Firecracker Reflective Jacket

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100% reflectivity for 100% letting your light shine. This exquisitely detailed, totally reflective jacket is the pinnacle piece for the dark winter months. Dress it up, all aglow. Or turn fashion into function - on the run, on the bike, or anywhere you need to be seen. The body fabric is our premium, all-way-stretch reflective mesh (imported from France) that is sometimes brighter than the lights that reflect it. Internally, it's lined and beautifully bound with a breathable pinhole stretch mesh. Limited in quantity but unlimited in unique, stylish visibility, this jacket will light the way, no matter the path.


• Full zip
• Two zip hand pockets
• Center back neck pocket to clip safety light


• Reflective mesh

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At Oiselle, our vision is to help all women feel strong and free through the joy of running. Our mission is to design great product, build the sisterhood, and improve the sport. May we all experience the transformative power of sports and community.

Customer Reviews

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Like a bright star

I got this jacket on a decent sale. Otherwise it's very pricey. However, I had been eyeballing it for a while. I had reservations as I am usually too warm to run in an actual jacket unless it's downright below freezing outside (think temps in the teens F & lower). However, I was really attracted to the visibility this jacket would provide, especially with how little drivers seem to pay attention these days. For temps in the mid-30s, a light long sleeve base layer under this jacket is perfect for me, and in the mid to low 40s, a short sleeve or tank. The material is very nice, and the perforations really help with making it not feel like you are trying to run while wearing a plastic bag. It's a really nice great quality piece I can see myself using for hopefully many years. I also got complimented on this jacket while running in the dark one early morning by a cyclist going the other way, as I was apparently VERY visible. Bravo.

Visibility For Miles

I walk and run a lot in the early morning hours and LOVE this jacket. The visibility is incredible. I have had a few neighbors tell me how much they appreciate that they can see me as soon as their lights hit the jacket. It is also a great material, it moves well and is breathable. I sized up so I can wear winter layers underneath.
If you are trying to be seen, this jacket is for you!

I love this jacket!

It’s beautiful! Cars, runners, and walkers can’t miss me in this jacket! It’s holding up wonderfully and my favorite for staying safe.

Reflective and...

Very reflective. But is it worth it? I do a lot of runs in the dark during the spring/fall season so for me, yes (but honestly only because I had a major gift card. I would not pay full price for this). from my first couple runs with. It's heavy. I usually run in a Vim and the weight difference was very noticeable. It has the mesh holes and also I felt myself getting very sweaty during a 35F morning run. It's a little short, my tank kept getting bunch underneath. Love the arm length. Wish the collar on the neck wasn't so high. Pockets are great.