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October 29, 2018

Oiselle Layers: Ski Edition

After a busy summer of mountain guiding, I'm so stoked to spend a couple of weeks at home in Seattle. I've spent five of the last seven months on the road, but this fall I've got big plans: I'm going to do yoga in my Lux Track Pants, snuggle Huckleberry, sleep in my own bed, and wax my skis, all while obsessively checking the snow reports at the pass. As I hang up my rock shoes and do never-ending wall sits to prep for shredding, I'm also dusting off my favorite gear for skiing and ice climbing — and I'm so stoked to share my favorite Oiselle layers for hitting the backcountry. 

October 23, 2018

Story Behind the Style: The New Wazzie Wool Jacquard

There’s a new Wazzie Wool in town, and she’s very extra. Like all Wazzie Wool, it starts at a merino farm in New Zealand and ZQ Certified Wool. New Zealand is one of the only countries that absolutely forbids any animal cruelty in the raising of sheep. For these styles, we chose a 100% merino yarn. Merino is brilliant, but when it’s in a knit that’s extremely light, it needs to be blended with nylon or spandex to give it strength. Our new Girl Code jacquard is thick enough, however, to go 100%.