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Three Great Sports Bras Made by Women

September, 2017

Spotted: Verrazano Bra highlighted as one of the three great bras made by women featured in Outside Online. The unique double strap system is noted for helping evenly distribute breast weight. Overall, a tried and tested item perfect for B cups! READ MORE

What The Editors Can’t Run Without

August, 2017

Here are all the must-have gear that the editors at Competitor Running can't live without - one of the items being our very own Flyout Running Shorts! Emily Polacheck, the web editor, explains why these are her staple running shorts. READ MORE

We Must Change The Narrative Around Women's Sport

August, 2017

After the question "what's the equivalent of the four-minute mile to women?" lingered in a Oiselle meeting, Sally realized just how unfamiliar we are to female benchmarks in sport. In this article, featured in Outside Online, Sally talks about the importance of recognizing female benchmarks, because as she puts it "if we want someone to be a household name, we might have to build the houses". READ MORE

Powerful Hashtag Highlights The Body-Shaming Comments Women Hear In A Lifetime

June, 2017

Covering the conversation on body shaming started by CEO, Sally Bergesen using #TheySaid. Huffington Post shares the dialogue that happened, and Sally's response. READ MORE