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September 13, 2018

The Art and Joy of Master's Running


I’ve discovered that the running can still be good, even if the thing you are currently chasing is not a life PR, but an age PR. Each year you get the opportunity to turn the page and start fresh with your one year older body, and see what you accomplish. What I did at age 44 is in the rear window. No comparison allowed. 

April 26, 2018

Core Routine for Runners: The Dozen


I was introduced to the "The Dozen" in the winter of 2012 by my favorite Oregon running family. I love this set of core exercises for its efficient targeting of core muscle groups, and because no gym equipment is required! You can do this on a grass field, in your hotel room, or really anywhere you can lay on a flat surface. This blog has become one of Oiselle's "greatest hits" since we published it in 2013. Do The Dozen (or "The Dirty Dozen" as it has come to be known) 3 times/ week for best results, as an adjunct to your running or other sports, and you will help protect against injury. Hear from The Dozen's creator.