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February 17, 2016

Olympic Marathon Trials - The Team Behind the Team

Heather Stephens

It took a tremendous amount of courage for each of our Oiselle women to arrive at the starting line of the Olympic Trials Marathon. To reach this point, each and every one of the Oiselle Dozen took a chance on themselves and stepped into a realm of uncertainty; where possibility and fear are intertwined. In doing so, they arrived at a place where a dream became a reality.


No matter how talented or driven an individual is, it takes a team of believers to make the magic happen. Our Oiselle Volée and HQ crew went on a wild ride with the Oiselle Dozen from the beginning of each journey all the way through to post race celebrations. Catch Kara's interview post race, get the highlights from our finishers, and take a glance through BTS footage of the team behind the team who raced this weekend. 


When in LA, grab your friends, a little black dress and hit the town. #celebstatus


Griffith Observatory meet up! A run through the Hollywood hills followed by super fan sign design.


Angel City Brewing Co. meet up with the Volée. We had teammates travel from all over the country to get here!


Putting faces to twitter handles at our Angel City Brewery pre-race dinner meet up. @mfrank81 meet @drlesko


Cheer corner staked out. Look out, Oiselle is here.


Pre-race shake out on the Trials Marathon course. Felt like total VIPs running down Figueroa. 


Bandana and new Volée kit on. Time to summon the “Go Fast, Take Chances Gods."


Laura, tatted up and ready to cheer. 


Oiselle social crew (Jacquelyn, Kristin, Heather) geared up and ready to tweet, Instagram and update! 


17 bird’s getting ready to fly. The #oiselledozen.


Game on for Cowbell Corner. Let’s do this thing! Huge thank you to all 80+ team members who came to cowbell!


Officer: “Ma’am you and your people, need to step back.”

K. Met: “But, sir. Look, I have a credential saying I can cheer, HERE!”

Officer: “Well in that case...”


Riding the wave of emotions with our fierce racers. From smiles to tears, we were with them from start to finish. Sarah Robinson all smiles throughout. 


Can’t stop, won’t stop. Keeping the energy high for 26.2. @JPez1219 and @snegin09.


One by one we cheered, encouraged and watched our fierce flyers conquer their dreams one mile at a mile. 13 Oiselle runners, filled with pride, rounded the bend and crossed that finish line. Trisha Drobeck headed for the finish. 


Post race after party begins! Complete with photo booth shenanigans with the one and only, Kara Goucher.


Kara gave a speech at the Oiselle OTQ Bird Party. Words that left us happy and humbled... 

“I have loved my life so much in the last six months, I’ve never felt more alive, or happier. To everyone in this room, this group of people is special. This group of people wants people to succeed and for people to feel valued, and wants people to feel worthy. This is a place that’s safe. And everyone that’s here tonight, I feel it and I have felt it and it’s meant everything to me.”

Head up, wings out.