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September 12, 2019

Outer-what? New Outerwear

Outside running is good running. And outside running requires options. For the wind, the rain, the cold, the change body temp, from start to finish. It’s a design challenge - one we happily sign up for. Like that fall marathon. Buckle up, friends. This season’s outerwear is thoughtfully designed, beautifully colored, and technically excellent.

August 16, 2019

#AskBrenda on Shopping 101

Clothes should inspire freedom, comfort and confidence. Confidence. It lives within us in various forms. With that said, It’s important to know thyself. Knowing and embracing certain things about ourselves vs trying to change them goes a long way when it comes to finding said confidence. So let’s talk comfort and confidence. I feel like those two characteristics go hand in hand. Here are three super easy beginner tips to get the most out of your next shopping adventure.