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September 02, 2011

Roga Revolution!

We are starting a Roga Revolution! Because it's time to get your booty out of those poofy shorts and into the Roga. The Roga running short is a hybrid Yoga-Running short. We've been perfecting the Roga since 2007. Once you try it on, you'll never go back to shorts of your past.

To prove this we've having a contest to giveaway some Roga shorts! Here are the two ways to win.

1. Show me or tell which shorts in your drawer you would donate (or trash) if you won a pair of Rogas or Long Rogas. You know the pair I'm talking about...lurking in your running wardrobe, with its saggy bum and weird waist band. Best story...aka worst shorts, wins your choice of Rogas!

2. If you already own the Roga or Long Roga tell me your Roga Revolution story! Send a picture for extra points! Best Roga Revolution story wins another pair of Rogas!

Here are a couple examples of Roga Revolution stories from our Facebook page.

Connie Meehan's reaction to her first pair of Rogas:
"My Roga running shorts have changed my life. Logging 25 miles this week! (that's a lot for me.) Two words - get them."

And Amy Katz:
"Tried out my new Roga shorts this morning and LOVE them! So cofy and I think the zippered pocket is great!"

***Post your response to the contest on Facebook, in the blog comments or on Twitter (#rogarevolution). If you have a photo, post it! Or if you'd rather send it via email, [email protected]. Two contest winners will be chosen on Tuesday September 6th.***

Check out the Roga Revolution photos on Facebook and Flickr. We'd love to add yours!


Meghan | September 2, 2011 at 9:40am

Roga shorts

If I won, I would finally get rid of my shorts from my freshman year cross country team (1993). The elastic is worn out, and they are riddled with holes.

Suzanne | September 2, 2011 at 9:40am

I would love to try those

I would love to try those shorts! I had a pair that was similar way back in 2005 and for whatever reason I got rid of them. I've tried so many pairs since and every time I wash them they turn into booty cutters or the inseam sneaks up on me (if you know what I mean). Would love to finally own a pair that I could wear comfortably more than once!

Jessica | September 2, 2011 at 9:48am

The Shorts I would Ditch for a Pair of Rogas

A few years ago, when I first started running, I didn't have proper running shorts. I was also pretty consistently poor, seeing as how I was still in college, so I didn't want to shell out for a pair of running shorts.  Plus, having just started running and still being in college, drinking running. I signed up for my second race ever, a popular local race called the Tour de Pain, which consisted of an ambitious three runs in 24 hours (a 4 mile beach run, a neighborhood 5k, and a 1 mile "sizzler" in the heart of downtown, at the hottest part of the day). I owned one pair of shorts that I could run in at that point, a dubious pair of nylon gym shorts that I had owned since high school. An older coworker of mine, who had taken me under her running wing, as it were, was also doing the race series. I ran the 4 mile beach run in my one pair of shorts, and figured I would stink my way through the weekend (I hadn't yet gotten to the point where I no longer minded being sweaty or stinky). Lo and behold, the following morning when I showed up for the 5k, there was my coworker, my fairy run godmother, with a pair of running shorts for me. So appreciative for the shorts, I didn't care what they felt like or looked like. I ran the race and felt like a "real" runner. From a sentimental standpoint, I really appreciated those shorts. However, since getting a pair of run shorts that fit my petite frame a bit better, I've come to realize that they are rather....large. And poofy. It's sort of like wearing an old fashioned skirt that makes my hips look three times their normal size - and trust me, they don't need the help. The material is also prone to rustling loudly when you run and they are dry before morphing into a fabric that flaps against your legs and butt when wet, producing the sort of sound you hear the wet sails on a sailboat make. When I wear them, and see other runners pass me, looking calm, cool and collected in their shorts made of sweat wicking material, I can only cringe and hope their ipods are loud enough that they can't hear me coming.


Dee | September 2, 2011 at 10:05am

I have a pair of Champion

I have a pair of Champion maroon mesh running shorts that have stuck with me (or on me) through my journey of weight loss, weight gain and weight loss again. In three years I have had 2 babies, so my body has been shocked in going from a size 10 to a size 16 (post-pregnancy size), back down to a size 12 and then up to a size 16 again. It has been five months since my second was born, and I have lost 40 pounds, but those precious maroon shorts still fit. They fit me at 2 months when nothing was comfortable and they fit me at 9 months pregnant (with both kids) when I was tired of maternity wear. I would love to win your awesome shorts to hit my weight loss goal -- only 16 pounds more.

Brooke | September 2, 2011 at 11:45am

My Horrid Shorts

The real question is what shorts do I not own that aren't completely horrible! I went through a phaze when I just started running where I hated my legs to be shown above my knees. Money has always been an issue so all of my shorts have come from Wal-Mart or Academy. They are plain black cotton shorts that really don't compliment my short stubby legs at all. I know they must be bad when my family and friends continually bust my chops about them. On some runs they will bunch up in the crotch area or will be soaking wet that it looks like I wet myself! I have one pair where the drawstrings bunched up in the washer to form this knot that is impossible to un-do. I don't know why I keep wearing them but on my runs I'm spending half of the time holding them up with one hand. For Christmas I got a pair of those Nike running shorts that all the college girls wear with Uggs and those really aren't much better. The tend to ride up alot as well. So as you can see I would love a new pair of bottoms, especially since I'm training for my first marathon in January.

Kim Aeschliman | September 2, 2011 at 12:56pm

you read my mind!

So last week I ran a quick little 4 miler and was thinking i was looking pretty cute. The tank matched the shorts that matched the socks that matched the sneaks that may have even matched my unders.Oh wait, I don't run in unders... Anyway, I was feeling pretty and speedy as I made my way through the our "down town" when I caught a glimpse of myself in a storefront window. The wind was blowing a little and my undercarriage was looking...well...poofy. SO not attractive. And to boot, my booty was looking large and in charge, and I promise you ladies I do NOT have a large and in charge type of butt. It's a handful, don't get me wrong, but not as gargantuon as it appeared. I almost felt as if in these particular shorts I should have been wearing a running tee that stated "Objects in shorts may be larger than they appear". Please please please do not make me run my next marathon, which I just decided I was going to run last week and is a mere 6 weeks away, in my frumpy dumpy shorts. Those shorts, by the way, are the famous diaper-esque Nike Tempo shorts. I just can't bring myself to photograph myself in them. Just trust me. Your friend from Playmakers in Okemos, MI, Kim Aeschliman :) PS. I am LOVING the Lori shorts by the cute and not frumpalicous. But...I am needing that zipper pocket for the distance...


Lynn | September 2, 2011 at 1:29pm

The shorts I'd donate (actually, who am I kidding? I'd trash em)

They're baggy, have a way too long inseam, and have approximately 17 pockets, so I can carry an iPod shuffle, gum, keys, candy, band-aids, tissues, lip balm... and be weighted down by all this stuff for a run?! It's ridiculous. Oh, and one more thing: they're purple. Bright purple. Eeeeek!