It’s Oiselle’s 9th birthday. Sometimes I refer to her as my third daughter. And just like the real ones, the need for love and guidance is forever and ever – in both good and challenging ways.

Which got me foraging in the Oiselle vault…aka my home office. It’s there I found this page from our original website in 2007. Like stumbling across a dear diary post from nine years ago, reading it was a small window into my earliest musings on Oiselle.

Overall, I was happy to realize these “values” are still alive in the heart of the company. But a couple of the ideas were good for reflecting. In some ways, the statements feel a little boastful to me now. I mean, at the time of drafting, I was day one on the job.



High in quality

High performance deserves high quality. The best materials, the best production, and an obsessive attention to detail. We are committed to these principles – and more. We also believe quality means consistent and reliable fit, from season to season, and from year to year – so that our customer can always feel confident about her purchase.

Beautiful in design

Simple. Clean. Enduring. Every aspect of our shorts was created to look as good as they feel. In fact, there is no thread, no seam, no fabric that has not been examined and re-examined, so as to deliver the ideal garment; one that is not only refreshingly unique and fashion forward, but also easy to mix and match.

Singular in focus

As a company, our sole focus is the woman athlete who loves to run and race. She could be 15, she could be 50, the important part is that she is an “ambition athlete,” a person who trains, who races, and who is committed to the sport. These women inspire us – and will continue to drive the brand as we change and grow.


“High performance deserves high quality.” Amen. As runners, we put clothing to the test unlike any other sport. It’s got to be good. It’s got to be great!

“Obsessive attention to detail” feels accurate. We have a team that pores over every seam, trim, and fabric. “Consistent and reliable fit” is both so crucial and a constant task at hand. The fit can be amazing and accurate 95% of the time, but there will always be that 5%... areas to fix and new body considerations to accommodate.

Providing product for as many women as possible – with their infinite body sizes, shapes, and dimensions – continues to be both our dream and our challenge. I see some successes and wins, but I also see and am frustrated by our limitations. I know we’re not there yet in everything I want the line to do and be. (Like running a marathon where you know you could’ve trimmed your time, it’s grist for future training.)

“Beautiful in design” feels easy. I believe one of our strengths has been clear vision for strong, minimal lines that support both the highest performance (running ultras and 26.2’s – no joke!) as well as off track style and leisure.

As to the final point about our audience and “singular focus” – this feels both accurate and needing some updates. “She could be 15 or 50…” How about “She could be 15, 50, or 105”? The women have proven there are very few limits via the abstract age number.

“Women who love to run and race.” Yes. And that “you will continue to drive the brand as we grow and change.” Amen sisters!

Thank you to all of the friends, runners, family members, and O believers who have encouraged us since day one… not only to create unique product, but to share run love around the world and the sisterhood of sport.

I cannot express enough gratitude. Thank you so, so much. Head up, wings out!


PS - In celebration of our birthday, we're having an outrageous sale... with discounts on stuff we rarely mark down. Rogas, and Flyte, and Lux - oh my!



April 27, 2016 — kristin

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