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March 11, 2013

Why the Boston Marathon is Wicked Awesome

Sarah Mac


When you tell someone you’re a runner, often the first question is, “have you run a marathon?” and the second, “have you run the Boston Marathon?” The Boston Marathon is not only the oldest annual marathon, it is New England’s best-attended single day sporting event, a pinnacle of the sport.  There are legends and lore, stories of heartbreak and triumph. From the first person across the line to the last there is pride in saying, I finished the Boston Marathon.

Hell, there’s pride in saying I started the Boston Marathon. You can’t just sign up for this thing, you have to earn it. You’ll hear runners throw around the lingo “BQ”, it means Boston Qualifier. They strive for the BQ. And when they earn it they get to line up and run from Hopkinton to the Boston between lines of screaming fans.

I dream of running Boston. There is no question whether I’ll do it, the only question is when. Until then, I just watch from a distance and soak in the thrill of the day.

Are you running Boston? Have you run it? Tell us, why #bostonisbest!


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Rebekah | April 14, 2013 at 5:39pm

Because it is the Mecca for

Because it is the Mecca for all runners. Never is there a place where so many people converge, sharing the same passion and love for running as Boston. The city inhales and exhales run-love. No matter your time, you are an honored and respected individual, from runner and non-runner alike.