Wind can reduce outside temps by 10-20 degrees! Plus, your body will be working harder to move against the wind, increasing the overall effort.

  • Start with the right layers: a technical base layer (such as Lux or Wazzie Wool)
  • Top the base layer with a lightweight shell, such as the Vim Jacket, which is made from Pertex® Quantum™ and is windproof up to 60mph
  • The base layer will wick moisture while retaining some heat
  • The shell will repel the wind, keeping you warmer and dryer
  • Your face and hands will require special attention - as cold wind can hurt your skin
  • Gloves or mittens like the Super Puff Mittens, with Polartec® Alpha™ insulation and a lightweight shell, are ideal for cold/wind
  • Ear bands protect your ears from frostbite
  • For your head, technical beanies, made out of Wazzie Wool™ or PowerStretch are ideal, and are easy to tuck in a pocket or waistband if you get warm