Our design intention was to create a seamless sports bra that offered a higher level of support and compression than most similar styles. Super Seamless is two layers of a new, high compression knit, designed to give strong support and minimize movement while you're doing all the high impact things you do. In addition to the fabric, it's grounded by a wide chestband that stays put while also relaxing enough to mold to your body as you heat up. Wide straps for comfort, a classic racerback design for support, and a ruched interior layer for cup capacity round out its everyday versatility.

- Super Seamless fabric (polyester / polyamide / elastane)
- racerback silhouette
- contrast binding
- wicking + odor resistant
- compression level: 2

Customer Reviews

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I can wear either a 32D or 34C and this bra is perfect for me. I have a short torso so the bra does come down almost to my belly button, which I personally love. In the summer I wore it on its own as a shirt and I got so many compliments. If you're a full D or larger, this may not work for running, but for pilates and walking, she's got you covered.

Perfect bra!

I absolutely love the Super Seamless Racerback bra (wearing one now). It's compressive and comfortable at the same time. I'm a B-cup and find this supportive without being restrictive. It's my new favorite bra.

Fabulous for 50 miles

I nearly returned this when I first got it because the band felt too tight, but I reread the description about how it shapes as it warms with body heat, so I gave it a try. It’s super: zero chafe in places where I typically get rubbed. I wore it yesterday for an ultra and still no chafing. For warmer weather, I do wish it were shorter and had less coverage.

For reference, I’m a 36A, 5’6”, 150 lbs and wear a medium.

ugh, the ache!

I was optimistic about this bra and the other super seamless style. I like a tight compression for running. However, even though I am small--34A--I found this bra really inadequate in a small. I did an 8-miler in it yesterday and suffered that awful ache afterward that comes when my bra does not bind me tight enough. Sad I can't now return this bra, though I will def be returning the other super seamless I bought, whose straps are too long and which isn't nearly compressive enough. Oiselle bras have a been a genuine disappointment in the past couple of years, and I'm not even that small.

Beautiful bra but not supportive for D+ cups

I bought this bra based on other reviewers' comments saying it's supportive. I wear a 32D bra, and this bra, in a size small, wasn't compressive enough to provide any support. It's a beautiful bra but sadly I can't use it as a running bra.


This bra is hands down my favorite O bra. It is so comfortable. So cute. I have two in Goldy/Goldy because I wear it casually just as much as I wear it athletically.

NOT for those with a short torso!

I was beyond thrilled to try out this bra. I absolutely LOVED the Flyte bra and was hoping that the Super Seamless Racer Back would be similar but more snug. My sole purchase for this bra was mostly for daily wear and not running in (Flyout bra for life!). My mind went through a flurry of thoughts once I tried on this bra: "Oh wow! It's so comfortable!" "Oh wow! It's so LONG!" "Yeah, but it's so cozy! I can hardly feel it!" "Yeah, but it's SO LONG! It's covering my belly button!" "I know, but you could live in this bra." "Agreed. But look, I can tuck it into my pants!" And the banter continued....
To sum it up, this bra would be absolutely ideal for those with a longer torso. However, if you have a short torso, this would be great as a tank top for you!
Also, I wish these bras were in solid colors instead of having the contrast piping.
*For reference, I am roughly 5'5" but I have an unbelievably short torso. Literally, my ribcage overlaps my hip bones. This is probably why I have zero flexibility*

Not for Short Torsos!

I really loved the compression of this bra but at 4'11" it doesn't work for me. The band came down to my belly button and that level of compression on my stomach was not flattering at all. I would really love this bra if the band wasn't as long!