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We Must Change The Narrative Around Women's Sport

August, 2017

After the question "what's the equivalent of the four-minute mile to women?" lingered in a Oiselle meeting, Sally realized just how unfamiliar we are to female benchmarks in sport. In this article, featured in Outside Online, Sally talks about the importance of recognizing female benchmarks, because as she puts it "if we want someone to be a household name, we might have to build the houses". READ MORE

Powerful Hashtag Highlights The Body-Shaming Comments Women Hear In A Lifetime

June, 2017

Covering the conversation on body shaming started by CEO, Sally Bergesen using #TheySaid. Huffington Post shares the dialogue that happened, and Sally's response. READ MORE

7 Jackets To Help You Run Through Winter

March 2017

The Quill Jacket makes the list! It's every woman's winter dream: lightweight warmth in a jacket versatile enough to wear every day, and high performance enough to take on runs and put in the washer-dryer. The shell fabric, a Microlight from Pertex™, is both wind and water resistant, and highly breathable. The insulation, from our friends at Primaloft™, is a down-synthetic blend that we chose specifically because it provides the loft of down, but won't 'wet out' with weather or perspiration. READ MORE

How I Get It Done: Sally Bergesen, CEO Of Running-Apparel Company Oiselle

September 2016

Sally receives between 120 and 150 emails a day and is the boss of 25 people. She has two teenage daughters and a husband who is a teacher. She makes sure she sweats at least once a day and has learned that she has to say no even to the good things sometimes. Here’s how she gets it all done. READ MORE