Oiselle Sport Sandal

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It started with a dream: to have that simple, easy, sandal that was designed specifically for the relaxed side of the sport life. Like everything we make, we looked at the problem from all angles and came up with a list of wishes: a massaging footbed for tired feet, a heel strap for when we had to pick up and run, a no-slip tread for staying on our feet, and a material, 100% soft-foam EVA, that's comfortable in all the elements. Just add fun, vibrant colors and we're able to say that the goal of combining function and fashion is more than a dream. The Sport Sandal fit is relaxed, with space for gentle movement and easy on/off.

Wear testers report these fit large. We recommend sizing down one shoe size.


• Massaging dots footbed
• Arch support and heel strap
• Ridged bottom for no-slip traction
• Multi-function use, including water shoe
• Avoid storing in extreme heat


• 100% EVA Soft Cushion Foam

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At Oiselle, our vision is to help all women feel strong and free through the joy of running. Our mission is to design great product, build the sisterhood, and improve the sport. May we all experience the transformative power of sports and community.

Customer Reviews

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Love these!!

These shoes are so comfortable! I’m not sure why they’d garner a low rating from another commenter-nowhere does Oiselle claim that these shoes are in any way appropriate for wearing in or near the water so, to rate them poorly after misusing them seems a bit unfair. They are a great, comfortable shoe and serve their advertised purpose.

Not a water shoe!

I wanted to make sure that people know that these should not be used as a water shoe. They are very slippery inside when they get wet, even from dewy grass. My foot has slipped through and I actually fell with the toe strap of the sandal all the way up around my ankle
This also causes the sandal to tear, so while I have only worn them lightly to take the dog out or around the house as a slipper/house sandal, and once in the edge of a lake, I'm afraid they won't last much longer.

Definitely size down. The sandal is a nice idea but I won't even wear them outside anymore, kind of a bummer.


I ordered these because, though I am a runner, I play more tennis and I try not to wear my tennis shoes when I'm not on the court, so I often change into flip flops or sandals after I finish playing. I thought these would be cute and comfy to wear post-tennis.I ordered the Rosebud color in size 8 (my usual size) and they are SO COMFY to walk and stand in. I cannot recommend these highly enough!