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December 14, 2018

The Gift of Go Forth… and Give Back

jess barnard oiselle

When the opportunity to work with Kayla Nolan (Executive Director) at the Girls Gotta Run Foundation in Ethiopia came up, I had to say yes! Well, I basically met with her for coffee, made her tell me all about the trip, and insisted she bring me on to her team because…  a chance for #BrasForGirls program to go international? Yes. A chance to run the first ever 100-mile ultra-relay (all female organized!) in Bekoji, Ethiopia? Yes. A chance to explore Ethiopia’s food, people, culture? Yes. The chance to help photograph, document, and spread the word on all that GGRF does? YES. You know I am in.

December 13, 2018

Sally and Lesko's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

I start every holiday season with a hefty dose of procrastination followed by a steady stream of mini panic attacks. Yes *hangs head* I'm a procrastinator. And while I wasn't raised in a particularly Christian home, Christmas - with the tree, the advent calendar, the trimmings - was part of our family deal. I like to kid my Dad that he's a religion-dabbler...raised Lutheran, enamored with Catholicism, lover of all things Yiddish, and on it goes. My lesson was that, no matter the leanings - religious or not - isn't it a great time of year to celebrate friends and family? 

And, well, now that it's mid-December, time for some mini panic attacks!