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June 13, 2016

Regional Bird Camp Mayhem: The Photo Recap!

Heather Stephens

What is Bird Camp? 3-4 day gatherings of the Oiselle Volée Team around the country, organized and infused with love by Dr. Lesko, Feather Stephens, and Allie Bigelow that are then brought to life by ALL THE WOMEN. This past weekend, there were three epic Bird Camps: #NEBirdCamp, #BirdCampIdaho2016, and #SouthernBirdCamp16. Because IRL meet ups and miles is what running is all about.

Re-live the weekend with us! 

Bird Camp Northeast

A classic New England summer camp set at the shore of “Big” Willey Pond. The open fields for yoga, endless trails for long runs, and a lakeside beach for post run ice baths, were the perfect combination for a running retreat.


We were all about strength and yoga.


We ran...for miles and miles and miles.


These ladies rocked the running camp runway at the bird camp fashion show.


Cold New England nights? No problem. Fast friends.


100+ wings out from Bird Camp Northeast!

Bird Camp South

Zap Fitness opened their doors and welcomed Oiselle!

We spent four days in the North Carolina mountains running and learning about the sport we love. We covered all the topics, from clinics on nutrition, planning a training cycle, yoga for runners, mental prep, to individual gait analysis.


Ready...set...trails (and Roga Shorts) for days!


Cool it down. Heat it up.


Adventure crew, ready for take off. Spike Bags in action.


Wings up and out from Bird Camp South!

Bird Camp Idaho

Set in beautiful remote Challis, Idaho. Ultra-runner heaven. Trails for days, mountain lakes, rafting on the Salmon River, hot springs, yoga, bushwhacking up sage slopes, and unlimited flystyle. Our hostess Lyn VanSchoiack made us all fall in love with Idaho. 


Tami Mask took a digger...and still head up, wings out!


At the top of Juliet Creek. No better feeling than the summit.


Salmon River was running high and fast! Water fights encouraged.


Team dip in the hot springs, pruned and ready for s'mores. (Beth in Spandos, represent!)  


Handmade pillows with love from host Lyn.

Over and out for now...more bird camps to come! Stay tuned through @oiselle.


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