Inspired by the engineering of suspension bridges, the Sisters Bra is designed for maximum security, support, and coverage at all points. The name alludes to the sisterhood in its design: two layers of construction working in harmony. An inner layer, which includes unique meshes and molded cups, while attaching those elements to an inner set of straps. This inner layer = encapsulation, supporting each breast. The outer layer and outer straps represent the compression, holding everything in place. The four-strap system more evenly distributes the weight, relieving strap pressure which can often cause pain or welting in the skin. The Sisters Bra is also higher on the neck, to minimize top bounce, with the two layers of mesh at the neck serving both form and function.

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- Power Plya™ Compression. 78% polyester / 22% Spandex®
- Straps are covered, padded, and stable for minimal bounce
- 1.5” plush ribbed elastic chest band for comfort and heat management
- Double strap design evenly distributes weight, reducing pressure and pain
- Two layers of power mesh connects cups to inner straps
- Sewn in molded cups with perforation for heat release
- No-stretch power mesh liner to maintain shape and stability
- 2 hook and eye closures with 3 positions for a just-right fit
- Covered pad protects skin from hook and eye closure
- Plush Elastic with custom Oiselle birds design

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wowza! Buy this BRA!

Maiden voyage in this bra was phenomenal. Four miles and no chaffing. The bra was comfortable and managed my 32DD girls like a champ. While it was a beast to get on, the fit was totally worth it. Ordering another one this week. Thanks, Oiselle!

Best Bra of All Time!

I ordered this bra the day it was released, crossing my fingers that this might be the answer to my decades of running-bra struggles, and IT ABSOLUTELY IS! My girls (34DD) have endured chafing, bouncing, squishing, and all other manners of torture to support my running habit, and this bra has ended the suffering for good!
I took this baby on a 4 mile test run today and there was no squishing, no bouncing, no chafing, and no worries about top-splillage. It fits true to size, snug but not tight, and it limits movement in all directions without squishing better than any other bra I have ever tried. Give this bra a chance--you won't be disappointed!

Love this bra!

I just received this bra but already love it after a 6 mile run today. Very comfortable and no chafing! I am a 34D and the fit was perfect. Compression was just right for running. I have had such a hard time finding a new sports bra that I like and am so lucky I tried this one!

Sisters is IT

I don't take a lot of time to review clothes because.. you know, it takes time.

However - sisters.. is.. IT. I have struggled for YEARS to find the right sports bra (I am a 36DD, so finding support can be tricky) - typically, I have issues with bras either not being supportive enough, or then if they are- they then smash you in to the point of pain. Or - the chafe factor on bras can be.. horrendous.

After buying sisters, when I came home my hubby kinda laughed and rolled his eyes like "here we go again with her trying a new bra". After I returned from my run in sisters the first time he goes "annnnnd?" and I was like * WE HAVE A WINNER*

I feel locked in and supported without being crushed - no chafe and.. it is still pretty. How? HOW?

Oiselle has finally done it - I can't wait to stock up my closet with the sisters. If anyone is on the fence - go ahead and take the plunge, it is worth it.

My New Favorite Bra

I am a 38F in my every day bra, and I can fit in either a 36DD or 38DD depending on how tight I prefer the band. This is a beautifully constructed bra, from the molded cups to the straps. The design team gave careful thought to how to balance the support of the bra. The empire color is lovely. I didn't experience any chafing during my runs nor any pressure points. I didn't have any breast pain when I took the bra off - an issue I would often experience in other bras. The band rode up slightly after my run, and I noticed that the chest seam didn't lay flat in some areas. Occasionally, you could see a little black from the molded cups peek out. But it was minor IMO. I'm already planning to wear the bra tomorrow on my next run.