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October 09, 2018

The Reflective Style Guide

Dark be damned, we're not going back inside.

We're out here for good. And we're going to keep running - even in, and maybe especially because of, the dark.

So let's circle up, stick together, and be safe. Be safe and be seen. Keep your light shining bright... on tops, bottoms, your head. Everything, everywhere.

October 04, 2018

Story Behind the (Soft) Style: Meet Bird Hug

While the Internet is good for many things, conveying tactile sensation is not one of them. And when we’re introducing a new fabric, and that fabric is softer than any fabric we’ve worked with (and you know us, we’re queens of soft fabric), our powers of communication are put to the test. So we scoured the universe for things that could do more than depict soft. It has to be SOFT. Or maybe it’s soooooooooft. Or maybe it’s O-M-G SO SOFT.