Better than ever, with an updated, higher rise. The Lux Go Anywhere Tights maintain their magic from Heavy Lux, which is all things wonderful: soft, compressive, and durable, getting better with every wash. We increased the rise a bit for that full, flattering coverage, and stay-put fit. We kept the big side pockets and the just-right length (which is the same from prior seasons). An internal infinity drawcord allows adjustability when you need it. The tights and fabric of the season!

- Heavyweight Lux (polyester / spandex)
- interior drawcord
- 2 side pockets
- 23" inseam (size 4)

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Too high waisted

I really want to like these, the fabric is so soft! But they just don't fit right. I am a solid size 6 (29in waist, 39in hips) but I'm 5'3 so the high waisted band practically comes up to my bra and makes my belly bulge (which has never been an issue for me). The waistband slips despite using the drawstring. Please make a mid-rise version and adjust your sizes!

HUGE and Awful Tights for Distance Runners!

These tights are terrible. I am a 5’4”, 108 pound marathon runner. I ordered these in the smallest size they make (2). They were HUGE! The waist wasn’t too bad - though it nearly came up to my armpits! - but the hips and thighs are waaaaaay too big. Even worse, they seem to get bigger as you go. By the end of my run, I feel like I have room in these pants for two people! I ordered another style of tights in the same size and they fit perfectly. The inconsistent sizing is so frustrating. Because Oiselle doesn’t stand behind its products, this is likely the last pair of pants I order from them.

Thanks for sharing your experience! It sounds like you may have received a mis-sized item this time, unfortunately. We will follow up with an email from!

Soft but fabric wears down

Had high hopes for these, but they'll really only work if your thighs don't rub. Really quickly after I got them, the fabric started to wear down where my thighs rub. That area is now a lighter color blue than the rest. If I'm going to spend this much on tights, I expect them to at least hold up as well as my cheap ones I've gotten elsewhere (that show no wear in the inner thighs after years of wear).

High waisted is an understatement

I have a previous version of these leggings which I love. I saw in the description that they increased the waist "a bit" but I like a higher rise so I'm good with that. But whoa. This is the highest waist I've ever seen. It's well above my belly button even letting the crotch sag a bit. I can pull them all the way up to my bra without the crotch getting tight. I am 5'5'' with pretty average proportions. I still love the fabric, the fit, the length... but the waist update makes them almost unwearable.

Waistband way too tight

Love everything about these tights except for the insanely tight waistband. Even after ordering a size up, the waistband was so uncomfortably restrictive I had to return the two pairs I ordered. Very bummed.

bring back the old version!

I have a pair of the previous season's Lux Go Anywhere tights (2019, douglas fir color, size 4), and they are amazing - perfect waistband that's tight enough to not fall down, great fabric, perfect pockets, excellent length (7/8 tights on my 5'3" frame!), and a great rise. I actually prefer high rise tights, and the old version was perfect - hit right at/above my belly button. The 2020 version that I ordered in the same size in black is a bizarre fit. The fabric is still great, the pockets are wonderful, but the waist is slightly tighter and the rise is... I don't even know. In order to pull them up so the crotch meets my body, the waist band nearly touches the bottom of my sports bra. But if I put the waist band at my natural waist (at or just above my belly button), there is either a weird bunching of extra fabric across my pelvis or the crotch is a full 1-2" below my actual crotch. So so sad about this update, when the original version was one of my absolute faves! I know you can't please everyone with a design, and maybe there were requests for updates to the old version, but were people really wanting a tighter waist and a higher-than-high-rise??

Buttery soft go-to

Love these! They are so buttery soft I want to wear them all the time. When I slip them on they hug me flatteringly without me having to wiggle into them. I agree that the top band is tighter than usual, but for someone like me who is slightly smaller on top than bottom it gives me the fit I want that won't budge. Also, I felt like it loosened up a tad after a days wear. I am 5'5" & 120-125lbs -- ordered size 2 and the length is ~7/8 (between full and 3/4) which I like because it is versatile.

Ruined a Good Thing

I bought these because the orginal version is one of my favorites. These are nothing like that except that they're lux. The waist is ridiculously high. I'm 4'11" and it comes up almost to my breasts. Even with it that high the crotch is somehow still baggy. I sized up from normal size for a relaxed fit and found them incredibly tight. I barely get them over my butt. I typically cut the drawstring out of all of my Oiselle right away. For some reason this one is anchored to the side so I wound up having to cut the band open to pull it out. I'm extremely disappointed with these all the way around. Not worth the money at all.