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October 23, 2018

Story Behind the Style: The New Wazzie Wool Jacquard

There’s a new Wazzie Wool in town, and she’s very extra. Like all Wazzie Wool, it starts at a merino farm in New Zealand and ZQ Certified Wool. New Zealand is one of the only countries that absolutely forbids any animal cruelty in the raising of sheep. For these styles, we chose a 100% merino yarn. Merino is brilliant, but when it’s in a knit that’s extremely light, it needs to be blended with nylon or spandex to give it strength. Our new Girl Code jacquard is thick enough, however, to go 100%. 

October 22, 2018

Introducing Our Straight Scoop Review Team

oiselle running rebecca nelson

When we first announced that we were taking applications for our brand new Straight Scoop reviewer program, we knew that the response would be BIG. And, boy howdy, it WAS. Over 800 applications big! We knew we could never include every single type of running body in the final batch of just 17 reviewers, but gosh darn it, we were gonna try.