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This duffel bag is ready for you... ready for your wet, dirty running shoes and sweaty gear and mud from the roads and trails. It's also game for some high class to and fro, in an understated black texture ripstop nylon along with our signature flock to signal your #flystyle. It's fully lined and includes an interior zip pocket to securely stow your phone or other valuables. A shoulder strap also converts it to a backpack when needed.

- 100% poly
- 18"L x 9" W x 10"H
- zipper closure
- straps with snap closure
- interior zip pocket
- shoulder strap that converts to backpack

Customer Reviews

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Christine S.
Cute design, but poor quality

After using this as a gym bag for less than month, the inner lining of the bag has already ripped without a good reason (no catches, drops, etc). It gets cumbersome to use now since random valuables tend to fall into that weird in between of the lining and bag, so you tend to think you've forgotten things or lost them. It's such a cute bag, but the quality is quite poor.

Hi Christine, thanks for sharing this photo! Please keep an eye on your inbox for an email from Customer Care to help coordinate a replacement.

It's works...

I was really hoping to fall in love with this bag. But I realized very quickly how this bag is a security risk, if used for travel around the airport.Someone could easily pull the zipper and contents would be on the floor. So I doubt I will be turning it into a backpack ever. It is however, perfect as an everyday gym bag or for weekend trips.

The Everything & Everywhere Bag

I’ve put some serious mileage on this bag—taking it on planes, road trips and even to the beach and it’s been the best travel partner ever! It’s bigger than it looks and holds a ton, plus it’s comfy to tote around even when all the way up. It’s really well made, too. Sturdy and holds up to even being checked and tossed around at airports.

Must have!

I didn’t think I needed a bag other than my reusable shopping bag for toting my running stuff around. I didn’t realize what I was missing until now. Took a shot on this duffel because of the hype and it really is amazing. It’s really well-made - nice heavy duty material (not heavy to carry just not flimsy). I LOVE that it turns into a bag pack. That was the selling point for me and why I love it. Nice design! I will get SO MUCH use out of this!!! Thank you, Oiselle! Keep making this duffel forever!

Meet Your New Race Bag

As soon as this cropped up on the website I wanted it but held off for a while because I didn't "need" it. After all, I've been schlepping the same quilted cotton print duffel bag to the gym since college. I did not "need" a bag. But as a lover of all things storage-related I eventually caved. And actually, I did need this bag. It's compact but is an amazing black hole for your running things. Seriously, it held everything the old duffel held (and I SWEAR that bag was bigger) plus a few more things. If packing conservatively, this would work for a weekend trip. Plus it turns into a backpack for easy carry on race day. Plus it has a cool bird print. Plus it's surprisingly lightweight even when packed with a full tri-training load of shoes, clothing changes, swimsuit, shower items and gym towel. Get this bag. Really, you need it.

Love the design, low-quality product

I bought this bag when visiting the Oiselle flagship store during a trip to Seattle. Was so excited to purchase as I had been monitoring the website for when they were in stock. I have not used it much and unfortunately the inner lining has already ripped! There is a small internal pocked whose seams have also come apart -- so any valuables fall into the interior of the bag. Wanted to love this bag, had waited for ages and gone out of way to purchase, but it just has not held up at all.

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