The puffy skirt that doesn't short you. The campfire companion, the wearable beach blanket, the winter wedding ensemble. It's what you make of it. Reversible, it has full zip pockets on one side, and is smooth on the other. A simple zip opening with flat snap closure makes it easy to get into - though you might not want to get out. Premium synthetic down blend from Primaloft keeps you warm, but is also very lightweight. From wilderness black tie to casual backcountry, the puffy skirt is on point!

- Primaloft Insulation
water/weather resistant 100% polyester shell
- reversible design
- rear zip closure
- 28" front body length (size small)
- 30" rear body length (size small)

Customer Reviews

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Comfy blanket skirt

What works well: warm, comfortable, pretty sleek for a puffer!, zipped pockets, snap and zip at waist.
What needs improvement: as the other reviewer noted, the next version should have zippers from hem to knee for greater mobility and freedom of stride. You can't really take a full, long stride when walking because the hem is too restrictive.

Too Big!

When I first saw this skirt, I thought it was absurd. Then the more I thought about it, the more I coveted it. I couldn't get it out of my head. I had to have it! I finally purchased it and now sadly I have to return it. I wear a 2/XS in everything Oiselle but I was swimming in the XS skirt. On the model, it's right below her belly button. On me, it was a good 2.5 inches lower and just barely hanging onto my hips. Also I read the description originally as "synthetic down" - I only realized upon receipt it's actually a synthetic/real down blend. I keep my wardrobe animal-free so I wouldn't have purchased in the first place if I had realized it was part goose. It's my misunderstanding, but I'm highlighting it in case any other vegans come across the skirt.

A coat for your legs!

I live in Minnesota, where we often say goodbye to above-freezing temps in December and don't see them again until April. This year on the first really cold day I asked my husband, "why doesn't anyone make a coat for your legs?" He said, "you mean like snow pants?" No! Turns out I meant this skirt! I wore it out tonight over thin skinny jeans on a ~20 minute walk for curbside pickup and I still felt warm and comfortable by the time I got back, no numb knees and frozen thighs. It was in the high 20's when we went out, so I don't know how it will hold up when it gets down to single digits, but it will definitely help. I'm 5'3" and wear a 4 in Oiselle running pants and the XS fits me well. My legs have enough room to walk normally, but wouldn't have enough room to run.

Christine Lynch
Follow up on previous review

I got the xs and it fits! In the next iteration, I would recommend that Oiselle put in side zippers that run from hem to knee. The longer length is restrictive (I'm about 5' 6"). This will be great for hanging by the fire pit or adding a layer after a xcountry ski but not great for wearing during more active pursuits.

Christine Lynch

Beautiful fabric and warm but is not true to size. I am a size 4 in Oiselle bottoms and ordered a small and it was to big.

Size S is Medium

I was very excited when I received the item, it was comfortable and warm, but it is SO BOG. I am 5'4 and 117lbs, with a sweatpants, the skirt is still barely hanging on me @_@ based on the information on the model, there's no way she's wearing a size small......

My 2020 Happy Skirt

I. LOVE. This. Skirt. I got it on a whim for socially distanced outdoor hanging with my runner pals. I opened the package, put on the skirt, and I have not taken it off! It’s incredibly comfy - like a blanky you can wear while you WFH. And, I did not expect it to be so stylish! The cut. The structure. Very flattering. Two zippered pockets, plus it’s reversible. Oiselle, your design game is tight. Thank you!

Could be great, needs improvements

I am 5’8” and 135 lbs. I usually wear size 6 or 28 waist bottoms. I originally bought the medium, but it was so big that the skirt fell down over jeans. There’s no tabs or adjustability to the waist of the skirt. There is only a zipper and snap closure at the waist. I returned the medium for a small, which is still quite large. I wear it over tights or hiking pants and it’s still loose. The skirt is very warm and blocks the wind well. I’ve worn it outside after runs and sitting out on a 30ish degree day watching soccer games. The big problem with this skirt is the lack of zipper or slit in the skirt for mobility. I cannot walk with a full stride in this skirt without holding the skirt up above my knees. You also cannot get into the car without pulling it up. There’s simply no way to walk normally with it on, and that’s disappointing from a company that makes active wear. I feel that if a slit/zipper were placed in the skirt and the waist band was adjustable, then this skirt would be a slam dunk!

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