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March 15, 2019

Oiselle Elites On The IAAF Changes


There has been so much discussion about the new Olympic qualification standards (times and rankings), and the IAAF decision to discontinue the track 5k and 10k at Diamond League meets. To help understand some of the nuances, I recommend Mario Fraioli’s AM Shakeout with a very insightful commentary by Atlanta Track Club’s Rich Kenah, and Outside Magazine’s article. We wanted to hear from our own athletes on their opinions and feelings. Help us continue the discussion as we all continue to work on improving our sport! 

March 13, 2019

The Low Iron Lowdown


Every runner and every body is different, and my best advice as a doctor is for everyone to have a personal health care provider they can utilize for guidance! Because iron and iron stores are so fundamental to running, we loved this common sense approach to iron by Haute Volée and marathon Olympic Trials Qualifier Anna Weber. As always, please discuss your health and any supplementation with your own health care provider!