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June 18, 2019

How to Wear Oiselle at Work

We caught up with Cate Barrett, one of our marathon OTQ fasties based out of Austin, Texas, to hear how Oiselle powers her workouts and her work days.

HC: So Cate what do you do for work? What is the culture like? 

I’m a solution engineer at Oracle, selling eCommerce software to online B2B and B2C retailers. I tell my coworkers that if I’m online shopping at work, it’s for research. Definitely. 

We have a business casual office, thankfully. There are a lot of employees on campus who are fresh out of school. No leggings or flip flops, but I’m not in suits either. Austin is overall really casual too. 

HC: Where do you get your work wear style inspiration? 

I worked at a running store a few years ago, with a manager who used to edit a fashion zine. She had a great eye--in fact, now she’s the creative director for Loop Running Supply, where the Austin birds get their O gear.

Sarah always combined athletic pieces with more dressy clothes in unexpected ways. Sneakers and skirts were just the beginning. She could rock joggers with a drapey blouse, and pointy flats. Or swishy running shorts with a studded jacket. She taught me to take chances with style and be creative.

HC: What do you wear to work now? 

I’ve kept the athletic influences for my work wear, I just dress things up a bit for the 9-5. And that’s why the Oiselle pieces are so much fun. They’re feminine designs, sport-inspired, and they play well with a variety of shoes and accessories. 

Here’s three things I look for when I’m getting dressed for work each day: 

1. Professionalism: I reach for shirts with collars, or dresses, structured pieces that aren't too tight (especially on that booty... yeah I squat), nothing too sheer, lightweight pants, and anything black. Lots of black. When in doubt, just wear black.


The Flyout Short Sleeve tucked into a smart pencil skirt is a surprisingly get-it-done combo.


The Passport Tunic is a recent favorite. You can wear it loose over pants, or tuck it into a high-waisted skirt. The collar dresses it up. Plus it feels adventurous. We're going places.


The Summer Lux Mile One Pullover is cozy yet elegant. The sheen of the fabric elevates it. Ballerina chic.

2. Comfort: I walk a lot around the campus, so I like clothes that can move with me.  I'm also a nervous sweater, and it's pretty warm here, so I wear sleeveless clothes almost year round. 

  • The Story shorts were gorgeous for my last job (at a startup). I’m not sure I’d be able to get away with them here, but call me in August… or maybe I’ll swap them for the Core Pencil Pants.
  • Several Oiselle tanks—the Stripped Tank, the O Snap Tank, and an old Farrow Tank have been staples of my work wear for a few years. I love styles with higher necks and thicker fabric for more coverage. Pair with a jacket and you’re done.
  • I’ve got my eye on the new Rabbit or Tortoise Tank for a wardrobe update this season! 

3. Lightweight and wrinkle resistant fabrics: I ride my bike to work minutes most days. Sometimes I even run to work. So I need stuff that still looks good after I wad it up in a backpack.


Two words: Shirt. Dress. This minimal piece has been a Swiss army knife of sorts. It packs super light, looks great, and it's versatile. Earlier this year, I packed it for a 3 day conference. I wore the dress every day, styled as a dress, skirt, and shirt. May I recommend it in black? 

How do you wear Flystyle on the job? We’d love to see your outfits. Tag us with #OiselleAtWork #Flystyle.

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