Mid Length Pocket Jogger Shorts - Final Sale

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It happened. The regular Pocket Joggers and Long Pocket Joggers, two of our best-selling shorts, got together and had a much-sought-after mid-length offspring. For all those perfection-seekers, these babies are not too long, not too short, and have been getting many pre-order requests from staffers at The Nest. Of course, they include all the bennies of the Pocket Jogger family, including Nyelle™ Compression, a large rear zip pocket, waistband mesh pockets, and on-leg side pockets. You can pocket, you can jog, you can pocket jog forever and ever, at any length. 


• Interior drawcord
• Rear zip waist pocket
• Rear side mesh pockets
• 2 leg pockets that fit phone
• 7" inseam (all sizes)
• Constructed with Bluesign Approved Fabrics
• All sales final. No returns or exchanges.
• Not eligible for discount codes.


• Nyelle Compression (nylon/spandex)

Learn more on our Fabrics page.

At Oiselle, our vision is to help all women feel strong and free through the joy of running. Our mission is to design great product, build the sisterhood, and improve the sport. May we all experience the transformative power of sports and community.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
The best length!

I am a big 4" Roga fan, but I recently got surgery and I have very severe atrophy in my legs that the Rogas aren't super flattering right now. I feel confident when I wear these right now and they add just enough coverage without feeling like they're heavy or full tights. I am also shorter and the 7" is a nice length that hits right above the knee vs. at the knee like a 8 or 9" short. As always love the all the pockets in the pocket jogger/triple threat Oiselle

Perfect for Running or Lounging

I wore these joggers for the first time on a 10 mile run. I am so pleased at how comfortable they are - no riding up my thighs, supportive overall, and no band chafing.

I was a little nervous to try them based on the reviews, but have been all about pockets, so was excited to add them to my rotation. Initially, I could feel my phone move in the pocket, but fortunately that went away early on in my run. They ended being perfect.

As a bonus, they are also super comfy for lounging at home, running errands, and cross-training exercises.

Like don’t love

I LOVE my original pocket joggers but I thought it might be nice to have a longer pair for certain runs... These are just meh. I don’t love the pleats at the bottom, I agree with other reviews that the material is not as good of quality and the pockets are too low so if I stored my phone or something else, it would sit almost to my knee and not higher up. There is also something about the seam on the back side that sits lower and so while they are no where close to falling down, I still have the sensation that they are about to which can be just as bad.

Still love oiselle but will have to stick to the original pocket joggers…

pockets too low,

I have the original version of these and liked them, i do wish the material were thinner and smoother material, but they stay, they're just a thick and not so smooth material.
I thought i would like this new pair of longer shorts, but the pockets are off, because they go so deep down the sides, if you put a phone or anything heavy as you run they move the shorts around and just feel weird. Just make the pockets end higher up, think basic physics, if an object is further away from the axis it's going to move more.