In the News

Running Times

August 2013

Running Times gleans wisdom from Oiselle pro runners Lauren Fleshman and Kate Grace.



Oiselle pro runners, Lauren Fleshman and Kate Grace were featured multiple times in the August issue of Running Times for the racing wisdom that's lead them both to greatness (page 44). Also included is a special highlight of Kate Grace striding to the finish for her 1st place finish at the U.S. 1 mile Road Champs.

Women's Running

July 2013

Women's Running reveals Kate Grace's favorite beauty products.


As women runners we'll take any tips we glean from the pro's, even if it's just their personal beauty products. Women's Running zeroed in on Oiselle pro runner Kate Grace to find out her beauty secrets.

Competitor Magazine

August 2013

Oiselle Haute Volée runner, Deanna Ardrey, rocks the Flyte Tank and Stride Short on the cover of August 2013 Competitor Magazine.


NorthWest Runner

June 2013

Sally and Oiselle are mentioned in NorthWest Runner July issue.


NorthWest Runner compiled a strong list of up and coming - local - women owned businesses catering to running. Oiselle was started in 2007 when Sally Bergesen saw a clear lack of design-foward running style in the market and wanted to dive in. Read on to see the growth of other local start-ups... girl power!