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September 26, 2018

New Oiselle Sports Bras - the Overview!



Through our sports bra donation program, Bras for Girls, we tell middle school girls… “A sports bra is just a tool in your toolbox. When you need one, get one. And keep going.” Keep moving and jumping, running and rolling, climbing and reaching.

This season’s assortment adds more tools to the toolbox, with new options for style, comfort, performance. And without giving too much away, we have a secret style we’ll debut in Spring 2019 for the ladies of the larger cup sizes. Good things ahead!

Hello Bralette 


Thanks to a growing number of women who demand support AND comfort, the bralette is on the rise. And there is an art to a great bralette. It starts with the right fabric - and the understanding that it’s designed for comfort vs. high impact. Introducing the Lux Bralette - our best ever, and I clearly am a huge fan. Beyond the ultra softness (both outside and skin-side) of our beloved Lux fabric, this small but mighty style includes adjustable AND convertible straps, removable cups, and an ultra plush elastic that is so soft and stretchy, you’ll forget it’s there. And forgetting it’s there is the ULTIMATE achievement for any bra.

Colors: Black/Black, Heather Cosmos, Curfew/Smoke
Low impact / A-D cups

Strappy Love


We’ve long been known for our strappy style. And while yes, multiple straps are stylish, there’s a logic to the look: weight distribution. Multiple straps reduce stress along the top of your shoulder and neck, making the miles more comfortable. Introducing the new Strappy Bra. This design is a bit of a comeback, made all the better with our classic, soft and stretchy Nyelle fabric, plus removable cups, and easy pull-on design. 

Colors: Blaze, White, Curfew
High impact / A-C cups
Low impact / A-D cups

The Ballard Bra was new for Spring 2018, and it quickly became a crowd favorite. The fabric, yes, our Nyelle is buttery soft and supportive. But also it’s strap system and inset mesh that is at once functional and fierce.

Colors: Burgen, Stone, Black, Big Blue, White
High impact / A-C cups
Low impact / A-D cups

Better Basics


There’s a design philosophy that states simplicity wins. No unnecessary parts. no gratuitous bells or bows, no fussy panels or contrast materials. Enter the Hi Ten Bra. It’s a perennial favorite at Oiselle because the fit is great, the Nyelle fabric is soft and supportive, and it’s easy to wear for both running or with street clothes. Tip: the new color “Stone” disappears under lights and whites. Colors: Black, Blaze, Stone

Colors: Blaze, Stone, Black
High impact / A-B cups
Low impact / A-C cups

Graphic Lesko Bra. Medium coverage, wide supportive straps, our classic birds across the front, and made from our Plya(tm) Compression, the Lesko Bra is a beloved favorite, like its namesake, ready to run, ready to GSD!

Color: Black, Tide
High Impact / A-C cups
Low Impact / A-D cups

Bae Bra. Who says a sports bra can’t be interesting? Or different? The Bae is bae…she has wide, structured straps that are adjustable, a beautiful panel of mesh in the back triangle, small slices of heather charcoal compression fabric, plus removable cups and an ultra breathable liner. 

Colors: White, Black, Big Blue

High Impact / A-C cups
Low Impact / A-D cups

Support and Coverage


Blackbird Crop. The 3/4 crop is both a bra and a top in a single integrated garment. What makes this crop special is both the exterior fabric and the interior construction. The exterior fabric, a poly-based knit from Italy, is both sleek while also being highly supportive (compressive). The interior uses our keyhole mesh with an internal bra that also holds removable cups.

Color: Black
High Impact / A-D cups
Low Impact / A-DD cups


Spandos Racerback Bra. This bra is deceptively supportive. The fabric, our Plya Interlock has 21% spandex, but remains light enough so that you can stretch and move. The compression, as well as the higher neckline, makes it a favorite for up to D cups.

Color: Blue Wave, Downtown, Girl Code, Rear Window
High Impact / A-C/D cups
Low Impact / A-DD cups

Power Pocket


Sometimes you need to carry your phone, and then it becomes the “where to carry?” game, and often there isn’t the right option. Introducing the new Flyout Bra. It has a pocket in the center back of the bra, which stays flat against your back with a power mesh. It also has wider straps for both support, and to reduce chafing underneath hydration packs.

Colors: Black, Curfew
High Impact / A-C/D cups
Low Impact / A-D cups

Rad Reflective


Safety first! The You Glow Grrl Bra is the first of its kind: a fully reflective technical sports bra. Our reflective stretch mesh is not only brilliantly bright when any kind of light shines on it; it’s also very stretchy and comfortable, lined with a black stretch knit that’s comfortable against the skin. Finished with our plush logo elastic, it can be your go to for warm night runs or can double as a safety vest for relays.

Color: Reflective
High Impact / A-C cups
Low Impact / A-D cups


Introducing the new Firecracker Racerback Bra. It starts with our signature Plya Interlock - which is both lightweight and compressive - and is made strunning and brightly reflective with a unique reflective printing technique. The mill brings life and light to our Onna Print. Not only is the brightness undeniable in the dark, but when in regular light conditions, the print is tonal and subtle. The best of both worlds. The style is completed with removable cups and an ultra soft, brushed Oiselle elastic.

Coming Oct 4th...have you heard of Bird Hug?


Bird Hug, a new fabric to the O line, is so insanely soft that those who have worn it, have been stunned. And also very hestiant to take it off. A pile of kittens? A basket of ducklings? A dozen baby bunnies? Yep, it's soft. Not only that, but it's a 2-ply knit, which means it has gorgeous, rich - and contrasting color - on each side. Twice the softness, twice the color options. One try and you'll know... (refersible bra - above, plus tights and a long sleeve).

Have fit questions? We’re here to help. Simply email [email protected] for guidance on size, compression, fit, style or colors.


Get in Here, We Love You



Amy ODonnell | September 27, 2018 at 2:14pm

Bra comparison

Hi, my favorite bra has always been the gifted Verrazano. Can you tell me which bra is close to the same fit. Thank you in advance Amy

hannah | September 28, 2018 at 2:31pm

Gifted Verrazano to the Ballard Bra!

Hi Amy! We've found that those who loved the Gifted Verrazano also love the support of the Ballard Bra.

Mary | October 3, 2018 at 1:50pm

Bird Hug bras

Are those Bird Hug bras (pictured above) cut just like the Mojo bra? If so, I'm buying one in every color! The Mojo bra is my absolute favorite bra in the world and has been such a godsend for all my boob needs. Please tell me more Mojo to come in 2018 and beyond.

Valerie | October 5, 2018 at 12:21pm

It makes me happy to see that

It makes me happy to see that you are creating bras for women with larger cup sizes. One of my biggest disappointments has been not that I couldn't find a bra from Oiselle that worked for my body (because we are all unique), but that there wasn't even an option to try. For a company that is "by and for women athletes" not providing ANYTHING for women with larger cup sizes sends a message that only certain sizes matter. At least that is the impression I got. As much as I tried to keep an open mind, it deterred me from purchasing Oiselle products. I am a 32DD and I can find pants, shirts, and shorts from Oiselle, but not the one item that is most specifically needed by this and other women athletes. Thank you for finally addressing what I view as a glaring omission from your product line.

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