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Blog: Eugene Weekly

July 2012

MC Hammer and his son Booby at Oiselle's "Totally Trials" fashion show covered by Eugene Weekly.


Totally Trials Fashion Show

July 1, 2012

Spring 2013 Oiselle runway show in the heart of Track Town USA, followed by MC Hammer dance party! Special thanks to Team Lesko + biz peeps who joined in: PickyBars, Nuun, Linda Prefontaine, Saucony, Swiftwick, and Studio Mantra (Eugene).

KVAL Totally Trials Party

July 1, 2012

Oiselle's Totally Trials party at the 2012 Olympic Trials covered by KVAL Euguene. The party included a fashion show followed by a performance by Booby Hammer, and the DJ skills of MCHammer.

Triathlete Gear Tech Blog Gift Guide

December 2011

Oiselle's Rundies (days of the week underwear for runners) are featured in Triathlete Gear Tech Blog's Gift Guide.


Check out the Triathlete Gear Tech Gift Guide here.