Giving Back

Giving Back: Oiselle + Every Mother Counts

It all started with a tweet to Christy Turlington Burns. And by happen chance, finding our connection through the sister topics of running, motherhood, and design.

What I discovered is that CTB, as she's known, is an incredible leader in the ongoing pursuit of equitable healthcare and treatment of girls and women -- all via her charity Every Mother Counts (EMC). A humanitarian, an advocate, a guide, and yes, a runner, I soon learned how EMC was improving the lives of women, helping make pregnancy and childbirth safe for mothers worldwide. And after learning more, I knew I wanted to get involved.

Since its inception, just a few of the ways EMC has helped include:

  • Transported 31,500 women to clinics in Uganda
  • Trained 17 skilled birth attendants in Haiti
  • Ensured that 200 women received prenatal care and education in Central Florida
  • Donated 40 solar suitcases to rural clinics in Malawi
  • Provided 780 "mama kits" for pregnant women in Uganda
  • Supported HIV/AIDS awareness seminars for 235 people in Indonesia
  • Trained 86 healthcare workers in Haiti on obstetric and newborn care
  • Tested 85 women and their partners for HIV in Indonesia
  • Helped 4,200 patients be seen by Midwives for Haiti students during their training

Everyone at Oiselle is incredibly proud to have EMC part of our #runfamily, and to have a way to continue the chain of strength...from women runners to women everywhere. And to give a deeper meaning to the design and thought we put into our apparel. 40% of all proceeds on our EMC Collection, which will continue to evolve, go directly to the charity.

For more information on EMC, visit their website:

If you are a runner interested in raising funds while training for a specific race, please contact on how to get involved!