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September 19, 2019

Use Your Imagination

oiselle running rebecca nelson

It’s not that I hate hills (I don’t, I swear!), it’s that I suck at running up them. If we’re in a race together and you wanna pass me, just wait for a hill to hit say hello on the way by. I’ve recently added the Frog Bridge to my strength training repertoire, to quite literally help me get my rear in gear, but it’s still daunting to see a stretch of road headed up-up-up in front of me. Muscles are helpful, but I need something more.

September 17, 2019

Anatomy of a Season: Finding my Feet as a Pro

I started and finished my outdoor track season this year with a road mile. My first and second *ever* road miles, in fact. On April 26 I ran at the U.S. Road Mile Champs in Des Moines, IA and finished 6th in 4:38 against a great field, and on September 8 I ran 4:22 at the 5th Avenue Mile in New York City and finished 3rd against an arguably much more competitive field. But it’s difficult to boil my season down to those 16 seconds—it wasn’t always a linear trajectory upwards, and it came with a steep learning curve and some significant bumps along the way.