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Meet our new UPF 50 featherweight knit from the fabric scientists at Polartec. One touch and we knew this was the one. It's silky soft, lightweight, and ideal for moving sweat as you warm up. We drew inspiration from the sun-protecting rash guards of surfers, but added the things runners know and love. The body fit is slightly shaped but not tight. The arms have ample room, plus our beloved Watch Window - and thumb holes. It's the perfect layer for when you know you'll heat up, but you want to protect yourself as much as possible from damaging UV rays. Wear it on its own, or as that crucial layer you can throw on if sunscreen isn't at hand.

- 100% polyester
- UPF 50
- rear zip closure
- watch window on both sleeves
- thumbholes
- 25" body length (size 4)

Customer Reviews

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Solid Multipurpose shirt

I like this shirt. It wasn't too see through (even for a white shirt) and it seems warm enough to wear in N Florida winters and tolerable in the heat (yay multipurpose shirt! ). I like the collar to keep the sun off of my neck. The collar is pretty large. It seems a little goofy, but could be helpful if you have an exceptionally large neck. I also have another collared shirt from Oiselle that had a really large neck. So I guess that's kinda their thing. The zipper in the back is also weird, but not as difficult to work with as all the drama queens on here make it out to be. For god sakes just pull the back of the shirt up a couple inches to reach the zipper. I feel like the zipper would be better in front so you can unzip to cool down and I wonder if the zipper will rub my skin when I'm wearing my hydration vest. So it may be better for shorter runs or people who carry bottles or use belts. It runs small compared to other brands, but is about on par with other Oiselle shirts I've ordered (I always size up one size in Oiselle because they are cut quite small). It's not an exceptionally rugged shirt, but it looks a little sturdier than most other oiselle fabrics.

I want to love it,

I bought this in white and got mostly for sun protection. It fits perfectly. The material is a bit scratchy, but ok if it keeps the sun away, so I bought another in the purple color on sale. I haven't gotten it yet and might return because the white one is snagged after just one two places. I can tell it will start to look ratty very quickly. I wish it was the soft lux. So....not great.

Great shirt...once I figured out how to put it on. :)

My husband got me this for Christmas. It is beautiful and a great weight, but I couldn't figure out why the watch windows were so off. I looked at the reviews, and then realized that the zipper goes in the *back*. Oops! That is obvious once I went back to look at the photos. It is a bit counter-intuitive, but once I figured it out, I LOVED it. Great weight for ~40 F running. I am 5'8", ~145 lbs and the 6 fits perfectly. I have no problems zipping this up, but I could see how it could be challenging for some from a flexibility standpoint. Overall, I'm a fan and am thinking of snagging a couple more while they are on sale.

Watch window badly misplaced !

Comfy shirt snd watch window is a great idea, but the placement//construction is bad

The window is on the side of the wrist, no hole where the watch actually sits. Such a weird error. Maybe they didn’t have any quality control on these?
Probably why none of the models I saw actually had a watch showing through, the shirt has to be twisted up a lot for it to function great idea, but poor execution—hope they fix this!

Nice for fall and spring runs

Fabric is thin and not really soft. But boy is it super moisture wicking. I did a 6 miles run in 50 degree, sunny weather. Did not feel sweaty afterwards at all. Did a great job keeping sun off my arms and chest. Not sure I'd ever wear this above 60 degrees as it'd be too warm. At the same time, too cold for anything under 40. Worth it if you get it on sale. But definitely limited use.

This one’s a miss

Echoing another reviewer, I too find Oiselle is hit or miss and this is definitely not worth its full price. The length is 2” too short to wear comfortably, the fabric is not that soft (more like what I’d expect out of a cheap race tee freebie), and the functionality of the zipper also befuddles me (my husband thought it was a traditional half zip that I put on backwards). On mega sale, okay, but hopefully Oiselle takes some learnings from this product.

Not impressed

I have noticed that with this brand it’s hit or miss. Some things I love and some I do t. This shirt is definitely a miss. Weird for, zipper on the back is really strange, not a best function. Looks ok, but you have to be really flexible to be able to zip it up. Glad I bought it during super sale, I would be very sad if I paid full price. Material is thin, which is ok in spring and early fall, I am sure it will be piling up in no time too. It’s just a mess.

Just okay

I got this strictly as a "wear to the office" piece because i can't see myself running in it. that being said, it accentuates every lump and bump on my body. I sized up because it looked tight and uncomfortable on the model, and I'm definitely glad I did because even the size up clings. I will keep it and wear it because I love the color.

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