets, both on the outside of the hips. I don't see anything wrong with them, just weird to not have a back pocket. The material is kind of thin but not super compressive, so having a phone on the side is kind of bouncy. The fabric is light and didn't ride up on me which was nice, but it's a little frumpy and I was hoping the seams would be a bit more flattering. The waist is pretty high and a little frumpy, and the seams are oddly itchy. I'll definitely still wear these but they have room for improvement, especially with a name involving pockets and a lack of pockets!

I need more

These shorts are awesome! I experienced a some ride up in the first half mile but once my legs got a little sweaty I adjusted the shorts and they stayed perfectly for the rest of my run. Excellent fabric and the drop-in pocket fits my iPhone 11 nicely. They felt great throughout the run and I didn’t have much thigh squeezing from the bottom seam like I do in some shorts.

Great Shorts

Do not ride up !!! Did speed work and never had to tug these shorts down. Garnet color is dreamy.

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