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December 15, 2017

Running With a Bounce In My Step

I lost my leg to cancer in 2001 and I always worked hard to make sure I could do everything the same way that I did before the amputation. I wanted to stay “normal”. That is why I started running in 2016. I also thought it would be something nice to do with my husband who has been a runner for years. The only problem was that I didn’t have a prosthetic leg to run with and my walking leg was heavy and uncomfortable. So, I started to search for a prosthesis who could make me a running blade. The problem with getting a running blade is that it is very expensive. I was lucky that my insurance was willing to cover part of the cost, but I still had to contribute a few thousand dollars to the leg. I had to be very sure that I wanted to run.

November 10, 2017

Why I Quit Cross-Training


I’m not here to talk about the boring specifics of my current injury, but something I’ve come to accept: I have a new attitude about cross-training. I'm not going to do it! Non-running activities I enjoy intrinsically and will do if I physically can: aggressive hiking, Elliptigo (if easily accessible and can get to uphill-only route), yoga (only if the right class aka Jasyoga), dancing, snowboarding, lifting. And I’m open to more! Maybe I should try rowing? Yep, I’m picky. But I’m almost 50 so I’m giving myself permission. And you know what? I’d rather be out of shape coming back to running than spend precious time and mental energy doing something I don’t enjoy.