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October 27, 2016

Layer Like A Pro: Cowbell Edition

jess barnard oiselle

Such a simple statement, but so much of Oiselle’s brand, community, and culture is invested in this idea. Why? When we show up for others, they show up for themselves. And sometimes, when you’re really lucky, they show up for you too. So with that virtuous cycle of cheering, believing, and achieving in mind - we’re here to teach you how to cowbell like a pro.

October 26, 2016

Layer Like a Pro: Q&A With Kate Grace

Megan Murray

When it comes to layering, we're all familiar with the functional approach. Fabrics and styles that keep you warm, dry, and comfortable in different conditions and climates. But the clothes we wear can give us something else - a feeling. At Oiselle, we design for emotion. Selecting fabrics, shaping silhouettes, and creating styles that help our community put on their powersuit and actively create a mindset.