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March 29, 2016

Return to the Oval: 2016 Outdoor Track Schedule

Kristin Metcalf

We are back at it folks, one of my favorite times of the year...outdoor track season! This time of the year feels a little bit like our country’s weather has a split personality. Seeing photos of a major snow storm hitting Boulder this week as Little Wing trains at altitude and yet in our neck of the woods the tulips are blooming and an occasional sixty degree day with sun shining sneaks in here and there teasing us: that we can sport our tank tops and Mac Rogas. When what we are yearning for is being trackside in the sunshine cheering on our Olympic hopefuls!

January 21, 2016

Welcome Erin Osment to the Haute Volée!

After graduating from Davidson College, Erin Osment was faced with a tough decision: finding the role that running would play in her life. With the encouragement of her Oiselle Volée teammates, Erin decided to put running in the center of her life and pursue her dream of making the Olympic Trials. She did not arrive at this decision because it was easy, instead she took a chance on the little voice inside her head that said she had a shot. We are beyond inspired by her bravery and are so excited to watch her fly high at the Olympic Trials in LA.